In the world, the new technologies have caused a revolution, because our liVes are easier thanks to them.

If we talk about medicine, we can highlight the new illnesses that doctors have treated and discovered thanks to new technologies. These have helped to save many lives or have a better life.

Also, it has facilitated those people who live far away from their families and friends. With new technologies they can communicate with them easily and faster.

New technologies are also useful to search for some information faster and more efficient, although sometimes sources aren´t safe at all.

In my opinion, there are more advantages than disadvantages of new technologies. The disadvantages have caused that many children dedicate their time using these media instead of spending their free time playing sports, going out with friends, etc.

Another disadvantage is that most of these products are very expensive, and many people spend their money buying mobiles, computers,etc, when they need it for other things.

But in conclusion, I believe that the new technologies have been a good discovery for the world.