Nowadays, a lot of teenagers start smoking too soon but they don´t realize that smoking is very unhealthy for themselves.

I believe that smoking is very attractive to them because it is something that we see as normal in our society.

Firstly, one of the reasons why young people start to smoke is because they are influenced by their parents. Children have seen their parents smoking all their lives, and when they get older they get curious to know about the feeling you get when you try a cigarette. Another reason is if a group pressure a member. For example, a group of friends are smoking, and one of them has never tried a cigarette before; if a friend offers a cigarette, the boy will probably say yes, because he doesn´t want to stand out or get bullied for not smoking.

In conclusion, these are the most prominent reasons for teenagers to start smoking. From my line of thinking, they should have personality and say 'NO!' when they don´t want a cigarette.