As some people may say ‘money makes the world go round’, it seems a little paradoxical that, while some countries keep developing at a very high speed and aiming to become global superpowers, there are others that strive just to obtain the necessary goods to survive. A reason for this is because society allows big companies to pay millionaire salaries to their CEOs. I believe they are paid too much and I will give some reasons to explain my point of view.

It is well known that there’s a minimum amount of money that a worker must earn as the law says so, but there’s not such a thing as ‘maximum wage’. Therefore, setting some boundaries to the salaries of the CEOs is a great measure to ensure more equality in remuneration. For example, a CEO’s payment can only be 20 times higher than the salary of those who earn the less in that company. In that way, if the chairman wants to raise his salary, he would have to raise the other workers’ wages first. Furthermore, other legal procedures, such as increasing taxes to the rich people, are being considered by governments from First-World countries; so the different nations can use this money to make the world a fairer place.

In order to create a more equal society, we as a community have to make sure that the enormous pay gap starts to be proportionally reduced, as it leads nowhere but to a life of excess, and thousands more of poverty.