Nowadays, a relevant topic in our sociecity is the excessive care and attention to pets. In a lot of cases, this fact is taken to the extreme: elegant pet clothes, caviar for dogs,etc. But the most astonishing example TO me is the "pet palace".
The pet palace is a pet hotel which is considerably better than a basic kennel, which is generally composed of several cages and a large stock of tinned food. The hotel pet takes animal accomodation to a completely new level. This type of hotel is very famous in Japan.
People choose this option when they travel and they don´t know where to leave their pets.This is due to the fact that they know their pets will be living in luxury at a five stars hotel. The hotel consists of 170 rooms for up to 250 animals, varying from a relatively standard cage at the modest rate of 28$ a night, to an incredible 1000$ luxury suite. This is just about twice the price of a room at a mind-range hotel for humans. If you combine this with the facilities offered, such as veterinary care, hairdressing services, exercise field, pet gym, the owners will be able to relax on the beach , comforted by the hotel´s slogan: "Enjoy your travel overseas knowing that your pet is in good hands".
In my opinion,pets are having much more than their owners!
I would like to say that this type of place is an absolutely nonsense, because nowadays there are a lot of people which die due to hunger while a lot of animals are eating caviar and going to the hairdresser.Nowadays people waste their money without control, not thinking about the others.