I am going to give you my opinion about a video that I saw the other day.

In that video we could see how Marx fell in love with a woman's mind who he hadn't ever met. He was in the library when he caught a book that had many notes around the book's pages. The notes showed the woman's thoughts. Fortunately, on the first page, he found her name.

Marx, the protagoinst, decided to look for the woman. Finally, They were sending a lot of letters to each other and she fell in love with him. One day, They met up at an airport, but, he didn't see the person who he was waiting for. He found a grandmother waiting for him, but it was an experiment created by the woman to check if after he saw the older woman, he still wanted to go to the restaurant with her.

In my opinion, I think that it is an incredible story because the woman didn't want him to fall in love with a face, but with a beautiful mind.