Recently, Governor of North Korea has declared the country in "state of war", causing the hysteria in the media of all the world. But I think that a world war is not probablE.

Many people say that USA would support South Korea (I'm sure of this) and China would support North Korea BEcause they have similar ideologies, but I really don't share that idea. The reason TO me, is that China lives of the products exported over the world, but especially of the exported to United States of America and European Union (EU is ally of USA).

Therefore, it's not good for China to support North Korea, and also, they didn't back up at North Korea in the last United Nations congress. Knowing this, I hope that Kim Jong-un (leader of North Korea) won't be so silly to start a war that they will lose, and that he only pretends TO attract attention, but at any rate. The war wolud be between North Korea, and South Korea plus their allies, but not a world war.