This book, written by Alexandre Dumas in the XVIII century, tells us a young man and his friends' adventures. This young man, called D'Artagnan, wants to BECOME MUSKETEER, but that's not easy and he has to do a lot of things. For example, he has to protect Mr. Buckinham, enemy of France, and rescue a beautiful pendant made with twenty diamonds to save the French Queen from Cardinal Richelieu's revenge. Fortunately, he's not alone. His friends Porthos, Athos and Aramis are always looking after D'Artagnan and helping him. They're part of the King's MUSKETEERS, so they have a lot of things in commOn with their young friend.
When D'Artagnan saves the Queen, things become more difficult than before, because Richelieu and his evil friend Milady want to kill him and his lover. Anyway, he doesn't care and he continues fighting to get his dream: being a MUSKETEER.
I like this book because it's an interesting adventure book about friendship, and the main characters never give up.
As they say, one for all and all for one!
Este libro, escrito por Alejandro Dumas en el siglo XVIII, nos cuenta las aventuras de un hombre joven y sus amigos. Este joven, llamado D'Artagnan, quiere convertirse en mosquetero, pero no es fácil y tiene que hacer muchísimas cosas. Por ejemplo, tiene que proteger al Duque de Buckinham, enemigo de Francia, y rescatar un bonito collar fabricado con veinte diamantes para salvar a la reina francesa de la venganza del cardenal Richelieu. Afortunadamente, no está sólo. Sus amigos Porthos, Athos y Aramis siempre están cuidando de D'Artagnan y ayudándole. Son parte de los mosqueteros del rey, por lo que tienen muchas cosas en común con su joven amigo. Cuando D'Artagnan salva a la reina, las cosas se vuelven más difíciles que antes, porque Richelieu y su malvada amiga Milady quieren matarle a él y a su amante. De todos modos, a él no le importa y sigue luchando para lograr su sueño: ser un mosquetero. Me gusta este libro porque es un libro de aventuras interesante sobre la amistad, y los protagonsitas nunca se rinden. Como ellos dicen, ¡Uno para todos y todos para uno!



"El capitán Alatriste", "El Asedio" or "Un día de cólera" are books written by Arturo Pérez-Reverte. This Spanish writer was born in November of 1951, in Cartagena. Since he was a journalism graduate, he worked as a reporter in a newspaper called "Pueblo" and, after that, he worked as a journalist for twenty one years, broadcasting from countries in war. And this was his job until 1994.
Since then, he has written around twenty books, most of them really succesful. He has won about thirty prizes and awards, even foreign ones. The majority of his books are about different wars and people who were fighting in them. His books have been translated to thirty four languages. In the end of 1996, "El capitán Alatriste" came out. This is the book that I am reading now, and it is very interesting. His most recent novel is "El Asedio", it was published in 2010. Well, another thing that we should know about Pérez-Reverte is that he joined the Real Spanish Academy on June 12th of 2003. He is the "T" letter. I recommend his books to you, specially Alatriste.
"El capitán Alatriste", "El Asedio" o "Un día de cólera" son libros escritos por Arturo Pérez-Reverte.
Este escritor español nació en noviembre de 1951, en Cartagena. Desde que se graduó en periodismo, trabajó como reportero en un periódico llamado "Pueblo" y, después, trabajó como periodista durante veintiún años, retransmitiendo desde países en guerra. Y este fue su trabajo hasta 1994. Desde entonces, él ha escrito alrededor de veinte libros, la mayoría realmente exitosos. Ha ganado aproximadamente treinta premios y galardones, incluso extranjeros. La mayoría de sus libros tratan sobre diferentes guerras y gente que luchaba en ellas. Sus libros han sido traducidos a treinta y cuatro idiomas. A finales de 1996, salió "El capitán Alatriste". Este es el libro que estoy leyendo ahora, y es muy interesante. Su novela más reciente es "El Asedio", fue publicado en 2010.
Bien, otra cosa que deberíamos saber de Pérez-Reverte es que se unió a la Real Academia Española el 12 de junio de 2003. Él es la letra "T". Os recomiendo sus libros, sobre todo Alatriste.

Cristina Fernández

By: Cristina Vargas, 1BTO C
Cristina is the most special person in the world. I met her when I was three years old or perhaps younger. I have spent a lot of time with her in my life, we grew up together and we are still good friends. Cristina is a very beautiful girl . She has green eyes, her hair is brown and she´s medium height . She is very intelligent, nice, happy... and a very good girl. She always helps people and she helps me too. I can´t think of another friend who knows more things about me.
We like to go out together, we are tied companion. Some time ago, her family moved to the center and we are separated for a while, but now we are together again. We see each other every day at school. At home, I call her or she calls me and we spend summers together. Some people ask us if we are sisters and everybody says we have got the same voice! If she didn´t exist, I would die!.
Cristina Fernández is my best friend and I appreciate her a lot.


My favourite country

By: Marta Troncoso, 1BTO B
My favourite country is The United States, it's located in North America.
Most of people go there on holidays.
The United States is a very big country where you can find wonderful shopping centres and there are a lot of clothes shops. I love shopping!.
It is the richest country and you can find the best NBA teams. All celebrities have houses in the cities of the country.
In my opinion, New York is the most beautiful city in the country, because there, we can watch the best shows, theatres and concerts. There are also the largest shopping centres in the world. New York is a city where there are buildings and skycrapers. I like it so much!.
Most of the tourists prefer to go to the big city.

I think that it's a good place to visit because there, you can find everything you want and what you need.




This book is about one girl and one boy. They are of two different worlds. She studies in a high class school, she is the best student in her class. However, he is a bad student and he likes to ride on motorbike, running illegal races ... but life will JOIN them.
At first, they meet at a party although they don´t like each other because he is too "pimp" and she is a little shy.
For the second time, they see again in a disco ..
At the end of this book, they are together, but this book will continue.
Este libro es sobre una chica y un chico. Ellos son de dos mundos diferentes. ella estudia en un colegio de clase alta y ella es la mejor estudiante en su clase. Sin embargo, el es un mal estudiante y le gusta montar en moto, correr en carreras ilegales... pero la vida los unirá. Al principio, ellos se conocen en una fiesta aunque no se gustan porque el es demasiado chulo y ella un poco timida.
la segunda vez, ellos se ven en la disco otra vez. Al final de este libro, ellos estan juntos , pero continuará....


By: Paula Moreno, 1BTO C

This year I have lived one of the best experiences of my life. It is the exchange “Cremona-Puerto”. The Italian people arrived on the 20th January to Puerto.

The first day, they were nervous because they didn´t know what they will do in the next days. During this exchange, they went to Cordoba, Seville, Ronda, Cadiz and the last place was Jerez. We went to Ronda and Cordoba with them.

Every afternoon we spoke about what to do. So, we went to a coffee shop, parks, beaches… We also went shopping. On Saturday night we went to a pub with them to celebrate the birthday of one Italian student. We are very happy because we have lived this experience. The teachers helped us with the trip. The last night we were with our parents and we went to school for dinner. Then the Spanish and Italian students went to the pub. We want that April comes soon. So, we will go to Italy.



By: Raquel Martinez, 1BTO B
I'm going to talk about the fair "FERIA" of Pto Sta María.It starts in the begining of may, and many people come to the city to visit the fair. Some people wear the typical costume. The typical woman's outfit is the costume of "SEVILLANA". It is a long dress with polka dots, and women wear a flower on their hair. Some men wear traditional costumes. This costume consists of tight trousers, a white shirt, a short jacket, a red handkerchief, boots and a typical hat. There are outdoor bars where people drink, eat and dance "SEVILLANAS". The traditional food in the fair is omelette, fried fish and fried peppers. Also, at the fair there are attractions where you can have a good time.



Francisco de Quevedo is one of the most famous Spanish poets in the world. He was born the 14th of September, 1580, in Madrid. Usually, his work is satiric. I like this poet because he said what he thought. He wrote prose and poetry. His work was satiric, but, sometimes, he wrote love poems. They are really good. It's a writer who knows how to express each feeling (IN) the best way. It is A very important in a writer. He is one of my favourite poets, because of the histories about him, his life and his imagination. I really recommend his work.
Francisco de Quevedo es uno de los poetas españoles más famosos del mundo. Nació el catorce de septiembre de 1580 en Madrid. A menudo, su obra es satírica. Me gusta este poeta porque decía lo que pensaba. Escribía prosa y poesía. Su trabajo era satírico, pero, a veces, escribía poemas de amor. Eran realmente buenos. Es un escritor que sabe como expresar cada sentimiento de la mejor manera. Esto es muy importante en un escritor. Él es uno de mis poetas favoritos, debido a las historias sobre él, su vida y su imaginación. Realmente recomiendo su obra.



"Los Cinco" is a collection of twenty-one books written by Enid Blyton. These books tell us different stories about four kids; Julian, Dick, Ana and Jorge (really Jorge is a girl called Jorgina, but she doesn't like being a girl and she always wear boy's clothes and forces everyone to call her Jorge, a boy's name very similar to hers); and Tim, who is Jorge's dog. Julian, Dick and Ana are SIBLINGS and they are Jorge's cousins.
Each book tells us a different story about them, because they always have adventures. Each story is in a different place, but it isn't a story divided in twenty-one parts, they are independent books.
For example, the first book tells us how the cousins meet for the first time and they had an adventure in a island that belongs to Jorge because her father bought it for her.
In my opinion, it is a fantastic collection of books, but it's also very old. I know that my aunt bought it for me because she loved these books when she was a child.
"Los Cinco" es una collección de veintiún libros escritos por Enid Blyton. Estos libros nos cuentan diferentes historias sobre cuatro niños; Julian, Dick, Ana y Jorge (en realidad Jorge es una niña llamada Jorgina, pero a ella no le gusta ser una chica y siempre viste ropa de niño y obliga a todo el mundo a que la llamen Jorge, un nombre de niño parecido al suyo); y de Tim, que es el pero de Jorge. Julian, Dick y Ana son hermanos y ellos son los primos de Jorge.
Cada libro nos cuenta una historia diferente sobre ellos, porque siempre tienen aventuras. Cada historia ocurre en un lugar diferente, pero no es una historia dividida en veintiuna partes, son libros independientes.
Por ejemplo, el primer libro nos cuenta como se conocieron los primos por primera vez y como tuviernon una aventura en una isla que le pertenece a Jorge porque su padre se la compró.
En mi opinión, es una fantastica colección de libros, pero también es muy antigua. Yo se que mi tía me la compró porque a ella le encantaban cuando ella era una niña.

My little sister

By: Ana García, 1BTO A

My sister is a very special person.Her name is Alejandra García Esborronda and she is eight years old. She has beautiful brown hair and her eyes are black. She is very tall. We are so different but we both have freckles.

She is very intelligent and she always has good marks. I think that she has the mind of an adult person because she talks like one of them. She sometimes gives me some advice.I admire her and my friends too.

She loves music and listens the songs of Rolling Stones, The Beatles, ACDC, Fito y Fitipaldis or Bon Jovi.She likes to write and read like me and she wants to be like me.

She is perfect and she is the best sister of the world.


Katy Perry

By: Paloma Palacios, 1BTO A

Katherine Elisabeth Hudson, known as Katy Perry, is an extravagant Californian pop singer. This twenty six years old girl composes some of her songs, and she plays the guitar too. Known for hits like “I kissed a girl” or “Hot n cold” and her original style, she hides a religious devotion that many people ignore. Her parents were Evangelic shepherds, so she started to sing at church when she was 7. She grew up listening just to religious music.

She left school soon, and she started to form her as dancer and singer. She learned Italian opera for a short time.

In 2001 she released her first album of Evangelic music. It wasn’t successful enough. After that failure she changed her surname for her mother’s one, Perry. And in 2008 she released “One of the boys”, her second album, with her new artistic name, Katy Perry. It was a great success since the first day. It’s a record full of different love songs. The song “I kissed a girl” brought a lot of controversy. Religious people said that the song was provocative. Anyway everyone danced that song.

Last year she released “Teenage dream”, her third album. I think It isn’t as good as the second one, but It’s fantastic too. “California gurls” and “Teenage dream” are two of the most known songs. Katy Perry is performing and receiving awards all the time. She is a bomb.

Katy has a wonderful acoustic part that we don’t see too much. I think she should work with different music genres, but she sounds good whatever she sings. I love her!



By: Javier Zarzuela, 1BTO B

J.K Rowling was born on 31 July 1965 in the town of Yates in England. She is Peter and Anne Rowling’s daughter. She is the oldest of two sisters. She studied French and classical philology at the University of Exeter and later she went to France to improve her French. In 1990 her mother died. After it, she went to Portugal.
In 1992 she married a journalist and they had a daughter called Jessica, after some months they split up and she went to Edinburgh with her sister.
In 2001 she married again and she had another two children called David and Mackenzie.
In my opinion, I think that this writer is well known because she wrote Harry Potter’s books


Mario Vargas Llosa is a world famous Peruvian writer. He´s considered one of the most important novelists in Spanish language. He reached the fame in the decade of the sixties, with novels like “la Ciudad y los Perros”, “La Casa Verde”, etc.
The carEer of this impressive and prolific writer is backed up by a huge number of rewards such as the “Premio Cervantes” (1994), “Premio Planeta” (1993), “Premio Principe de Asturias” (1986) and heading the top of a very long list of recognitions: The Nobel Price in Literature (2010), the culmination of Mario Vargas Llosa´s career, one of the most important prize-winning authors of our time.
He´s got a very personal style. He gives a big importance to technique experimentation, innovating with new narrative and stylistic possibilities. The themes he uses are very various, from humor up to tragedy, usually combining historical material with his own personal experience. Mario has published many books, a lot, but by now I´ve just read two of his books WHICH I recommend: “El Sueño del Celta” and “Travesuras de la Chica Mala”. Trust me when I say it is a great experience to be inserted in any of his magnetic literary creations.
Mario Vargas Llosa es un escritor peruano mundialmente conocido. Esta considerado uno de los más importantes escritores en lengua hispana. Alcanzó la fama en la década de los sesenta, con novelas como La Ciudad y los Perros, La Casa Verde, etc.
La carrera de este impresionante y prolífico escritor está respaldada por una enorme cantidad de premios y condecoraciones como el Premio Cervantes (1994), Premio Planeta (1993), Premio Príncipe de Asturias (1986) y encabezando la larga lista: el Premio Nobel de Literatura (2010), La culminación en la carrera de Mario Vargas Llosa, uno de los escritores latinoamericanos más importantes y laureados de nuestro tiempo.
Él tiene un estilo muy personal. Le da una gran importancia a la experimentación técnica, siempre innovando con nuevas formas estilísticas y narrativas. Los temas que trata son muy variados, desde el humor al drama, normalmente combinando material histórico con experiencias personales. Mario ha publicado muchos libros, pero por ahora solo me he leído 2 de ellos, los cuales recomiendo, que son: El Sueño del Celta y Travesuras de la Chica Mala. Creedme cuando digo que es una gran experiencia literaria introducirse en cualquiera de sus magnéticas creaciones.


Did you know that carrots have not always been orange?

By: Gonzalo Gallo, 1BTO A

The oldest evidence known of the use of carrots by humans date from the year 3,000 b.C. in Afghanistan. Those carrots were purple on the outside and yellow inside.

Later ,when carrots were taken by Arab traders to Asia and Africa, much new and different varieties of carrots appeared: white, yellow, green and even black.

The first orange carrot appeared in the sixteenth century in Holland. It was created in Holand, by crossing different species of carrots. The aim was to create carrots whose color coincide with the color of the Dutch Royal House of Orange.

In the sixteenth century, the Dutch were Europe's leading producers of carrots, and that orange carrots extended to all the countries.

Recently, color carrots have become fashionable again. You can buy carrots of any colour, like white, yellow, dark red and purple, to make the salads funny. Although to add fun, nothing like the invention of the Icelanders, who developped a type of carrot which tastes like chocolate.


Gap fill quizzes are commonly used to improve related vocabulary. These gap fill quizzes are all based around a single theme and are appropriate for intermediate to advanced level learners and classes.


Xavi Hernández

By: Pablo Sordo, 1BTO D

He was born on 25 of January of 1980 in Tarrasa (Spain)

He is the best football player in the world, although he did not get the gold ball this year.

Xavi has been playing all his life in F.C. Barcelona and he is the successor of Pep Guardiola. He plays in the middle of the camp.

He has played 98 times with the Spanish national team and he won the UEFA European Football championship in 2008 and 2010 FIFA World Cup.

He has played in Barcelona F.C. since he was 11. His debut in the first division BBVA league was on 3rd October 1998. He progressed quickly and he became a key member of the team. Xavi has got numerous titles with Barcelona FC and Spanish national team.



Dan Brown is an American novelist, best selling author, specially known for the novel called "The Da Vinci Code", made into a film in 2006 by Ron Howard. His mother was a musician and his father a mathematician. He studied art history at Seville's University. In 1991. he moved to Hollywood to continue with his career. There, he met Blythe Newtom. Actually, this woman is his wife. Nowadays, she helps her husband with historical information for his books. The motivation to become a suspense author was in Tahiti, where he found a novel on the sand of the beach, under a seat. When he returned, he started to work in his first novel, called "Digital Fortress".It had a relative commercial success. In 2000, he published "Angels and Demons", where appear for first time Robert Langdon, a symbology teacher from Harvard's University. This character, would be again the protagonist of " Da vinci Code", the book which was a selling global phenomenon. All his fans, including me, expect a new success from the hand and the mind of this man.
Dan Brown es un novelista estadounidense, autor de best sellers, especialmente conocido por la novela llamada "El Código Da Vinci", llevada al cine en 2006 por Ron Howard. Su madre era músico y su padre, un matemático. Estudió Historia del Arte en la Universidad de Sevilla. En el año 1991. se trasladó a Hollywood para continuar con su carrera. Allí, conoció a Newtom Blythe. Actualmente, esta mujer es su esposa. Hoy en día, ella ayuda a su esposo con la información histórica de sus libros. La motivación para convertirse en un autor de suspenso fue en Tahití, donde se encontró con una novela sobre la arena de la playa, debajo de un asiento. Cuando regresó, comenzó a trabajar en su primera novela, llamada "Fortaleza Digital". Tuvo un éxito comercial relativo. En 2000, publicó "Ángeles y Demonios", donde aparece por primera vez Robert Langdon, un profesor de simbología de la Universidad de Harvard. Este personaje, sería de nuevo el protagonista de "El Código Da Vinci", el libro que fue un fenómeno de venta mundial. Todos sus fans, incluyéndome a mí, le espera un nuevo éxito de la mano y la mente de este hombre.



By: Julio Jiménez, 1BTO B

I´m going to talk about the trip.

We went with the Italian students on Saturday. We went to Cordoba by bus. We spent all the day there. We visited a lot of places like the Mosque Cathedral, the Roman Bridge, a big church and the Fortress of the Christian Kings. I ate with Irene in Burger King and she taught me some words in Italian. The weather was good and we had a beautiful day all together.

On Tuesday we went to Ronda. The weather wasn´t very good because there was a lot of wind. Some students were ill so they couldn´t come. We visited the bullring and a convent. We spent a beautiful day together. When we came back home I was very tired.


Asistencia a colonias (campamentos) en las que se trabajarán prioritariamente los aspectos orales del aprendizaje de la lengua inglesa, en instalaciones situadas en distintos puntos de la geografía española en territorio peninsular.
Alumnos de 5º y 6º de Educación Primaria y 1º de ESO matriculados en centros educativos españoles sostenidos con fondos públicos.
La edad de los participantes no podrá superar los 13 años a fecha 31 de diciembre de 2011.
Establecidos en las bases de la convocatoria.
Plazo de presentación
Desde: 11 de febrero de 2011
Hasta: 07 de marzo de 2011

Texto convocatoria: Documento de convocatoria oficial
SolicitudInstrucciones para solicitar la beca



Robert Anthony Salvatore was born in Leominster, Massachusetts on January 20, 1959. He graduated from Leominster High School, and he decided to study computer science in Fitchburg State College. However , he changed his major to journalism after reading the book Lords of the rings that he borrowed from a friend. After that, he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications from his College in 1981. Then, Salvatore returned to study for a degree he really wanted, the Bachelor of Arts in English.
R.A. Salvatore began his writing career in 1982, when the manuscript that he wrote would later become Echoes of the Magic. His first novel was released in 1988 called The Cristal Shard, the first of the Ice wind Dale Trilogy. Salvatore’s books have been translated into many foreign languages like German, Italian, Greek, Bulgarian, Russian, Spanish...
In 1997, he donated his manuscripts, letters and other documents to the Ficthburg State College Library.In addition to his novels, Salvatore wrote the story for the PS2, Xbox and PC video game Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone (2004), working with the design team at Stormfront Studios.
Robert Anthony Salvatore nació en Leomister, Massachusetts el 20 de Enero de 1959. Se graduó en el instituto de Leominster, y decidió estudiar ciencias informáticas en la universidad de Fitchburg State. Sin embargo, cambiaron sus intereses y cambió al periodismo, después de leer el libro del Señor de los Anillos que tomó prestado de un amigo. Después de eso recibió un graduado de ciencias de la Comunicación de su universidad en 1981. Luego, Salvatore regresó para estudiar lo que realmente quería, matricularse en Filología Inglesa.
R.A. Salvatore comenzó su carrera como escritor en 1982, cuando el manuscrito que escribió, más tarde se convertiría en “Ecos de la Magia”. Su primera novela se publicó en 1988 llamado: “La Piedra de Cristal”, primer ejemplar de la trilogía “Ice wind Dale Trilogy”. Los libros de Salvatore han sido traducidos a muchos idiomas extranjeros como el alemán, italiano, griego, búlgaro, ruso, español...
En 1997 donó sus manuscritos, cartas y demás documentos a la Biblioteca de Fichburg State Collage. En adicción con sus novelas, Salvatore escribió la historia para las consolas PS2, Xbox y PC del videojuego Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone (2004), trabajando con el equipo de diseño de Stormfront Studios.

Johnny Depp

By: Marta Fernández, 1BTO C

Johnny Depp (his real name is John Christopher Depp II) was born on 9th June in 1963, in Kentucky.

Johnny is an actor, for me he is the best actor in the world.The first time that I saw one of his films was when I was only seven years old, it was Pirates of the Caribbean.

I remember the day that I went to the cinema to watch that film. After the film I was hipnotized!

From that day I started to watch his films again and again! I began to decorate my room with his photos.

Today, I have watched the majority of his films, and I still have a lot of his photos on my walls.

I love him because he is very handsome,although he is forty-seven years old.

I also like his characteristic personality, which reflects in all his characters.



By: Mila Navarrete, 1BTO C
My friends are the best people that anybody would like to have. Each one of them is very different, but all of them are very special.
We are always together but sometimes we have arguements. We have gone to many places together like "Isla Mágica", a cruise along the Mediterranean, Navarra and many more places.
We always want the best for each other and we are always ready to help people. We are Alicia, Candela, Marta, Rosa, Paula, Paloma, Clara and me, Mila. We are in different courses but we are always together at breaktime because we are in the same school.
We go to a group to help other people, called "Voluntarios".
Definitely, they are the best friends in the whole world.
For me, they are perfect.


My Christmas Holidays

By: Noemi Tourau, 1BTO C

My holidays started on the eighteenth of December, when I travelled to France. I made a trip with my parents and we made it in two days.

The first night we slept in Plasencia; and the day after we stopped in the French Pyrenees. There, the weather was very cold, and we saw a lot of snow. We spent two days in a typical house, where we met my cousin and my aunt. We had fun in La Pierre Saint Martin, we went to a farm, a few monuments and we tasted a little of good wine.

The second day, we visited Lindt's factory and we enjoyed a picnic near a river. Later we followed our trip to my grandparents house.

At Christmas, during the night we went to church and the day after we all ate a stuffed goose.



Types of Nouns: A noun is one of the eight parts of speech in English. However, did you know that there are many different types of nouns? There are abstract nouns, concrete nouns, countable nouns, and more. This guide to types of nouns provides a short explanation, examples of different types of nouns including examples sentences and links to resources to better understand each type of noun.


By: Lucía Biensoba, 1BTO C
From my point of view,most of today's health disorders are a direct result of smoking.
Some people often say: "my father used to smoke a lot and he died an ninety". As I see it, the most important thing is not only to prolong life, but also to improve the quality of it.

Smoking affects all of our organs, including lungs, stomach, throat and so on.
Therefore lots of smokers suffer from bronchitis, pneumonia, or even lung cancer.

On the other hand, non-smokers who work or live in closed room with them have a high risk of serious health problems.
Unfortunately, teenagers are not aware of how dangerous tobacco is and they smoke more and more everyday whereas the number of adults is decreasing.

In short, if you like the best of everything, the best restaurants, the best music, why don't you choose the healthiest way of life?



Visual Tense Charts: "
Present Perfect Continuous Tense ChartVisual clues can really help learners understand tense usage. This resource provides a visual tense chart for each of the major uses of the 14 tenses in English. The visual tense chart also includes a quick overview of each particular usage, as well as structure and example sentences.
Los trucos visuales puedes realmente ayudar a los que están aprendiendo el uso de los tiempos. Este recurso facilita tarjetas de tiempos para cada uno de los 14 tiempos principales en inglés. También incluye una vista rápida de cada uso particular, así como de la estructura y oraciones de ejemplo.


The SpongeBob obsesion

By: Ana Rus, 3ESO C
This special sponge which wears pants is very popular. And why do I think it's an obsession? Because this last Christmas I went to a mall and I found an entire section of SpongeBob as big as my house. I saw the Barbie Spongebob or the yellow pants of SpongeBob and a lot of similar items. This sponge has millions of fans on social networks. Adults and children love it!
The truth is that SpongeBob makes us smile. And everyone has the question: How can there be a burger under the sea?
But SpongeBob isn't the first cartoon that is a fashion fad. There are other fashion cartoons, for example the famous Hello Kitty or Snoopy.
I think cartoons can be a fad but they are also an obsession.



By: Eugenia Espejo, 1BTO B
Hello everyone, this article is about a TV Channel called MTV.
This American TV channel was created in 1981 and it was at first a music channel. Nowadays, it is a very important Tv channel which is broadcast in nearly all countries.
Apart from the music videos and concerts, a lot of TV series are broadcast on MTV , specially series for teenagers like 'Pretty little liars' or 'Ten things I hate about you'. For me, it is a great idea that MTV is now a free channel that you can always see. I like this cannel because I love music from the 90's till today and the series are funny, new and never boring. And the best thing, it doesn´t matter if you miss an episode of a serie because you can see the series the next day usually at lunch time because they are broadcast again.



By: Cristina Ruiz, 1BTO C

I am going to write about one of my favourite singers.

Rihanna was born in 1988 in St Michael, Barbados. She is the eldest of three brothers. She began singing at age 7. Rihanna had a difficult childhood, her father was addicted to drugs. She won a beauty contest when she was 15. Rihanna moved to United States when she was 16 years old to get a music career.

In 2005, she released her first album : “ Music of the Sun” which had a fantastic success. Her first single was : “ Pon de Replay”. After this, she has recorded more albums. The last one is : “ Break it off”, with which, Rihanna has done her first tour around the world. She has great songs like : Umbrella, I hate that I love you, Don´t stop the music…

My favourite song is “ I hate that I love you”. She sings this song with David Bisbal. It´s very beautiful and romantic.

On February of 2009, Rihanna finished her relationship with her boyfriend, Chris Brown, because he mistreated her.

Rihanna is a young woman, she is only 22 years old, she is a real fighter and she has a spectacular body.

In my opinion, she is one of the best singers today and she is very pretty.



By: Anastasia Tashchuk, 1BTO E
Chernivtsi is a city from Ukraine. This city is also known as little Paris because their buildings
are very similiar. It is a big city that has many small towns.
For City day it is decorated with flags and there is a concert and other celebrations.
There are not beaches but it has many lakes and rivers and one of them is the river Prut,
an afluent of the river Danube.
Chernivtsi is a city that has many places to go and see as the biggest and most beautiful
theatre in the city, many restaurants and night clubs as ''EGOIST''. Many famous people have
visited this club.
People from this city are more friendly than the people who are from other parts of Ukraine.