Mamma mia is a film which was directed in 2008 by Phyllida Lloyd. It was recorded in Greece. It's a comedy, romance and musical film. The main characters are Donna, who is starred by Meryl Streep; and Sophie, who is starred by Amanda Seeyfriect. There are more characters, like Sam, Bill, Harry, Donna and Sophie's friends. The film lasts 108 min.

The film is about a girl, Sophie, who is going to get married. She is looking forward to her wedding.

She wants to meet her father, but Donna, her mother, doesn't know who he is, so Sophie calls three men whom she found in her mother's diary and ask them if they can come. There are many problems, and finally Sophie makes an unexpected decision.

I think that this is one of my favourite films because I really like romance movies and also musicals. It's a nice story. I would recommend it to everybody who is in love and to my friend María, who would like to be a singer, because there are really catchy songs.