The Notebook is a movie directed by Nick Cassavetes and producted by Mark Johnson and Lynn. Made in United States, and released on October 22 of 24. The novel is set in South Carolina in the 40's . The story tells summer love.

Allie is a young girl of a rich family who spends the holidays in Seabrook and she fells in love with a humble and hardworking boy, Noah. Allie's parents do not approve this relationship, but they think it's just a summer love. They used to go to an abandoned house. Noah promised he would repair it . Seven years later,  Noah finished the house. And they have a pretty love story. Allie ,when she was old, suffers from alzheimer, and she is in a nursing home, and everyday Noah reads his notebook, which he used to write when he was young.

"The Notebook" is a ver beatiful film, and the characters are varied and interesting. To me, it's a very nice movie even if you can guess what's going to happen.