The Wedding

By: Noemí Tourau, 1BTO C

It is clear that the wedding of Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton, next Friday in London, will be a very important day in Great Britain, maybe the main event of this year, but I think that we talk too much about this ceremony.

I agree with the idea that we have to be informed of this news. For England, it will be a very special day. All around the world people are going to know about the English tradition.

Another reason for liking this ceremony is the love story of Prince William and Kate. I feel very strongly that they will be a perfect couple forever.

Although this day will represent a historic event, it is clear that this wedding will be the opportunity to make a lot of money.



Many students believe that summer holidays should be longer but is this a good idea? In my opinion, this is a bad idea because more than three months IS a lot of time. I think that we won’t have anything to do, so we’ll get bored.
In the year, the subjects are too dense and sometimes we don’t have time to finish them. If the summer holidays are longer, the year will be shorter, and we must study the subject very quickly. In addition, we won’t be able to relax because we’ll have exams nearly everyday.
However, I think that everybody loves holidays, because you can travel, learn other customs, visit other places...but personally, I’ll get bored if the summer was longer than three months.
I like spending time with my friends, but we need time to work too. We need to go to school to do a good career.
In conclusion, summer holidays should continue being the three months, because with this time, we relax but we don’t get bored. It’s enough time!




I want to show my opinion about the most important sport in the world which is the football.
Football is known worlwide and it has a lot of impact in the world. For example, when Spain won the world cup last summer because that success made us very happy, so, that victory united all Spanish people. So, I think that football is an amazing sport because it can make you very happy. 
Although it is very exciting TO WATCH your team playing, it´s better to practise this sport. Football can teach you a lot of values such as comradeship, fair play, sacrifice... Moreover, football can help you to meet people because I have made a lot of friends thanks to football.
Furthermore, football can help people to leave the poverty and they can live better. For example, Ronaldinho (football player) was very poor when he was a child and he hasn´t got a house and now he is very rich.
Finally, I wanted to say the nicest side of football which is the helps that football give to charities or poor people, for example F.C Barcelona, which sponsor is UNICEF. 



Jennifer López is an American singer, actress, dancer and designer. She was born in New York in 1969.
Her father was a computer specialist and her mother was a teacher. She has two sisters, Lynda and Leslie, who are older than Jennifer.
Her first film was ´´My little girl´´. She acted when she was sixteen years old. Her dream was working in the TV and be A singer. In 1995, she worked in the movie ´´My family´´ ,  which was directed by Gregory Nava.  Jennifer also acted in ´´Blood and Wine´´, ´´Selena´´, ´´U-tum´´, ´´Out of sight´´, and so on.
But her dream continued being the same, she wanted to be a singer and, in 1998, she started to work with Sony Music. A year later, she released her first album, ´´On the 6´´.
In 2004, she married with Marc Anthony. They had worked together in 1999.
Nowadays, she is a singer and actress and I love her work. When she sings with Marc, the songs are full of love and magic. Everyone who hears the songs can feel their love.




Many people believe that the law of the minor is very unfair and it is not made with purpose to improve the society. In my opinion, I think that this law isn’t sufficiently strict with criminals.
In the past children only were worrying about playing and living happy doing own things of the age, but today children grow too quickly and they want to try new experiences. In addition, young people are increasingly immature and they not think about the consequences of their actions. Before, young people respected their elders and now the lack of discipline at home makes even their parents cannot bring them up.
I think that, although the crimes are committed by minors they have the same gravity and conviction for the lost of a life should not be similar to the sentence for stealing food, for example.
In conclusion, I agree that the law of the child is not properly structured and it should be changed, increasing the punishment. Think of a life is lost and the murderers remain yours as if nothing had happened



We know internet as a global computer network through which we can communicate from anywhere in the world. There are many advantages and disadvantages with this means of communication and many ways to use it. Internet has become an essential working tool for the majority of workers such as teachers, bankers, journalists... etc.
On the other hand, it is also a very useful way to facilitate the work to students. The internet gives you access to many web sites that provide us information on any subject, and currently there are many teachers who are carrying out this way of teaching pupils, over the internet. Social networks are one of the important uses of the internet. AT PRESENT, it is strange not to belong to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Tuenti, websites through which we can talk, UPLOAD photos online to share them with friends, LISTEN to music etc.. But the internet also has its drawbacks. It is a dangerous way of communication in which it is very easy to deceive Internet users, giving false information or create false identities to get anything. You must be careful!



Six days ago, there WAS a tsunami in Japan and it has had a lot of consequences. A tsunami is an earthquake in the sea and it starts with a big wave that destroys all it finds in its way, in a radius of ten kilometres. It is very dangerous because it is one of the most important disaster in the world. Frequently, they appear in Japan because it is a zone in the world that has got a lot of tectonic plates. One consequence of this disaster is that it causes many deaths and the situation of the country is very bad, dangerous and sad. The country is trying to find solutions to their problem and the rest of the countries are giving a lot of help and they are offering a lot of economic help to solve this big problem.




Copenhaguen is the capital of Denmark and is a city with many inhabitants. It is the largest city in Denmark.

According to several surveys, Copenhagen is the world's best city to live because of its cultural, transportation, low crime, architecture, etc.
I'd love TO TRAVEL to Copenhagen because I would see many things such as the Marble Church, Nyhavn Canal, the castle-palace of Rosenborg or lakes Søerne.
Travelling to Copenhagen on my honeymoon would be very romantic and very nice and I'd always be grateful to my husband.
In the list of things that I want to do when I grow up is to visit the Copenhaguen Opera House to see some famous musician play or a prestigious orchestra too.
I just know that I'd love TO LIVE for a time in Copenhagen when I have children and already have a family. I think that living there must be a unique experience and I think I'd enjoy it a lot.




Many people think that a “scout” is a person who knows how to make fire or is used to going to many excursions, but is this really true?
Personally, I think that they don’t know anything about a group of scouts, so I disagree with this idea.
In the past, there were only “boys scouts” so that, girls couldn’t participate in their activities. Nowadays, it is a fact that there are both sex, girls and boys from 8 to 21 years old more or less.
To my mind, a group of scouts is a group of people in which children and also teenagers learn to share, to live without many things, to learn how to save somebody or also to help someone. And moreover, this is a place where you can make new friends, as I have made.
Another reason is that a “scout” is a person who knows how to have fun in a different place, for example, in a camp or in a mountain.
In conclusion, I think that people shouldn’t speak about scouts if they haven’t had the opportunity of staying in a group in which they could spend a good time, and in addition, they could learn different things about education, environment and friendship.




Nuclear power plants are a way of getting power, but they consume highly polluting materials. Furthermore, these materials are very radioactive, such as uranium. The greatest benefit of nuclear power plants is that they supply a lot of power, almost half the power which we consume.
From my point of view, nuclear power plants don’t contaminate and they don’t produce polluting gases which cause the climate change. Moreover, nuclear power plants reduce a great amount of power with little expense of fuel and they produce the use of fossil fuels, such as, coal. I think that they are safe in Europe because a catastrophe has never happened yet.
On the other hand, nuclear power plants consume fuels, such as, uranium that are limited. Other problems are that they produce radioactivity and they generate little waste, but they are very radioactive. Besides, there is always a risk of explosion or catastrophe, for example, there is a risk of explosion in Japan.
As a conclusion, I think that nuclear power plants are a good way of getting a lot of power, but they always make us fear that a catastrophe can happen. That is why I think that there are others way of getting power which are safer than nuclear power plants, for example, solar panels or hydraulic power plants.



There are many types of TV programmes, but each day we can find a lot of different programmes ON TV dedicated to the world of the heart.
Being famous or not, everyday new prominent figures appear who have something to say about other famous person. It does not fit doubt that if these programs have proliferated in detiments of others is due to the hearing, certainly they are very seen by a certain group of population which are directed and that are those which support these programs there.
But, I don't know why these programs have so much success. And there are a lot of reasons because this happens, for example, these programs can be a source of different stimulation, or people that want to hear other person with a worse life than them.
I think that everybody has to be satisfied with his own life.



When we are studying, we often forget taking care  of our health despite the fact that being healthy helps us to focus at school.
Being healthy is not difficult , you just have to develop some habits. For example, you should get enough sleep; weird sleep schedules can negatively affect memory and learning, and it can also contribute to get fat and to be moody.
You should also have breakfast every morning. According to scientists, breakfast eaters are less likely to be obese and get diabetes. Furthermore, it enhances alertness and attention. 
Relationships provide you physical and emotional support, sharing a problem with someone who you trust makes you feel better and less anxious or nervous. 
Moreover, it is very important to have a healthy diet and practise sport. Exercise allows people to be more productive and gives them more energy, and it is an important way to manage stress



Seven Pounds is a dramatic film staring Will Smith. Will changed his life when he had an accident. His car crashed into a bus, because he was using the phone, so he didn’t see the bus. His wife and six strangers died in that accident.
Two years later, he decided to help kind people. Those seven people who were gentil and who had health problems, he would help them. At first, he donated part of his lung to his brother. Then, he donated part of his liver to Holly, who worked in the Children’s Protective Service.
Two months later, he met George, a hockey’s coach, and he donated a kidney to him. Then, Will donated bone marrow to Nicolas, a little boy who needed a transplant
Holly, the woman who received liver’s Will, told him that Connie was a woman whose partner wanted to kill her and their children. So Will gave his beach house to Connie and her children.
After that, Will looked for the last two people. The first one, Ezra, was blind and the second one, was Emily, a woman who had problems with her heart. Will fell for Emily. He decided to kill himself and to donate his eyes to Ezra and his heart to Emily.
This film has a very good story. I recommend that you watch it because it helps you to realise all the good things you have and you don’t know.



The 21st of December 2010 the tobacco baning law became effective. Now it is forbidden to smoke in public spaces, for example, all the pubs and discos. Also it is forbidden TO smoke in shopping centers, cinema, etc...Now there aren't smoking and non-smoking sections any more. Besides, it's not possible to smoke in public spaces which are close to children, for example: parks, nurseries or schools.
From my point of view, this law is very strict to smokers because they can't smoke inside anywhere and they must go out to smoke. It doesn't matter in summer, but when it is winter I think it is a big unfair.
On the other hand, this permits non-smokers enjoy their meals without the disgusting smoke.Tobacco is getting more and more expensive. Besides this is a chance to give up smoking. For a lot of smokers it is time to give up, now the situation is getting worse. In my opinion, smoke is very dangerous for smokers and for non-smokers too. It is the oportunity to give up.



Italy is a country in Europe that is part of the European Union. It occupies the Italian Peninsula, and the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Within the territory, there are two big exclaves, the Vatican City and the Republic of San Marino. Its capital is the city of Rome. It is a country with great influx of tourists, especially the cities of Milan, Venice, Florence and Naples, which emphasize, among other things:

  • Being the country with the largest number of museums and art works.
  • Being famous for its food and drink. It is said that there are hundreds of ways to prepare pizza and pastascuitta and it has nearly 3,800 different kinds of wines.
  • Being one of the great powers of fashion, as most famous designers are Italian, such as Armani, Versace or Bvlgari.
  • Having one of the most successful football teams in the world. Italy has won a total of 4 World Cups.
  • The celebration of many fairs and exhibitions of all kinds.
  • Vatican City, which is important for being the sovereign state of the Catholic Church

It is a beautiful country and I would love to visit it with my family.




The Rubik's Cube, which was originally called “the magic cube”, is a mechanical puzzle invented in 1974 by a sculptor and architect from Hungary, Erno Rubik.

The puzzle is a cube whose faces are divided in nine squares and covered by colored stickers (white, red, blue, orange, green and yellow). The colors can be mixed by turning the faces independently, and this is allowed thanks to a pivot mechanism. The objective of the puzzle consists OF turning the faces in a way that we get a solid color.

In 1980, Rubik permitted Ideal Toys to sell the cube and it immediately won the German Game of the Year for Best Puzzle. After that, in the United States Rubik was granted the U.S. Patent.   Amazingly, now it is considered the world’s best-selling toy: in 2009, 350 million Rubik’s cubes were sold worldwide.

The Rubik’s Cube has been a very important toy to many people, and today we even have competitions where you have to solve the cube in a few minutes. Feliks Zemdegs has the best time (6.77 seconds); he set the record last year during the Melbourne Cube Day.



Do you like music? I bet you do! If this is your case, I have good news for you. Its name is Spotify. Spotify is a computer and mobile phone programme and with it you can listen to all the music that you can imagine.

Spotify was created by a Swedish enterprise in 2006. Employing this streaming programme is very easy. You only have to download it, from Spotify web, and then, you can start using it. When you are in the main page, you will see a small browser at the top left. You have to introduce the name of the song in it, and that is all! It is really simple, isn't it?

What kind of music has Spotify? Well, basically all types. It has pop, rock, jazz, punk, soul, rap and an endless list of musical styles. It offers to us from the best classical music, for example Mozart or Beethoven, to the recent hits such as Lady Gaga or Black Eyed Peas. But, unfortunately, not everyone wanted to participate in Spotify project. The Beatles, Metallica or Pink Floyd, among others, don't agree with this idea.

I think that Spotify is a great programme because it offers US the opportunity to listen to a lot of unknown groups. Thanks to this page, I have discovered really great bands such as The Killers, The Strokes or Florence + The Machine. Besides, I have had the opportunity to enjoy Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley or Neil Diamond, who are historical musicians.

I recommend that you try this programme, I am sure that you will like it.


From ESL.com

The following idioms and expressions use 'time'. Each idiom or expression has a definition and two example sentences to help understanding of these common idiomatic expressions with 'time'. Once you have studied these expressions, test your knowledge with quiz testing idioms and expressions with time.

ahead of one's time
Definition: be more talented than others recognize
He's ahead of his time. No one knows how important his discoveries are.
She's always felt that she was ahead of her time, so she isn't disappointed.

ahead of time
Definition: before the agreed upon time
I think we'll get there ahead of time.
Wow, we're ahead of time today. Let's keep it up!

all in good time
Definition: within a reasonable amount of time
I'll get to you all in good time. Please be patient.
Her professor kept on saying that she'd be successful, but that it would be all in good time.

at a set time
Definition: at an agreed upon time
We'll meet at the set time.
Let's make sure that we meet at a set time.

at all times
Definition: always
Make sure to keep your seat belts on at all times.
Students need to pay attention at all times.

at the appointed time
Definition: at an agreed upon time
We'll meet at the appointed time and place.
Did you get into the doctor's office at the appointed time?

behind the times
Definition: not fashionable, not up on current fashions
My Dad is so behind the times!
She dresses like it was the 70s she's behind the times!

to bide one's time
Definition: to wait
I'm biding my time until he arrives.
She decided to bide her time in a shop.

from time to time
Definition: occasionally
I like playing golf from time to time.
Petra speaks with Tom from time to time.

have the time of one's life
Definition: have a fantastic experience
My daughter had the time of her life in Disneyland.
Believe me. You're going to have the time of your life.

keep time
Definition: keep the beat in music
Can you keep time while we practice this piece?
He kept time with his foot.

live on borrowed time
Definition: live dangerously
He's living on borrowed time if he keeps that up!
She felt she was living on borrowed time because she smoked.

make time for something or someone
Definition: create a period of time especially for a thing or person
I need to make some extra time for reading.
I'll make time for you on Saturday.

out of time
Definition: not have any more time available
I'm afraid we're out of time for today.
You're out of time for that competition.

pressed for time
Definition: not have a lot of time to do something
I'm pressed for time today. Hurry up!
She couldn't see me because she was pressed for time.

Time is money
Definition: Expression meaning that someone's time is important
Remember that time is money, let's hurry up.
Time is money Tim. If you want to talk, it's going to cost you.

when the time is ripe
Definition: when it is the proper time
We'll get there when the time is ripe!
Don't worry you'll be successful when the time is ripe.



The Black Eyed Peas is an American group that was formed in 1995. Among its music genres we can find hip-hop, electropop and R&B. The members of the group are will.i.am,
apl.de.ap, Taboo and Fergie. Will.i.am had the idea of "The Black Eyed Peas" because he wanted to give the group the name of some kind of food, like the "Red Hot Chili Peppers" did.
The Black Eyed Peas has released six albums, being the most famous ones "Monkey Business" and "The E.N.D.".
It has lots of famous hits like "Where is the love?", "Don't phunk with my heart" and "I Gotta Feeling". This last song became the most listened song in 2009, and it is the fifth most succesful song in the history of music.
When they started, The Black Eyed Peas had a hip-hop song style -as we can see in "My Humps" or "Shut Up"- but their last two albums have an electro pop style. I thin that this is why their songs became hits: they are catchy and they are really appropiate for a disco.
I think The Black Eyed Peas have become a great group whose lyrics have a huge influence in people, and I hope that they will keep making music for a long time.


Aquí tenéis una página web muy útil para la gramática inglesa: www.englishgrammarlessons.com.
Usa estas lecciones de gramática inglesa para tu estudio o para consolidar lo aprendido en clase con tu profesor. No tienes que pagar absolutamente nada, pero podrías ayudar a sus autores comprando (si quieres) sus libros y CDs en el futuro.
Te recomiendan que leas la explicación en primer lugar y que luego hagas los ejercicios, pensando en todo momento en las reglas que aparecían en la explicación.
Recuerda que aprender gramática es una parte del aprendizaje de un idioma. No te obsesiones con ello. Aprender ejemplos que te ayudan al hablar o escribir es un buen método para aprender.
Esto es lo que te dicen sus autores, Caroline and Pearson.