By: Eugenio Robles, 3ESO B
In Spanish "The Holy Week" is a catholic celebration which represents the life of Jesus.
We usually celebrate it in March or April, depending on the moon. Holy Thursday must be always fullmoon.
It's a world celebration which takes place where there are catholic people.
In Spain, it's more important in Andalusia, mainly in Seville. There are places like Malaga or Jerez where it's very important too.
It's an old tradition which is celebrated since 1350. The Holy Week is represented with wooden figures carried by people.
I like "Holy week" because since my childhood I have been around this world and all my family and friends have taught me to believe in Jesus.


Al Pacino

By: Agustín Álvarez, 1BTO D

Al Pacino was born in 25th of April in 1940. He is from New York. He is one of my favourite actors.

His most important films are The Godfather, Carlito´s way, Scarface, Scent of a woman, Donnie Brasco, Any Given Sunday...

In 1966 he started studying in The Actors Studio. In 1969 he worked in his first film called Me, Natalie. He made The Godfather in 1972, he was nominated for the best actor award. He worked with Robert De Niro, who is also one of the best actors in the world. People think The Godfather is the best gangster movie that has ever been made and I think that too. In 1983 he worked in Scarface, I think that is his best movie.

He has never been married, but, he has two sons with Beverly D’Angelo and one daughter with Jan Tarrant. He has also been with famous women as Kim Basinger or Madonna. Now he has a relationship with an argentine actress called Lucila Polak.


Italian students

By: Luis Benitez, 1BTO B

I’m going to talk you about the Italian students. The name of my Italian is Rita, she is an incredible person.

They arrived to the train station at eight o’clock. The first thing that we did was go to my house to show it to Rita.

On Friday we went to “el Paseo” to do some shopping, at night we went to play bowling.

On Saturday we went to Cordoba, there we saw “la Mezquita” and we walked around the centre.

On Sunday I invited Julio an Irene to my house. We ate pasta. The pasta was made by Rita.

On Monday we went to “la Perla” and then we went to the city centre.

On Tuesday we went to Ronda. Ronda was incredible.

On Wednesday we went to an Irish pub in the city centre.

On Thursday we had a family dinner, the food was very good and we had a great time.

That week was amazing. I want to repeat it.



By: Pablo Herrera, 1BTO B

Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, commonly known as Real Madrid, is a professional football club based in Madrid, Spain. In my opinion, it is the most successful club of the 20th century.

The team traditional clothes are white, and when the team is out of Madrid, the colour is black. Real Madrid´s stadium is Santiago Bernabeu with 80.354 seats. It is in Madrid ; where it has played since 1947.

Real Madrid has a very difficult rival, F.C Barcelona, the name of the matches between these two teams is ´´El Clasico´´. These matches are the best in the world. There is a big football match called ´´El Derbi´´, in this match you feel a lot of sensations and you pass a good time with your friends.

For me Real Madrid is the best team in the world.


Travelling with friends

By: Sara Verano, 1BTO C
Nowadays young people like travelling with their group of friends.
The first time that I travelled wiith my friends was when I was fourteen years old. I visited Madrid with seven friends that belong to a group called "Juventudes Marianas Vicencianas"
When I arrived I thought thatit was a big city with many people, but when I arrived to our hotel, it was horrible.
The first day we went to Ana Frank´s musical, it was fantastic, I loved it because it seemed to be real.
The next day we went to the Warner Bross park. It was the best day of the travel, I rode on a lot of attractions.
The third day we visited a city near Madrid called Toledo. We went a round the village looking its shops, monuments and famous shopping centre.
So far, I consider that this travel has been the best of my life. I hope to come back!


Touhou Project

By: Tomás Ramirerz, 1BTO E

Touhou Project is a serie of games of shoot ´em up created by Team Shangai Alice.

This game consists (like all shoot´ em up) on controlling a character that avoids and shoots other characters. (A game like Xebious). There are fight games too.

The characters are all girls and everybody has a ``Spell Card´´ (a special attack). The main characters are Marisa Kirisame who is a witch and she is my favorite character and Reimu Hakurei who is a ``miko´´ (a priestess).

The first game was created by just one person (graphics, music, characters…) called ZUN. Nowadays, other people help him. This game is very famous in Japan. Actually, it has a festival, it has an anime (a Japanese cartoon) and merchandising.

There are fans who work on creating new stories with the characters and also, there are music groups who compose covers of their songs.

One of the music group is ``IOSYS´´. This is my favorite Japanese music group because its songs are very catchy. There are other music groups who are famous for their covers like ``Cool & Create´´ or ``Innocent Key´´.

I love this game, although it is very difficult to pass the game, but I think that is what makes so great.



BY: ISABEL NOGUÉS, former San Luis student
Maths teacher in La Línea (Cádiz) at present
Recently, I visited The Music Museum in Málaga with my children. In spite of not being a famous museum, it is very interesting.
The museum has a big collection of all kind of instruments, wind, string, and percussion, which come from different cultures and all eras, from the origins of music until nowadays. We saw a lot of instruments that we had never seen before. You can read the history of them. But without doubt, the best thing is that the museum is interactive and there are some instruments which have a sign: 'please touch'. So, if you want, you will be able to play these. Some of them are very simple however, they emit a very nice sound.
It is a very enjoyable place! My children loved it. If you like music and you have a chance to visit it, you should do it.
It is very easy to arrive to the museum because it is at the begining of the famous Larios Street, underground, in Marina Square. I think it is open every day and the tickets are not expensive, I think that if you are a student you will have a discount with your student card too. When you finish your visit you can take advantage and take a walk through the city. Málaga is a very beautiful place and usually, the weather is very nice.


My holidays

By: Ruben Dominguez, 1BTO A

During last Christmas I have travelled with my parents and my sister to Tenerife. We flew for two hours. We arrived we saw our uncle who had come to meet us. He took us to his flat and we left our suitcases there. During next day we did some activities such as diving and we also went to see dolphins. On Wednesday my family and I dived using oxygen cylinders. We saw a lot of beautiful fish and we got down up to twenty metres deep.

On Thursday morning we got on a boat because we wanted to see dolphins, whales and turtles. Then, in the afternoon we visited the Teide volcano which was snowy. For the next days we stayed at my uncle’s house and some relatives of ours came to see us. We returned to Seville on Monday.

We really enjoyed ourselves a lot and we are looking forward to going again.


My class

By: Marina García, 1BTO A

I think the best class of high school is 1st BTO A.

This year we are in a new class, it is very little but we are only twenty three.

We are always joking and having fun. I have met a lot of people there because they were in other school or other people who were in SAFA´s school but they haven´t met each other.

The teachers consider us a good class, because we are good students and good friends.

When somebody needs help, there is always somebody there.

Everybody is very friendly, specially the girls. All my female partners are my friends. We sit together. Maria helps me with Maths and Chemistry. Laura is very nice and she helps me with French. Nazareth is a really good friend, she is very shy but she is very funny. Ana is one of my best-friends.

I love my class but specially my “girls”.


Kelly Slater

By: Manuel Paloma, 1BTO D

I am going to talk about Kelly Slater because I think he is so famous and he is a very good athlete too. I admire him because of that things.

Kelly was born in 1972 in California. Slater is a professional surfer and he has won lots of world championships. He has won ten championships and he has become the best surfer in the world.

When he was young he loved surfing because he admired his father. His father bought him a bodyboard. Therefore he was all the time in the sea.

He had a lot of talent so his father got a personal trainer for his son. The name of the trainer is Salvador Cazes.

After this, he won championships all around the world like: Spain, Australia, England, France...

Nowadays he is sponsored by Quicksilver and he is friendly and nice. Now all the surfers respect him.



By: Ariadna Saborido, 1BTO A

My name is Ariadna Saborido Roselló and I am going to talk about my sister Patricia Lozano Lago. Is it strange? Yes, she is not my true sister. I don´t have sisters but Patricia has showed me that she it is!

I met her when I was eight years old and she was six. She is two years younger than me. Her mother and my mother were friends and now they still are. Patricia and me live in the same place and we are always together. She had difficult moments in her life and she has had to mature very quickly. I help her when she needs it and she always helps me too.

She is very funny, nice, kind.. she is wonderful. I consider her a sister and I know that we will be always together.



By: Laura Furest. 1BTO A

Tuenti is a social network for Spanish young people. We can make our own profile, upload photos and videos, talk with our friends, and create events.

Tuenti was created in 2006 by Zaryn Dentzel, an American student who lives in Madrid. He knew Spain in an exchange. He created Tuenti for university people, but it had a big success and now Tuenti has more than 8 million active users in Spain.

In the profile, on the left, we can see the personal information like, gender, age, and current status, the date of birth, city of residence and the date of admission, hobbies, favorite movies, books and bands.The central column of ‘’My Profile’’ is divided into two blocks: ‘’ My wall’’ and ‘’my personal space’’.
On the right, we can see our last photos and our friends.
Tuenti is one of the most visited websites in Spain.


The Devil Wears Prada

By: Alain Noriega, 1BTO D
They're six musicians who only four years after being formed are the most listened in their genre due to their music and way to show their beliefs. "We're not going to insult anyone nor send our believes to the throat, but we're not going to deny them."
Coming from Dayton, Ohio, The Devil Wears Prada is a christian metalcore band, unlike most of the bands of this genre. They embrace both screaming and melodic singing, making the voice the most important instrument and their main feature. They use the accompanying keyboards, powerful guitars and distorted sound. They are a group that is highly dynamic.
Their name comes from the book written by Lauren Weisberger "The Devil Wears Prada", which also has a movie.
They've been compared with other bands such as Underoath but they're something new, they don't just try to make music, they want to show the world what they believe in, to show they're faithful people. "All we can say is that we love you and it doesn't matter who you are, nor if you believe or not, we only want this same respect back."

Mike Hranica - Scream Vocals
James Baney - Keyboards
Jeremy Depoyster - Guitar and Clean Vocals
Chris Rubey - Guitar
Andy Trick - Bass
Daniel Williams - Drums

At 2:22 you can see Jeremy Depoyster. He has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard.



By: Lucía Puget, 1BTO AI love listening to music. I like pop music and when I am studying or doing homework, my radio is always turned on. Many parents think that it isn't good, however there are many educators who say music can help you learn. If you listen to music in English, you can practice the pronuntiation and read its lyrics and learn new words. Teenagers listen to music everywhere nowadays. They can listen to their favourite songs on their mobile phone, their MP3 player, computer and their Ipod. Many teenagers like listening to music because they can identify with some songs.
Many people send songs to others through Facebook or Tuenti because these songs tell the feelings of these people who have sent the songs, or because the lyrics of these songs remind her to him or him to her. For example: a boyfriend will send to his girlfriend a romantic and beautiful song.
My friends and I love music and I like dancing and singing when we go out to the disco, and if we stay at home, we always play Singstar!


My Mother

By: Alicia Martín, 1BTO C

My mother was born in San Fernando although she has always lived in El Puerto de Santa Maria. My grandfather was born in Sanlucar and my grandmother in Seville.When mother was nine years old, her family lived in the centre of El Puerto but when she was sixteen, they moved to Cadiz.

She is a very hard-working person and very intelligent.

My mother is forty-three years old. She has worked in a Hospital for 18 years. She is a nurse.

When she has free time, she attends masters and she studies a lot.

I remember that my grandmother told me that she used to have very good marks when she was young.

My mother likes pretty blouses and warm pijamas.

In my opinion a mother for her daughter is very important, and for me my mother is the best. She is a very good person, although she is sometimes a little modest


My Cruise's Travel

By: Diego Valencia, 1BTO A
Our adventure started on 3rd April.That day we took a train to Barcelona. At 8 o'clock of the next day we arrived to Barcelona's harbour, and we were there until 11 o'clock waiting for going to the huge boat. Our cruise began there.

Every morning we woke up at half past seven, and we had a meeting with the teachers at ten to eight. We had dinner at 8 in the evening.

The first stop was in Monaco, where we visited the casino and the F1 car circuit. Like every night, we went to the disco. That was the best of the boat.

The second day we visited Florence, a beautiful city, and Pisa Tower, it was amazing! That night was the special night, and we had to wear elegant clothes and we met the important people of the boat.

The third day's place to visit was Rome. We visited the Fontana di Trevi, and City of El Vaticano.

The fourth place we visited was Napoli, and we visited Pompey. That night we had to suit up.

The fifth day the boat stopped in Tunisia, but we only saw the harbour terminal. That night the topic of the party was "white" so everyone wore white clothes. I hope that this year you all go to this wonderful ship. You meet a lot of people and you make friends.



By: Javier Fernández, 1BTO B
I am going to write about my trip to Italy. Two years ago, I went to Padua, an Italian city. I went there with my old school. I visited Padua with two teachers. It was a beautiful experience.
I was in Italy for ten days and I met a lot of people from different places: Belgium, Croatia ... When I arrived, I went to my Italian partner´s house. He lived in a small town near Padua. His house was very little because he lived only with his mother.
Padua is a beautiful place because it has a lot of monuments, museums, parks... but when I visited Venice I was amazed. Venice is the best place where I´ve ever been.
This year I´ll go back to Cremona another Italian city. This time I´ll go with my new school and with twenty Spanish classmates.



Stephenie Meyer and Twilight stars
Meyer is THE writer of the Twilight Saga and novels as "La Segunda Vida de Bree Tamer" and "La Huésped".
She was born in Connecticut, in 1973. Her name is Stephenie because her father had the same name.
She had two brothers and two sisters. When she was in the school , she really liked the script and literature. Her school was in Scottsdale but her university was in Brigham Young, Utah.
Now, she has three children with her husband Christian.
Meyer was selected as one of the most promising authors in "Publisher's Weekly" in 2005.
Thanks to Twilight, that IS formed by four books, which were her most important works, Meyer has got a great reputation.
The Twilight Saga:
- The first work was "Twilight", in 2005.
- "New moon", released in August,2006.
- Her third book was "Eclipse", in 2007.
- "Dawn" was the last in 2008.
Meyer would like to PUBLISH another book in a few months which will BE nameD "Midnight Sun".
Meyer es una escritora de la Saga Crepúsculo y de las novelas "La Segunda vida de Bree Temer" y "La Huésped".
Nació en Connecticut en el año de 1973.Su nombre es Stephenie porque su padre tenía el mismo nombre.
Tiene dos hermanos y dos hermanas. Cuando estaba en el colegio,le gustaba mucho la escritura y la literatura.Fue al instituto de Scottsdale y a la universidad de Brigham Young, en Utah. Ahora, tiene tres hijos con su marido Christian.
Meyer fue elegida como una de las autoras más prometedoras del 2005 en Publisher's Weekly. Gracias a Crepúsculo que está formado por cuatro libros que fueron sus obras más importantes,Meyer ha conseguido una gran fama.
La Saga Crepúsculo:
-La primera obra fue "Crepúsculo" en 2005.
-"Luna nueva"redactado en Agosto de 2006.
-Su tercer libro fue "Eclipse" en 2007.
-"Amanecer" fue el último en el 2008.
Meyer le gustaría escribir otro libro en pocos meses que se llamará "Sol de Medianoche".



Shadow Hunters
Shadow Hunters is a trilogy composed by City of Bones, City of Ashes and City of Glass.
It tells the story of how a thousand years ago, the angel Raziel mixed his blood with the blood of humans, creating a race of hunters of shadows, who live with us in order to protect ourselves from the demons, though they are invisible to the human eye.
City of Bones:
In the Pandemonium, the trendiest nightclub in New York, Clary follows an attractive blue-haired boy until she witnesses his death at the hands of three youngs covered with strange tattos. Since that night, her destiny is joined to those three shadow hunters, warriors dedicated to liberate the Earth of demons and, above all, to Jace, a guy that looks like an angel and with a tendency to act like an idiot...
City of Ashes:
Clary would like her life TO go back to normal. If she could leave backward the world of shadow hunters, she would have more time for Simon, his best friend. But the Underworld is not ready to let go, especially Jace... In addition, a wave of murders shakeS the city. Clary believes that Valentine is behind these deaths, but how it can be stopped if Jace seems willing to betray everything he believes in to help his father?
Cazadores de Sombras
Cazadores de Sombras es una trilogía formada por Ciudad de Hueso, Ciudad de Ceniza y Ciudad de Cristal.
Cuenta la historia de cómo hace mil años, el ángel Raziel mezcló su sangre con la de los humanos, creando la raza de los cazadores de sombras, que conviven con nosotros con la finalidad de protegernos de los demonios, aunque son invisibles al ojo humano.
Ciudad de Hueso:
En el Pandemonium, la discoteca de moda de Nueva York, Clari sigue a un atractivo chico de pelo azul hasta que presencia su muerte a manos de tres jóvenes cubiertos de extraños tatuajes. Desde esa noche, su destino se une al de estos tres cazadores de sombras, guerreros dedicados a liberar a la tierra de demonios y, sobre todo, al de Jace, un chico con aspecto de ángel y tendencia a actuar como un idiota...
Ciudad de Ceniza:
Clary desearía que su vida volviera a la normalidad. Si pudiera dejar atrás el mundo de los cazadores de sombras, tendría más tiempo para Simon, su mejor amigo. Pero el mundo subterráneo no está preparado para dejarla ir, en especial Jace... Además, una ola de asesinatos sacude la ciudad. Clary cree que Valentine está detrás de esas muertes, pero ¿cómo podrá detenerle si Jace parece dispuesto a traicionar todo en lo que cree para ayudar a su padre?



Isabel Allende was born in Lima city, 2 August 1942. She is a Chilean professional writer. She only writes about fantastic things and magic topics. I love her stories because I think that there are a lot of interesting things like talking animals and dreams that turn real.
She has sold around 50 million of books and her WORK has been translated at least to 27 other languages. A thing which makeS me have more interest to this writer is that she writes without nothing in her mind. When she starts writing she starts thinking about the story. It's very strange!
Many ''writers'' like Harold Bloom say: ''Allende is a bad writer'', ''It's impossible TO SAY that Isabel Allende is a writer...''. But I think that she is one of the best writers in her genre: fantasy.
Finally, I recommend her books to everyone. When you start reading, you cannot stop!
Isabel Allende nació en la ciudad de Lima, el 2 de Agosto de 1942. Ella es una escritora profesional chilena. Ella sólo escribe sobre cosas fantásticas y temas mágicos. Me encantan sus historias porque pienso que hay muchas cosas interesantes como animales parlantes o sueños que se hacen realidad. Ella ha vendido alrededor de 50 millnes de libros y su trabajo ha sido traducido al menos a otras 27 lenguas. Una cosa que me hace tener más interés a esta escritora es que ella escribe sin nada en su mente. Cuando ella empieza a escribir ella empieza a pensar sobre la historia. ¡Es muy extraño! Muchos ''escritores'' como Harold Bloom dice: ''Allende es una mala escritora'', ''Es imposible decir que Isabel Allende es una escritora...''. Pero pienso que ella es una de las mejores escritoras en su género: la fantasía. Finalmente, recomiendo sus libros a todo el mundo. Cuando empiezas a leer, ¡no puedes parar!.



Idioms are the salt, pepper and garlic of English. Practice idiomatic phrases with these idiomatic phrase quizzes. Each question provides immediate feedback on correct and incorrect answers with a follow-up score at the end of each quiz.
eg. "Shall we start the meeting and get down to _____ tacks? - brass / gold / bronze / copper"

Common Phrase Quiz - 1
Common Phrase Quiz - 2
Common Phrase Quiz - 3

Thanks to English as 2nd Language


Milvio's bridge

By: Paloma Medialdea, 1BTO C
Milvio`s bridge is the famous Italian bridge in the north of Rome. In it the couples from different parts of the world put a padlock in any part of the bridge. The couples swear eternal love like a symbol. When they put their padlock on the bridge the lovers throw the key to the Tibet river. This fashion began with the famous book” ho voglia di te "" by Federicco Moccia. In the book the protagonists put a padlock in the bridge and after the couple throws the key to the Tibet River. Some years after, Italian couples began to do the same, they put a padlock in the bridge. It`s a romantic and original form that the lovers have to show their love. Now thanks to this book millions of padlocks hang in this bridge. Spanish lovers have begun to hang padlocks in bridges to symbolize that the lovers love forever.



By: Javier Gordillo, 1BTO D

Last year we finished school. My class and I went to Sierra Nevada in February by bus. It was a fantastic trip!

On Monday we left about ten o´clock, the trip lasted four hours but we sometimes stopped to rest.

At two o´clock we arrived at the hotel and the receptionist gave us a room, every room had five beds. The first day, we didn´t do anything, we only chose the equipment and went to bed early because we were tired.

The rest of days, we got up at eight o´clock and we skied all the morning. In the evening we went to the city to visit monuments ``La Alhambra´´, buy typical things…

The last day we went to the Science Museum and we came back to El Puerto de Santa Maria. The trip was very long and sad!


Datos generales:

  • Descripción:
    Los beneficiarios recibirán una dotación económica para realizar un curso en las condiciones requeridas en la convocatoria, que posteriormente justificarán.
  • Destinatarios:
    Alumnos becarios de las convocatoria general y de movilidad de becas del Ministerio de Educación, que cumplan los restantes requisitos establecidos.
  • Requisitos:
    • Nacidos entre el 1 de enero de 1981 y el 31 de diciembre de 1993, que hayan sido becarios del Ministerio de Educación en el curso 2009-2010.
    • Nacidos entre el 1 de enero y el 31 de diciembre de 1994 que hayan sido becarios del Ministerio de Educación en Bachillerato, enseñanzas profesionales de música y danza, Grado Medio de Formación Profesional, Artes Plásticas y Diseño, Enseñanzas Deportivas y de Idiomas en el curso 2010/2011.
    • Tener un número de orden (renta per-cápita familiar) que le sitúe dentro del total de ayudas a conceder).
  • Duración:
    Entre 1.200 y 2.600 €, en función del país de destino.
  • Plazo de presentación
    • Desde: 01 de marzo de 2011
    • Hasta: 30 de marzo de 2011
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    A través de la página web del Ministerio de Educación, mediante formulario on-line.



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    Solicitantes con certificado reconocido de firma electrónica: a través del registro telemático del Ministerio de Educación.
    Solicitantes sin certificado reconocido de firma electrónica: imprimirán el modelo de solicitud y lo remitirán, una vez firmado, por correo certificado o a través de cualquier registro oficial.


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