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Si eres alumno de Formación Profesional, estudiante de un Ciclo Formativo de Grado Superior, y tienes pensado acceder a la Universidad, estás de enhorabuena: el Ministerio de Educación, a través del BOE, acaba de publicar una Orden que permite a los alumnos de FP mejorar su nota de admisión a la Universidad, presentándose (voluntariamente) a la fase específica de la prueba de acceso, ampliando así su ventaja con respecto a los alumnos de Bachillerato.
Para que un alumno de bachillerato obtenga un 10 en la nota de admisión, necesita sacar un 10 de media en Bachillerato (60% de la nota de admisión) y un 10 en la fase general de selectividad (40% de la nota de admisión).
Para que un alumno de FP obtenga un 10 en la nota de admisión, necesita sacar un 10 de media en el Ciclo Formativo de Grado Superior correspondiente, sin necesidad de hacer prueba alguna de selectividad.
Para mejorar sus notas de admisión, los alumnos de Bachillerato (y ahora también los de FP gracias al nuevo decreto) podrán presentarse a la prueba específica de la selectividad, con la que podrán conseguir hasta 4 puntos adicionales extra.
Acceso directo a la Orden AQUÍ



Consulta AQUÍ el texto integro de la Orden ministerial.

John Lennon

By: Victoria Dos Santos, 3ESO C
John Lennon was born in October 9th, 1940. When he was four years old his parents separated and he ended up living with his aunt Mimi. At school he made The Beatles. The Beatles were very important in music history. He got married to Cintya Powell and Yoko Ono. He had two children: Julyan and Seam Lennon. He died at the age of 40 in December 8th, 1980 in New York. He was killed. Mrk David Chapman murdered him. many people cryed for him. He has very popular songs; for example: Help, Imagine, Just like, Jealous guy, Mind games, etc.


My future

By: Candela González, 1BTO B

When I was younger, I wanted to be a vet, a firewoman and a princess. But now, when someone asks me: “what would you like to study?” or “what job do you like?” I always answer that I want to study medicine.

I think I say that because my mother, my aunt and my cousin are a doctors and my grandfather was a doctor, but I really don’t know what I want to do.

I like helping people, I like investigation and, definitely, I like sciences… but on the other hand, I don’t know if I will be able to get so excellent marks. What’s more, there are many kinds of doctors.

I’m not really decided about what I’m going to study, but it doesn’t matter. I have time enough to decide and my marks will tell me!


By: Julio Jimenez, 1BTO B

I´m going to talk about how I got fond of the Twilight saga.

Before the Twilight´s movie was released in the cinemas, my sister had bought the book but she had never read it. When the movie was released, my sister asked me to watch it so we did. Some days before, I asked her: Have you already read the book? She hadn´t done it, so I started having curiosity and I read the first chapter. That was the worst thing I could do, because when you read a Stephenie Meyer´s book you can´t stop. When I finished Twilight, I looked for New Moon and I read it in less than one week.

While I was reading these two books I decided to stop reading this saga because I think that they are girls' books. I couldn´t stop, so I looked for the way of reading Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, then some chapter of Midnight Sun.

Now, after this time, I have read three times the complete saga.


By: Raquel Martinez, 1BTO B
I'm going to talk about Internet:
Internet has changed the world in the xx century. In my opinion Internet is very important for our lives because people can look for some information easily and they communicate with other people. Before Internet was invented, people communicated with the telephone and they looked for some information in books. On the other hand, books are safer and they are also funny. Everyday I use internet to chat with my friends, to listen to music, to look for information to do my homework, to download things and to play computer games. All in all, I think that Internet is the best invention because is very simple and funny and people communicate with other people quickly.



By: Lucía Biensoba, 1BTO C

If you want to help to save the planet,there are many simple things we can do at home.

Firstly,you mustn't throw old newspapers away.Give them to a recycling company to make new paper.

Secondly, put empty bottles in a bottle bank to save glass.Furthermore ,you can recycle plastic bags that have already been used.

On the other hand,we must learn to save energy.For instance,we should take a shower instead of a bath and turn lights off when we are not using them.

As I see it,nowadays there are too many cars and factories in our towns,therefore,pollution is also an important problem we should try to solve.

In conclusion, I am sure we can all help to protect the environment and save the planet.We must be just a little more responsible and do these useful things.



By: Pablo Sordo, 1BTO D

Asturias is a community in Spain. It’s in the north of this country and it has one million of residents. In Asturias there’re many mountains. It’s a very green place full of forests. The most common tree is oak. The weather in Asturias is cold all the year and it’s always raining.

People there love sidra. Sidra is a special drink of Asturias. People pour sidra, from the top of the head to the glass near the waist. Carbayon is a famous sweet of Asturias.

The most important cities in Asturias are Gijón and Oviedo. Gijón is a city near the see and it has a big port. Oviedo is a beautiful city and it is the capital, there’re a lot of big buildings. They look like palaces. These two cities are so different but both are wonderful.



By: Agustín Álvarez, 1BTO D

Recovery is the new name of the seventh album of Eminem. In Spanish it means “recuperación”. At first it was going to be named Relapse 2 but then it was changed to Recovery. The album was released on 18th of June of 2010 by Interscope Records. The album has sold more than 5 million copies all over the world.

The album is quite different of his last albums, this album has emotional lyrics.

Some important singers like Rihanna, Kobe or Lil Wayne have collaborated in it.

The hits of the album are: Not Afraid, No love and Love the way you lie.

The songs that I like the most are: Space Bound, 25 to life and You´re never over, in this song he talks about how he feels after the death of his friend, Proof.



By: Luis Benitez, 1BTO B

I´m going to tell you about our final school´s trip last year.

Last year, we went on a cruise around the Mediterranean.

We departed the 4th of April and we returned the 11th of April.

The trip cost seven hundred thirty five Euros. We visited Montecarlo, Florence, Rome, Napoli and Tunisia.

The cruise was incredible, it had a lot of things, for example, it had two swimming pools, where we had moments; gyms, discos, where we danced all night; karaoke and library, where we didn´t go.

In my opinion the best city was Rome because it had lots of monuments like the Coliseum, and Montecarlo because it was very rich city.

For me, the cruise was the best trip that I have done in my life.


Last week...

By: Mara Espinosa, 3ESO B
Last week I was on a boat.
I was with my family and my friends , we were fishing.
My friend, Marta, swam with my little cousin near the boat, and they caught a fish which was next to them.
It was a magnificent day.
Then we were eating in a forest and we saw two ducks on the floor.
At four o'clock we fell asleep.
At half past five we went to the beach and my father drove the car, and we were in my house at seven o'clock.
I would like to go to the beach again.


By: Brenda Maldonado, 3ESO C
Well, I'm going to talk about the friends I had to leave behind. I had many but I'll only talk about a couple. Leaving them behind was a hard thing to do & I found it impossible at first but I did it. I still talk to them but it's not the same. Knowing I can't see them all the time is what gets to me. I used to be with them all the time, we'd hang out & just be ourselves. Things here aren't the same. The people here just want to have fun and don't care for much. They don't take things so seriously and don't think as much.
Briley was my best friend. She's adopted & from China. We have the same age, 14. My day would consiste of waking up and having a call from her. We would tell eachother just about everything. Things with her are just so easy and simple. We'd laugh about everything & anything. Her parents would think of me as another child of there own. At school we had different classes & it sucked but I'd still see her in the hallways & we had office together. I remember that she had just had a baby brother named Eli when I had to leave. It upset me knowing I wasn't going to be able to see him grow up.
Corey & Daniel were just like Chip & Dale. They would always make me laugh & have a good time. They would do stupid things yet you know you could trust them with anything. I remember they would come every morning to hang out with me and everyone. Katie and Frances were always there for me, they were both very calm. Gwen was the crazy one. They were all very different and special in their own way. I miss all of them so much & my life is not the same without them. One day I'll get to see them again, so I'll be fine for now.



By: Andrés Mora, 1BTO C
I think that my friends are the best friends of the world. I´m going to write about them.
In the first place, I´m going to write about Kiko, my best friend, the number one.
He´s a very good person because he always helped me, when I had a problem
He´s the best and I love HIM so much
In the second place, I´m going to write about Abrahama and Jesuliki.
They´re big persons because with them always everything is fun.
And in third, to finish, I´m going to write about Silvia and Cristina.
Silvia is my best friend (the girl) and Cristina is my girlfriend.
They are the best!


by: Gonzalo Renedo, 3ESO B
Skateboarding is a very dangerous, the tricks are very difficult and I broke my ankle while I was skating. You can skate in the vert or in the street, I do both, but I do more street than vert. There are a lot of tricks and jumping with the skate is a trick, it's name is ollie. In some places the police ban us skating and we disclose, because skateboarding is not a crime. This sport is very tiring.


My First Impression of Bachiller

By: A student in 1BTO
I'm going to talk about my first impression of bachiller. When I arrived to school on 15st of September I didn't feel nervous as usually. LotS of new people came from other schools and they are all kind. I am very happy with my class but I have been separated of my old friends.
Most of my teachers are the same ones but I realise the level is going up every day and I try to study the best I can. The subjects that for me are more difficult are Economy, History and Language. The first Language exam is about four units and I am very afraid. I don't understand how teachers can say we must study every day, it is impossible for me! I have to do homework, I have to go to the academy and I don't have free time but I recognise that I could work harder...
Well, I'm always thinking in passing bachiller, it is my wish now.




By: Sara Zarzuela, 1BTO A

Leonardo DiCaprio was born on November 11, 1974. He was born in Los Angeles, California. His mother was called Irmelin, and his father was called George DiCaprio.

He is an actor and American film producer. His first role in a comedy was in Growing Pains. His most famous film was Titanic. He acted as Jack Dawson. Titanic became the most famous film of all time and it won 11 Oscar. He has acted in other films as Romeo and Juliet, Blood Diamond and Origin, including others. In Blood Diamond, he was nominated for an Oscar for the best actor.

He has received many awards and the most important was a Golden Globe Award for the best actor. He has won a Silver Bear, a Chlotrudis Award and a Satellite Award, including others.

He has acted in 27 films and the most famous were Titanic, Blood Diamond and Origin. Origin was the last film in which he acted.

My Life

By: Eugenio Robles, 3ESO B
Hello, my name is Eugenio. I am fourteen years old. I was born 4th of April, 1996 in El Puerto de Santa Maria. I am studying in SAFA San Luis school. My favourite subject is mathematics although it is very difficult. My family is very small and. My aunt lives in London since 2002 and my cousin is studying in Cordoba since last year.
My favourite sport is football and I practise it every day. My favourite team is FC Barcelona because it is the best team of the world and my favourite football player is Andres Hiniesta. I talked about him in my last speech.


Lady Gaga

By: Marina García, 1BTO A
I like so much Stefani Joane, she is an American pop singer, musical composer, pianist, dancer and eccentric clothes' designer. She is know as Lady Gaga.
Although it's strange, Lady Gaga studied at a Catholic school, and later, at a school of art at New York University Tisch, but in the second year of her studies, she left the school to start her musical career.
I like all of her songs because you can feel the music and listen TO IT everywhere in the radio, pubs, shopping centreS...
My favourite songs are the songs of the radio,for example: "Poker Face","Just Dance","Telephone"(Gaga sings with Beyoncé),"Bad Romance","Paparazzi" and her last single "Alejandro".
I love Lady Gaga because she is a different singer and her clothes are amazing.



By: Lucia Puget, 1BTO A
Many people think sport is good, but they don't really know all its positive effects. It prevents the obesity, you meet new friends, you organize your time better and its improves your state of mind. Many parents believe that their children spend too long time playing football, basketball, tennis... but they forget the experiences which their children live: they travel with their friends and they know new places, they learn to share and to be connected with other people. I like sport, and I practice basketball and it makes me feel good. When I have to study, I train and I clear my mind. In my opinion, every sport is good, but I recommend a team sport.


Advantages and disadvantages of doing sport

By: Javier Fernandez, 1BTO B
I’m going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of doing sport. First of all, I think that doing sport is very positive and there aren’t any disadvantages. On the one hand, sport is good to prepare our body. If you do sport twice a week you can be very healthy. There are a lot of sports, and you can find your favorite. If you are very fast, you can do athletics, if you are strong, you can do rugby...

On the other hand, a person that practices a lot of sport can get hurt. In the majority of sports, you can break parts of your legs or arms. Another point is the number of dead people in sports. As time goes by there are more people who die doing sport however there are more people who are doing sport.

It seems to me that sport is the best way to be healthy and it is a good way to make friends and also meet people.



By: Pablo Herrera, 1BTO B

The Simpsons is an American animated television series created by Matt Groening. This series is about an American family that is formed by:

Homer (the father), works as a safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. He is married to Marge Simpson a stereotypical American housewife and mother. They have three children: Lisa, Bart and Maggie.

Bart is a very bad boy and he doesn´t like school. He is always playing with a skate and a slingshot.

Lisa is a very good girl and student. She likes playing the saxophone and she is a young activist.

Maggie is the baby of the family; she is very funny because she has a pacifier in her mouth.

Snowball is the cat and Santa´s little helper is the dog.

In his free time Homer goes to Moe´s bar to drink Duff´s beer and he likes bowling with his friends Carl and Lenny.

Bart likes watching a TV animated series called ``Scratches and Bites´´. He behaves as a very bad boy but he is a really good boy.

Finally, I tell you that if you like laughing, you have to watch this series because it has also a hidden message.



By: Sara Vega, 1BTO C
The JOB is the young performer's orchestra of the bicentenary. It started in the summer of 2010 an it is consisted of young musicians of all province of Cádiz that were chosen by an aptitude test; they wanted a minimum level doing those tests.

I'm in this orchestra; it is conducted by the soloists of London and they are: Matthew Coman, David le Page, Simon Lewis, Jane Fenton and Leo Payne. We meet in Alcalá de los Gazules and it last five or seven days. We rehearse seven hours every day and the last day we do the concert. This christmas we will do a concert in Melilla. We will play typical plays of christmas.

In my opinion I think that it is a great oportunity for those young people that want to be great musicians, and although we must work too hard, we are in a fantastic environment and we enjoy ourselves!



By: Paloma Villanueva, 1BTO C
Greenpinkgreen is a funny program created by Victor Roselló. He is my friend and the cousin of my friend.He likes the cameras, photos, films and documentaries.... He wants to be very famous in the future. The program was made famous thanks to his video and photos in his house. Everyboby said that he and his projeCts were very interesting.Then he decided to make a program with his ideas, called "Greenpinkgreen".
The first time that I watched it, I thought that was very funny. In one of this videos he interviewed many people in the chinamen´s shop and in others he asked people in the street about the soul.
In my opinion he is a great interviewer and I think that it´s a good hobby.
Victor good luck.



By: Joaquin de Ory, 1BTO D

Auschwitz are a group of concentration and extermination camps. They were built and operated in polish areas during the second world war.

This was the largest of the German concentration camps. It consists of Auschwitz I (base camp), Auschwitz II (extermination camp), Auschwitz III (labor camp).

They are situated on the west of Krakow.

Approximately, between 1,5 million an 2,5 million of persons were killed, in the mayority jews and gypsies.

At the entrance of Auschwitz I, we can see: “ Arbeit macht frei”, that means: “ Work makes us free”, which was the slogan.

For me, it is the saddest place I have ever been, because there you can see the glasses, bags, cosmetics…. of the jews and gypsies.


My Xmas

By: Cristina Vargas, 1BTO C

This year, my Christmas are going to be very different.

In the last ones, I had dinner with my family at my uncle’s house. In the morning of December the 24th, I and my cousins used to perform plays, but I was smaller.

All the members of my family took different types of food. After dinner, we sang carols and we played lotS of games. When I came back, it was very late.

But this year is going to be different. I am going to a house in Grazalema. I hope that IT snows because, I like a lot the snow. We will make a snowman and we will fight with snowballs. It will be fantastic. I hope Christmas´ day will be the best day.

The Lakers

By: Sergio Pérez, 3ESO B

Mi favourite basketball team is The Lakers.The Lakers plays in the National Basketball Association(N.B.A).The Lakers won five championships.It's was founded in 1946 and its team's colour are purple,gold and white.

My favourite players are Kobe Bryand and Pau Gasol. Kobe Bryant is a player of The Lakers and he is a good player because he is fast and he is a good shooter,he is a basketball star.Pau Gasol is a player of The Lakers,he is very tall and slow but he is a good player , and he won two gold rings.


Asking Alexandria

By: Alain Noriega, 1BTO D
Asking Alexandria is a British band with 5 members. Their music style is ''post-hardcore''. It mixes ''electro'' and ''techno'' music with ''metalcore'' and ''deathcore'' music. This style is similar as the bands ''The Devil Wears Prada'' or ''Enter Shikari'' styles. The first album of Asking Alexanria was good, but the last album was the most succesful.
They have participated in a lot of international tours, and the next year they are coming to Spain! The 21st January they are playing in Barcelona, and 22nd January they are playing at ''Sala Live'' in Madrid, and I'm going to see them! I hope they could sign me in my t-shirt!
They said that a new album called ''Reckless and Relentless'' will be released at the end of 2010 - beginning 2011.
They have
only released one music video of the song ''The Final Episode [Let's Change The Channel]

Pride and Prejudice

By: Javier Zarzuela, 1BTO B

The Bennett’s family lived in Hertfordshire, the daughters were: Jane, Elisabeth, Mary, Kitty and Lydia. Mr. Bingley came to the town with her sister and his best friend: Mr. Darcy.

Elisabeth Bennett had a cousin called Mr. Collins who asked her to marry with him and she said him no so he asked to Elisabeth’s best friend Charlotte Lucas to marry with him.

Jane fell in love with Mr. Bingley but he returned to London with his sister. Elisabeth went to Lake’s District with her aunt and her uncle. In the travel they went to Derbyshire and they visited Pemberly, Darcy’s house.

Finally Elisabeth married with Darcy and Jane with Bingley.


El Puerto de Santa María

By: Marta Troncoso, 1BTO B
El Puerto de Santa María is a small city situated in the South of Spain, in Andalusia. It´s the place where I was born and where I live.
The weather is good during all the year. It has a medium temperature of about 25ºC.
I think that the best season is the summer, because El puerto is a coast area and we can go to the beach. About that, it´s an ideal place for the tourists, they can enjoy with the sun during the day and at night, there are a lot of bars with terraces where they can have good wines.
In El Puerto, there are interesting places to see, like the Castle of San Marcos, the bullring, the Prioral Church and some of the palace houses that remain from century XV, (American discovery).
Too, you can enjoy sailing in the bay in the "vaporcito".


By: Lorena Ocaña, 1BTO C
In my opinion, your personal look is too important nowadays.
Everybody wishes to look like models, singers or actress who are usually very beautiful and slim.
On the one hand, young girls, stop eating some food or even take pills to lose weight quickly and they have problems in their lives.
On the other hand the clothes you find in shops are always very tight.
As I see it, designers don´t think of these people who can´t wear this kind of clothes and many young girls feel depressed when they try on small t-shirts or short skirts.
Finally you don´t have to worry about your physical appearance, although you should practise some sports and have healthier food in order to feel better.