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By: Carlos Blanco, 3ESOB
Recently , in Japan, there was an earthquake measuring 9.0 in the Ritcher scale.
It produced a tsunami which broke a lot of buildings and killed a lot of people. But the most worrying is the problem with the nuclear plants, because the radioactivity is affecting to the Japanese. For me this a great disaster because the people don´t have the necessary things to survive, the babies who are going to be born will have problems.
But I think that this is the best place for this to happen because Japan has special buildings to prevent earthquakes. Now all the countries have to help them to survive.



Taylor Swift was born in 1989, she is a singer,composer of country music and also an actress. She has won 17 milions copies since 2006. Her first album called ``Taylor Swift´´ was released in 2006 .This album was nominated for the grammy award. She sold more than 1,5 milions of copies in two years . i love her songs because she sings ver well and she transmits all her feelings. Nowadays she is very famous , but there are few people who have listened to some of her songs. It´s a pity. I really recommend listening some of her songs!



I read the book "Tres metros sobre el cielo" and the second part "Tengo ganas de tí". Federico Moccia wrote these books. I like the book dealING with teenagers.

The character Step is my favoUrite, he is a principal character.
He wants to conquer other character called Babi.
I don´t like the second part "Tengo ganas de tí", it hasn´t connection with the first book. Neither I liked that the character Babi had relation with other boy.
But in short, the book is one of my favoUrite, because I think that the book is very good.





Brand new or designer clothes have been worn for years by famous people, rich people... in general, high class people. But, from some years to now, the levels of ordinary people who buy these clothes have been increasing. Why? Every day on TV
we see gorgeous girls with astonishing shoes, tops, dresses... By the media we have been introduced the stereotype of the popular person. Since then we have been watching programs, series, movies...books! where brand new clothing is the only way of reaching the “happiness”. I don’t agree with this things. Also, this is more usual in high school aged girls. Some of them become even bullies not hitting anybody, but hurting in a psychological way. It’s not bad to wear designer clothes, but you don’t have to be proud of it and neither depreciate the ones who can’t buy them. The prices are incredibly high, and the clothes are similar to the ones you find in the other shops,
where there are prices much lower. All in All, I think that ordinary brand clothes are cheaper and in most of the times as well-looking as brand new clothes.



Who hasn`t wanted a pet? You`ll think a dog is a perfect pet; in someways it is, at least for me, but what about you?
Before taking the decision of making your family bigger, think about the possible consequences, good and bad, that this will imply. If you are an affectionate, sensitive and responsible person, and you also like having fun, then go for it! The dog must be yours! Remember however you'll have responsibilities: feed it, clean the motions and pee-pees, take it out for walks, wash and comb it's hair, train it, play with it, ... New obligations that you must fulfill.
There are many types of breed, of different sizes, coats and temper. Some of the most popular are: Labradors, German shepherds, bulldogs, Yorkshires, Dalmatians, etc. However there are a great variety and in addition you should study well which is the dog you really want, which best fits your lifestyle and which will fit in your home.
This works out this way: if you treat your dog well, the dog will treat you well too. You will establish a relationship that you will have for a lifetime. Your dog will be a faithful friend, always willing to keep you company, to play with you, and if necessary, to lick your face all over too! For me it is worth it, it's not surprising that they are referred to as man's "best friend".
Un perro - ¿La mascota perfecta?
¿Quien no ha querido alguna vez tener una mascota?  Probablemente pienses que un perrito es la mascota perfecta, y en cierto modo es así, al menos para mí, pero, ¿y para ti?
Antes de tomar la decisión de añadir un nuevo miembro a la familia, debes pensar en las posibles consecuencias, buenas y malas, que ese conlleva. Si eres una persona cariñosa, sensible con los demás, responsable, y te gusta divertirte, entonces adelante, ¡el perro debe ser tuyo! Pero recuerda, tendrás responsabilidades: darle de comer, limpiar la caca, sacarle a pasear, lavarle, entrenarle, jugar con el, educarle, ... Son nuevas obligaciones, que por el bien de tu perrito, debes cumplir.
Existen muchos tipos de razas, de tamaños, pelajes y carácter muy distintos. Algunos de los más populares son: labradores, pastores alemanes, bulldog, yorkshires, dálmatas, etc. Hay una gran variedad, y sería aconsejable estudiarlos bien y así asegurarnos de cual es el perro que de verdad queremos, aquel que se adapte mejor a nuestro hogar y estilo de vida. Esto funciona así: si tratas bien a tu perro, él te tratara bien a ti. Establecereis una relación que durara toda la vida. Sera un amigo fiel, siempre deseoso de estar contigo, de que juegas con él y que no dudará en lamerte la cara al completo, si es necesario. Sin duda merece la pena y por algo le llaman: El mejor amigo del hombre.





Tuenti is a social network by invitation. It allows you to create your own profile, upload photos or videos and connect with your friends. It has many other possibilities such as creating events, Tuenti Sites and Pages, tag friends in photos, comment their states, create your own personal space, chatting in your own chat and Tuenti Games.
Opened in January 2006, Tuenti is one of the most visited websites in Spain. In January 2011, there are served about 30.000 million pages per month. Each week there are about 8.000 new users and each user is calculated that it dedicates the site two hours of use per session, while other social networks like MySpace doesn't reach the 45 minutes.
Facebook is another social networking website created by Mark Zuckerberg. Originally it was a site for Harvard University students, but now it's open to anyone with an email account.
Services: Friends list, where the user can add to anyone who he knows and is registered, provided they accept your invitation. Groups and pages: one of the most recent developments profits. It is bringing together people with common interests. In groups you can add photos, videos, messages, etc... The pages are created for specific purposes and in contrast, the groups don't contain discussion forums.
There are also other services such as the wall, photos, gifts, games and applications as tests.
As seen in the explanation of each social network, both are very similar, even as there have been complaints that were similar with each new application. In my opinion, I prefer Tuenti. Also, I use Facebook, but not much, almost nothing. In my Tuenti I have all my friends, I have the photos I want and I can speak to my friends, either by chat, messages or comments.
Tuenti es una red social por invitación. Te permite crear tu propio perfil, subir fotos o vídeos y contactar con amigos. Tiene otras muchas posibilidades como crear eventos, Tuenti Sitios y Páginas, etiquetar amigos en fotos, comentar sus estados, crear tu propio espacio personal, chatear a través de tu propio chat y Tuenti Juegos.
Inaugurado en enero de 2006, Tuenti es uno de los sitios web más visitados en España. En enero de 2011 se sirven alrededor de 30.000 millones de páginas al mes, cada semana se registran alrededor de 8.000 usuarios nuevos y se calcula que cada usuario le dedica al sitio dos horas de uso por sesión, mientras que en otras redes sociales como MySpace no llega a los 45 minutos.
Facebook es otro sitio web de redes sociales creado por Mark Zuckerberg. Originalmente era un sitio para estudiantes de la Universidad Harvard, pero actualmente está abierto a cualquier persona que tenga una cuenta de correo electrónico. 
Servicion que ofrece: Lista de amigos, en la que el usuario puede agregar a cualquier persona que conozca y esté registrada, siempre que acepte su invitación. Grupos y Páginas: una de las utilidades de mayor desarrollo reciente. Se trata de reunir personas con intereses comunes. En los grupos se pueden añadir fotos, vídeos, mensajes, etc... Las Páginas se crean con fines específicos y a diferencia de los grupos, no contienen foros de discusión.
También hay otros servicios como el muro, las fotos, los regalos, aplicaciones como tests y juegos.
Como se ve en la explicación de cada red social, son los dos muy parecidos, incluso ha habido quejas por los parecidos que eran con cada nueva aplicación. En mi opinión, prefiero el Tuenti. También utilizo el facebook, pero no mucho, casi nada. En el Tuenti tengo a todos mis amigos, tengo las fotos que quiero y puedo hablar con mis amigos, ya sea por chat, mensaje o comentarios.



Facebook is a social network very famous on the Internet. You can chat with your friends, share photos with them and even play games. First, it was only for students in an university, but now, everyone who wants can use it.
It has the advantage that you can set A PRIVACY profile, so only your friends can look at yours. Other advantage is that you can chat with your family or friends if they live in other country.
On the other hand, it has some disadvantages. If you DON'T modifY your profile well, it can become dangerous especially, if you chat and accept people who you don't know as a friend.
In my opinion, this network is very useful, but you have to set your privacity very well that only your friends can be in contact with you, because if you don't do it, it would become a big problem.
Facebook es una red social muy famosa en Internet. Puedes hablar con tus amigos, compartir fotos con ellos e incluso jugar a juegos. Al principio, era sólo para estudiantes en una universidad, pero ahora todo el que quiera puede usarlo.
Tiene la ventaja de que puedes configurar tu perfil para que solo tus amigos puedan mirar el tuyo. Otra ventaja es que puedes hablar con tu familia y amigos si viven en otro país.
Por otro lado, tiene algunos inconvenientes. Si no modificases bien tu perfil, podría llegar a ser peligroso especialmente, si hablas y aceptas como amigos a personas que no conoces.
En mi opinión, esta red social tiene varios usos, pero tienes que configurar muy bien tu privacidad para que solo tus amigos puedan estar en contacto contigo, porque sino, podría convertirse en un gran problema.



Facebook, Tuenti, Twiter... These internet pages are all social networks. But are they good? Could they be dangerous?
A social network is used to get in touch with your friends and to share some memories of special days with them.
On the one hand, some people think these pages are dangerous because if the person who has got an account isn't responsible, everybody can see his photos and his friends' ones. Also, there are people who lie and say that they are other person. In addition, they blackmail the irresponsible people.
On the other hand, Facebook and the others are a very good way to communicate with friends who are in different cities or countries.
I like social networks very much. I use it to share information with friends and family, to organize parties and even to practice my English! It is a fantastic invention if you use it correctly.



I think that fast food has a lot of advantages, but it also has a lot of disadvantages.
Some of the benefits of fast food are that it is a comfortable, cheap and rapid way of having lunch or dinner. It is comfortable for those people who don't have much free time to have lunch after work, because they have to return to work fast, and don't have enough time to cook or to eat something with enough time.
It is also a good option to have fast food when you are travelling or when you don't know how to cook very well, or if for example you want to have dinner, but you don't want to cook, there you have a simple solution. 
On the other hand, fast food isn't any beneficial for your health, as it has a lot of fat and preservatives. You mustn't abuse of it, because the majority of its fat come from animal origin. It also makes people turn lazy, as they don't want to cook or to try new things at kitchen.
Generaly I think that fast food is very unhealthy, but it can help you sometimes when you are running out of time, and can't spend a lot of money on an expensive lunch.





Adobe Photoshop was created in the 90s by the Adobe Company. The first programme was a bit primitive: you only could add brightness, contrast, paint the photo and few things more; but in the last years it has been improved a lot.
Some people love Photoshop: they think that it's a great programme. Other people don't like it very much; they don't like it because it might be too complicated. 
Adobe Photoshop has a lot of filters, tools and brushes to edit photos and to do other things, such as illustrations, photomanipulations... it's the programme that professionals use. It has a soft layer system, that makes the work really easy. The latest versions let you animate the image, too.
Maybe, Photoshop can be a bit hard to understand at first, and it may go really slowly if our computer is old. Also, it's very expensive.
Although if it is hard to understand when you begin to use it, I think it's the best tool you can use to edit photos. Adobe Photoshop is a really useful programme.





For me, the Internet is essential in our lives because we need it when we want to look for something or communicate with our friends and family who live in other country, although most of people use internet to CHAT WITH their friends instead of looking and learning more things. However, before people didnt use it because the Internet didnt exist and it was more difficult to meet people. On Internet you can read many things like bookS or all you want. On the other hand, books are essential in our lives but, now with the Internet you can download a programme to read them. On blance, I think that you must buy books, download books and have accesS to Internet because they are very important for our culture.




The new smoking law has been approved recently and it has become a talking point. As you can think,this law hasn't had a succesful beginning. People are talking about it as the most controversial law ever.
Do you think people will always obey this law? My feeling is they won't. Everybody says they are tired of this government because they only know how to ban. There are not any other problems to solve. Their main objective was to care for the health of the citizens. However, tobacco is not forbidden. Up to here you can understand that the main problem is money.Although it has a great advantadge, everybody who went to a restaurant arrived home with a particularly smell, tobacco's smell. I am sure we will continue talking about this for a long time. Do you think this law will be the last one? Are people going to be always as patient as they are being now? The controversy is not over.
La nueva ley antitabaco ha sido aprobada recientemente y se ha convertido en un tema de conversación. Como puedes imaginar, esta ley no ha tenido un comienzo exitoso. La gente habla de ella como la ley más polémica. ¿Créeis que la gente obedecerá siempre esta ley? Mi sentimiento es que no. Todo el mundo dice que están cansados de este gobierno porque sólo saben como prohibir. No hay otros problemas que resolver. Su objetivo principal era cuidar de la salud del ciudadano, sin embargo el tabaco no está prohibido. Hasta aquí puedes entender que el principal problema es el dinero. Aunque hay una gran ventaja, todo el mundo que iba a un restaurante, llegaba a casa con un olor particular a tabaco. Estoy seguro de que seguiremos hablando sobre esto durante mucho tiempo. ¿Créeis que esta será la última ley? ¿Será la gente tan paciente siempre como lo están siendo ahora? La polémica no ha terminado.



Audrey Hepburn is an actress who was born in Belgium, the 4th of May, 1929. She is a very famous actress, because she started a fad called "casual". She was the first noN-princess-girl who made the world fall in love with her. She acted in films as "My fair lady", "Holiday in Rome" and, the most famous one, "Breakfast at Tiffany's". She was a great dancer too. She lived during the second war world and she felt identified to Anna Frank. She said that Anna Frank's diary affected her deeply. In my opinion, Audrey Hepburn was a great actress. She was elegant and the best in scene. I love her films because she looks like comfortable and natural in scene. You really feel what her character felt, and that is very difficult to transmit. Nowadays, she is very famous, but there are few people who have watched any of her films. It is a pity. I really recommend watching a film of Audrey: it is just a classic!


Hi! My name is Irene Mejías, and I am a pupil of 4th of ESO C, in SAFA San Luis. I know my class is not the best. People there don't care about marks, or, at least, it seems like that. But, I think teachers who think they are not good, are wrong. They don't know them as I do. They are the best! Jose Antonio, the best classmate you have ever met. He listens to your problems and solves them by the best way. Eliana, the most constant person I have never met. If she wants something, she GETS it. Alejandro Cuerda, the new one. Sometimes, he does strange and dangerous things, but it is like a big brother: he always protects you. Cristina, who is always happy and laughing. Ana, a hard worker person, and very mature. Her head is on the earth, and it is not easy with 16 years old! Jose Manuel, who makes you laugh with his jokes. Marga, the best person in the world if you need a hug! Nuria, well, she is just mad. Julián, who is calm and happy. María, who gives you the best advice you have ever listened. Leonor, always joking. Alejandro Moresco, always living in his world. Manuel, "Manolo" for me. He is funny and a great friend. Lucía, always doing sport and making people laugh. Alberto, each day is more and more open-minded. Ángel, who is too shy. Pablo, nice, happy, fun... Jorge, always trying to be happy and make people happy too. People in PDC hardly ever talk to me, but, I am sure they are great too! I know my class is not going to be aware a prize of behaviour, but I don't want anotherone. I will really miss them next year.



By: Carlos Aparicio, 3ESOC

Feria will be in two weeks, but it lasts five days.

At feria you can ride fairground attractions, eat Spanish omelette, fried peppers,…etc.

In my opinion feria should last more days because five days is a short time and I think it should take at least two weeks. Things cost too much and I think they should be cheaper.

The worst thing at feria is that it is very hot and there are many fights, also there are a lot of people, but the best thing is that we don’t have to go to school.