Three metres above the sky

By: Celia Biedma, 1BTO C

It’s an Italian love story. At the beginning, it was just a book, but when people started to read it, Federicco Moccia, the director and the writer, decided to create a film. That happened two years after the book publication.

The story is about love. It’s like ‘Romeo and Juliette’ nowadays. The main characters are Step and Baby. They are very different but love emerges in both. Baby’s mother doesn’t like her daughter’s relationship, so she is always kept at home. But love is stronger than the punishment…

I really like this book. There is a second part too, but, from my point of view, the most beautiful and interesting story is this one.

I recommend this book!




By: Lorena Ocaña, 1BTO C
The advances of modern technology will be very important in the future.
As I see it, it´s essential to know how to use a computer nowadays since most of schools, offices and other work places need them.
On the one hand, computers make your work easy. They are fast and you can save a lot of time.
On the other hand, they have some disadvantages, for example, you need some practice to use it very well and this is sometimes very expensive.
Furthermore, If your computer breaks you will lose all the information.
Computers are very useful to download pictures, songs, films and different news.
In conclusion, computers are very important nowadays although in my opinion people need social contact to live.


My Best Friend

By: María Guerra, 1BTO A
I'm going to talk about my best friend Laura. Last year, I met Laura on the first day of school, when she sat beside me in class, and she is my best friend now. Laura is a funny girl and very nice. She always helps her friends and she has helped me so much. Laura always listens to me and she gives me good advice when I need her help. I think that Laura is a very pretty girl and she could have many relationships but she is an intelligent girl and she has decided that she doesn't want a boyfriend. Laura wants to be with her friends and to be very happy, and I agree. Laura Furest is a very good friend and I'm happy to be her friend.



Las pruebas de recuperación de inglés pendiente de 3º, 2º y 1º de ESO se realizarán en horario de clase, en las fechas siguientes:
3ºESO: martes, 8 febrero
2ºESO: martes, 15 febrero
1ºESO: martes, 22 febrero

World of Warcraft

By: Pedro Ríos, 1BTO C
I'll talk about my favourite computer game which is World of Warcraft. It is a role playing game to go level up a character you have chosen. There are different kinds of characters like mage, priest, rogue, warlock, paladin, shaman, death knight and hunter. I chose warlock. You can play in different ways, in the official server but you have to pay monthly or you can also play free on private servers, better known as pirate servers but they don't have the same quality as the official one. I recommend this game to all young people to have a good time because it is an extremely fun game and you can interact with people around all the world and fight against them. Give a good use of your computer.



By: Joaquin de Ory, 1BTO D
Fito & Fitipaldis is a Spanish group created in 1998 by Adolfo Cabrales Mato (Fito). At the moment this group is formed by : Fito, Carlos Raya, Javier Alzola, Joserra Semprena, Alejandro Climent (Boli) and Daniel Griffin.
Their music style is a mix of rock, soul, swing etc...
The most successful album was “Por la boca vive el pez” released in September of 2006. In October of 2007 this group received a “Diamond album” for selling more than a million albums.
In 2009 Fito & Fitipaldis published their last album called “Antes de que cuente diez”, which was number one in Spain for several weeks.
My favourite songs are : “Viene y va”, “Acabo de llegar” and “A la luna se le ve el ombligo”.
Last month Fito & Fitipaldis finished their tour “ Antes de que cuente diez”. I went to a concert in Jerez that was incredible.
Finally I think that Fito & Fitipaldis is the best rock and roll band of Spain and the most successful.


The best day of my life

By: Bea López, 1BTO B
I've got a lot of good days in my life, but the best day for me was the day of my birthday. Why?
Because it was amazing.
In the morning I went to the gym with my friend Paloma, and she didn't say : "Happy birthday!".
It was very strange!
When we went to my home, there were a lot of ballons. I didn't understand anything.
I saw a beautiful video about my life with my friends, I cried a lot.
Then, my mum cooked a big cake.
In the afternoon my sister had a surprise for me, my friend Maria, from Seville, was here!
At night, I went with my family to a restaurant, and then I went with my friends to the cinema.
There, they gave me a big present. It was so beautiful.
This day for me was incredible because I was with everybody that I love, my family, my friends...
I took a lot of photos to remember my birthday.
When I see the photos, I smile.




He was born in Belfast on November 29, 1898. When he was four years, his dog Jackie was run over and when he was seven, his family MOVED house. Lewis learned through private teachers, before going to Wynyard School in Watford, in 1908, before the death of his mother because of cancer.

In September 1913, Lewis was enrolled in the Malvern College. With 15 years OLD, he left Christianity and he became an atheist. Then, he and his brother Warnie created the world of Boxen, a world for animals. Lewis loved READING, and his father's house was full of books. In 1917, he began to study in Oxford, where since 1925 he was A professor of English language and literature.

The most famous works of C.S. Lewis are: The ''Space Trilogy'' and The ''Chronicles of Narnia'', a collection of seven fantasy novels consisting of: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Silver Chair, The Horse and his Boy, The Magician's Nephew and The Last Battle.

Nació en Belfast el 29 de noviembre de 1898. Cuando tenía cuatro años, su perro Jackie fue atropellado y cuando tenía siete años, su familia se cambió de casa. Lewis aprendido a través de profesores particulares, antes de ir a la escuela Wynyard en Watford, en 1908, antes de la muerte de su madre debido al cáncer.
En septiembre de 1913, Lewis fue inscrito en el Colegio de Malvern. Con 15 años, abandonó el cristianismo y se convirtió en un ateo. Luego, él y su hermano Warnie crearon el mundo de Boxen, un mundo para los animales. Lewis amaba leer, y la casa de su padre estaba llena de libros. En 1917, comenzó a estudiar en Oxford, donde desde 1925 fue profesor de Lengua y Literatura Inglesa.
Las obras más famosas de C.S. Lewis son las siguientes: La ''Trilogía del Espacio'' y ''Las Crónicas de Narnia'', una colección de siete novelas de fantasía que consiste en: El león, la bruja y el armario, El príncipe Caspian, La Travesía del Viajero del Alba, La Silla de Plata, El Caballo y el Muchacho, El Sobrino del Mago y La Última Batalla.



Información completa AQUÍ


La CONSEJERÍA DE EDUCACIÓN de la junta de Andalucía, ATOUT FRANCE et le Service Culturel de l'Ambassade de France, en collaboration avec l´Office de Tourisme de Montpellier, l’Agence de Développement Touristique de l´Hérault et le Comité Régional du Tourisme du Languedoc-Roussillon organisent un concours dédié aux élèves et professeurs de français.
Les élèves travailleront en équipe, pour un concours actif et participatif qui leur permettra d´approfondir leurs connaissances culturelles et linguistiques.



By; Gonzalo de Ory, 3ESO C
I'm sure that you were young you played with playmobil. Playmobil are one of the most famous toys of the world. They are little toys like humans. They haven't got details, for example, in the face they only have got two little eyes and a smile. The "father of the playmobil" was Hans Beck. He was working designing planes when his manager asked him to develop toys for children. The design was like children's drawings (large head, big smile, without a nose). The toy had the perfect height for children.
In 1974 the toy was shown for the 1st time. The people bought them a lot. In 1975, the toy began to be sold in all the world.
Today, there are a lot of types of playmobil, scenes a zoo, airport, hospital, farm...and more.



By: Pablo González, 1BTO C

It all started with the discontent of the workers, because employers "stole" capital gain.

The next step was about the clash of classes in capitalist society. The history of humanity is the history of the class struggle. The proletariat defeated the bourgeoisie to eliminate private company.

The revolution happened because it was impossible to get the objetives with pacifist ways. The Worker´s Party stablished the dictatorship of the proletariat, creating a just and free society without any economic explotation or political oppression, a society which develops new mode of production without private company.

Without social inequality and social differences, it will disolve the social classes and state. So, the society would be a communism society, a free society, without classes adn a oppressive state.

In my opinion, I think that communism would be the solution to create a more just society. If everybody could act without avarice, I am sure we would be happier.


Michael Jackson

By: Carlos Blanco, 3ESO B
Michael Jackson was born in Gary, in 1958. He was a singer and a dancer, and he was considered `` The King of Pop´´. He had a life with many problems. When he was a child, he had a music group with his siblings, ``The Jacksons 5´´. He was the singer of the group. Then he separated of the group to continue his career, soon he became one of the most famous singers. Michael got married two times, first with Lisa Marie Presley (the daughter of Elvis Presley) and later with Deborah Rowe. Michael had three sons, Prince, Paris and Prince Second. He was one of the most important people in the hisory of pop music. He died in Los Angeles, the 25 th of June, 2009.


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By: Victoria Dos Santos, 3ESO C
Deep Purple was formed in 1968. It was a very important heavy metal and hard rock band. The components are Lan Guillan; the singer, Jon Lord; the organist, Lan Paice on the drums, Roger Blover the bassist and my dear Blackmore the guitarist. I love Deep Purple but I’m only going to talk about Blackmore He is one of my favorite guitarists. He invented the taping technique. He wanted to perform in concerts but he couldn’t because he had a degenerative disease. It’s very sad that a star like him can’t play the guitar for things like this but we’ll always have the memories about him.



Nowadays, it is very important that you can speak other language besides your mother tongue. In my opinion, English is the best of all, because it is spoken by a lot of people in other countries. But, how can we learn this language?
In Spain, we take English classes at Primary School and at Secondary School, but when we finish the last course, it is strange that we can speak English. For example, when I was young, I studied English for at least eight years. But, in spite of studying a lot of hours, I can’t speak English now.
Why does it happen? I think that the method that my teacher used to teach us was not right, we only studied grammar and vocabulary and we never practised speaking, we never listened to a real conversation with ‘cassette’ (when I studied there were not CDs) and we never saw a film in English. Now, I feel: what a pity! If I had practised speaking more, I could have spoken English almost perfectly now. However, I have to study this language again.
Fortunately, things are changing. Now, there are some English teachers that compel their students to speak, to read and to write in English. They offer them a lot of means so that they can learn English properly. So, I am going to let me give an advice to students that visit this web: pay attention to your teacher and take advantage of all means that he offers to you, so when you are adult you will not have to study English again, like I have to do it now.

Isabel is a maths teacher in a secondary school in La Línea (Cádiz). She is very interesting in improving her English, so she started attending the language school there. When she was a teenager, she was a student of San Luis Gonzaga. At present, her two children are studyin here, one is in 4th ESO and the other is in 5th Primary.