People have to make many decisions throughout their lives. However, we can’t choose the most important, from my point of view: where to be born, since it marks our future.

Being born in Africa or in Europe, even though they are next to each other, will suppose completely different ways of living. For instance, African children  are often orphans, because with poor health many women die in childbirth, and life expectancy is also very short. In order to survive, they need to travel kilometers until they find water, which they have to carry home. Another very important issue is the low level of education. Not everyone can afford to go to schools, because it is far from their homes. Therefore, they will not be able to dedicate themselves to what they like. 
However, in developed countries, babies are born in hospitals and the majority live with their families.They have a place to live and to eat; they go to schools; and they can freely decide what they will be in the future.

In conclusion, we live in an unfair world. We should have the same possibilities regardless of where we are born, so we must all fight to get it.