Will Smith

By: Manuel Paloma, 1BTO D
He was born on September 25 th , 1968 in Philadelphia. He is an American rapper, he won a Grammy award. Then, he was part of Jazzy Jeff and the fresh prince. Over time, he became more popular, and he starred in the television series: “ the Fresh prince of Bel-air”.
Tania More was his girlfriend but, in 1992, he married actress Sheree Smith, but eventually he divorced in 1995. Finally, he married with Jad Pinkett Smith, and they had a son.
Smith started in Hollywood, and his first film was “bad boys”. He made a movie. And it was called “Ali”. Thanks to this, he won the Oscar for best actor.


Jane Austen

By: Alicia Martín, 1BTO C

Jane Austen was born in Steventon, in 1775. She was the Seventh sister, because she had eight brothers. Jane Austen went to different schools in Oxford, Southampton and Reading.

Her father wanted a good education for his daughter.

At the time she was in Steventon, she wrote these novels ` Northanger Abbey´ , `Sense and Sensibility´ and `Pride and Prejudice´. These novels were not published at the moment, they were published later.

When she was twenty-five years old, her family travelled to Bath, because her father wanted to stop working and he wanted to spend all his life there.

In 1809, her family travelled near Alton, again. Jane Austen was very calm there. She wrote `Monsfield Park´. This novel was published in 1814 and ´Emma´ in 1815. Jane Austen died in 1817, and she didn´t finish her novel ´Sanditon´ regrettably.




Nowadays, it is obvious that English has turned into a universal language. Many people from different countries already speak it. In my opinion, in our country the level of English at schools is not high enough because students are not interested in it. They don´t understand that it is essential for their future and their parents don’t seem to mind.
It is true that in the past , English wasn´t as useful as it is now it. Maybe, the globalization is one of the reasons which explains why English is so important. But the cause doesn´t matter. The fact is that we need it for our lives. An example that we can find is when we are looking for a job. In that sense, it is really necessary.
I think that we must find resources in our daily life to learn more English. We could watch English films, read English books or speak English at school. There are many resources.
In conclusion, there are many aspects to improve in this sense.




Poland is a country in central Europe with a population of over 38 million inhabitants. Their coin is the zloty. The equivalence with our coin is:  one euro = four zloties. In Poland the weather is cold all year round especially in winter, when you can get temperatures of even minus 25ºC.  The capital is Warsaw and its second most important city, Cracow. They are both beautiful cities, but Cracow has older and more impressive buildings for a simple reason: it wasn’t as unfortunate as the capital during the Second World War. People in Poland tend to be a bit serious and sometimes even a bit unhappy, especially in big cities. This is probably because of the weather; it’s often hard to see the sun shining in the sky! Despite this all Polish people are well known for their hospitality, especially in the countryside or in small villages; I can assure this from my own experience.


'El Internado' is a Spanish TV programme IN 'Antena 3'. It started on May, 2007 and it finished ON 13th October, 2010. There are seven seasons and each season has a lot of chapters. There are different characters and they have personal stories and one common story: Marcos, who is the main character; Ivan, who is very stubborn; Julia, who is Ivan's girlfriend. She can see ghosts; Viqui, who loveS computers and she knows a lot about them; Roque, who is part of the friends group, but he was playing false them; Carol, who was murdered by Roque when she discovered that he was playing false them. 
Apart from these characters, there are other characters AS Elsa, the school's director; Fermin and Rebeca, two spies, but theY lie and say that they are teachers. There are criminals who try to invent a new virus that can kill a person in two days, so they can sell the medicines and become rich.

'El Internado' es un programa de televisión de 'Antena 3'. Empezó en mayo de 2007 y acabó el 13 de octubre de 2010. Hay siete temporadas y en cada temporada tiene muchos capítulos. Hay diferentes personajes que tienen historias personales y una historia común. Marcos, que es el protagonista; Iván, que es muy cabezota; Julia, que es la novia de Iván. Ella puede ver fantasmas; Viqui, que le encantan los ordenadores y sabe mucho sobre ellos; Roque, que es parte del grupo de amigos, pero el está traicionándolos; Carol, que fue asesinada por Roque cuando ella descubrió que los estaba traicionando. 
A parte de estos personajes, hay otros como Elsa, la directora del colegio; Fermín y Rebeca, dos espías, pero ellos mienten y dicen que son profesores. Hay criminales que intentan inventar un nuevo virus que puede matar a una persona en dos días, así que ellos pueden vender las medicinas y ser ricos.


It's a sport played on a basketball court WITH a ball. In this sport, play five players and it's a contact sport. A match lasts 40 minutes and it was invented by James Naismith, a Canadian physical education teacher. A match should be directed BY a referee, and there are different TYPES of violations. During the game of basketball you can be: base, escort, eaves, ala-pivot and pivot. Each one of them has a diferent function. The base directs the offensive game of his team. The escort must score points with good releases. The eaves combines speed with strengh. The ala-pivot supports the pivot and the pivot plays around the basket. The players have an equipment, this is: a t-shirt, shorts, shoes and socks. The score is: free throws are worth one point, throws inside the triple line are worth two points and throws in the triple line are worth three points.
Es un deporte que se juega en una cancha de baloncesto con una pelota. En este deporte, juegan cinco jugadores y es un deporte de contacto. Un partido dura 40 minutos y fue inventado por James Naismith, un profesor canadiense de educación física. Un partido debe ser dirigido por un árbitro, y hay diferentes tipos de violaciónes. Durante el partido de baloncesto puedes ser: base, escolta, alero, ala pívot y pívot. Cada uno de ellos tiene una función diferente. El base dirige el juego ofensivo de su equipo. El escolta debe sumar puntos con los lanzamientos buenos. El alero combina velocidad con fuerza. El ala-pívot apoya al pívot y el pívot juega cerca del aro. Los jugadores tienen un equipo, este es: una camiseta, pantalones cortos, zapatos y calcetines. La puntuación es: tiros libres valen un punto, lanza dentro de la línea de triple valen dos puntos y tiros en la línea de triple valen tres puntos.



Do you know Germany? But maybe you know that some SAFA's students went there a few weeks ago. We stayed at our German partner's home for ten days. We were in Michelstad, a town near Heidelberg, to the South of Frankfurt. 
We had to go to School with our partners, school is so different in Germany! They can choose if they want to study in German or in English, imagine studYing Economics or History in English! Their school is really big, and, like us, they have workshops: electricity, car mechanics, carpentry... but the most interesting one was the ivory carving workshop. 
Moreover, we visited Heidelberg and Frankfurt and we went to Schmucker'sa beer brewery (and we could try different kinds of German beer!). One of the most exciting activiIES was going to Kletterpark, an amazing climbing park in a forest. During those days, there were festivals in some villages of that area, so we had the chance to go to the Wine Festival and to another one which was inspired in the beach. There, we ate the typical German sausages, which are delicious! 
In conclusion, this has been a perfect opportunity for us to know another culture, improve our English and make a lot of new friends, so what are you waiting for to go on a student exchange? 

Taylor Swift

By; Eugenia Espejo, 1BTO B

She is an American singer and she is known as ‘The queen of country music’. She was born in Wyomissin, Pensilvania in 1989. Her favourite artist is Justin Timberlake.

She is like the ideal girl model for almost all the boys beacuse she is tall, beautiful, nice, blond and she has got blue eyes. But honestly, I think she is a little sappy and over-sweet because in her songs everything ends well. Even sad songs like ‘White Horse’ , ‘Picture to burn’ or ‘Teardrops on My Guitar’ , which are about heartaches and teenagers problems, have got a nice ending and this doesn’t happen as well in the real life.

But I think it is sometimes nice to hear stories with fairytale endings when you are a teenager because you can relax and only think of beautiful stories. For example you can dream listening the songs : ‘Love Story’ , ‘Mine’, ‘You belong with me’...


The Bing Bang Theory is an American sitcom that started on 2007. It tells us the life of two geniuses -Leonard and Sheldon- that work at a university.
They have a special feature: they're really geek!
One day, a pretty blond girl moves to the apartment next to theirs, and Leonard immediately falls in love with her. This girl's name is Penny.
She works as a waitress, but her real aspiration is to become an actress.
There are two more characters: Howard and Raj. Howard is a Jewish man who lives with his loud-voiced mother. Raj is an Indian man with a problem - he can't speak to women unless he's drunk!
The series starts with Penny's moving. Leonard tries to flirt with her whenever he can, inviting her to have lunch in his apartment, to play paintball, etc. So, this is how Penny becomes a great friend of them all. Everytime she goes into Leonard's apartment, she gets impressed by the geek things they do. They dress up like comic book's characters, they make robots and they even do physics experiments! They also talk in a really strange way, so Penny doesn't usually understand them.
Do you want to know if Penny and Leonard will finally go out?
And do you want to laugh with the crazy things these men do?
Then don't hesitate and watch Big Bang Theory!

The Big Bang Theory es una comedia americana que comenzó en 2007. Nos cuenta la vida de dos genios (Leonard y Sheldon) que trabajan en una
universidad. Tienen una peculiaridad: ¡son muy frikis!
Un día, una chica rubia y guapa se muda al apartamento junto al suyo, y Leonard se enamora inmediatamente de ella. Su nombre es Penny.
Es una camarera, aunque su verdadera aspiración es llegar a ser una actriz.
Hay dos personajes más: Howard y Raj. Howard es un judío que vive con su madre gritona. Raj es un indio con un problema: ¡no puede hablar
con las mujeres a no ser que esté borracho!
La serie empieza con la mudanza de Penny. Leonard intenta ligar con ella cada vez que puede, invitándola a comer a su piso, a jugar al paintball, etc.
Así es como Penny se convierte en una gran amiga de ellos.
Cada vez que entra en el apartamento de Leonard, se queda impresionada por las cosas tan frikis que hacen. Se visten como personajes de cómic, fabrican
robots, ¡e incluso hacen experimentos de física! También hablan de una manera muy rara, así que Penny no les suele entender.
¿Quieres saber si Penny y Leonard acabarán saliendo?
¿Y quieres reírte con las cosas tan locas que hacen?
¡Entonces no te lo pienses y mira Big Bang Theory!



McDonald's is a chain of restaurants. Its main products are hamburguers, sandwiches and chips. They ALSO have breakfast menus, like coffee and they have recently added salads and fruit.
Apart from this, a positive thing they have is that in every restaurant they have children's areas.
They serve 47 million people everyday and in 2010, McDonald's is present in 199 countries and territories around the world. It has 31.000 restaurants that EMPLOYS over 1,5 million people.
In 1949, Mcdonald's brothers, called Dick and Mac, decided to create the company. 8 years later, they introduced fast food but it was not until 1955 when they founded their first franchise.
Fast food has created many problems because it contains too much fat. It is called JUNK food for the few nutrients that contribute to the organism. However, some nutritionists beliEve that it can be part of a diverse diet.
In Spain, a specialist says that you can eat everything but in a moderate way and he also says that the most important thing is a varied diet. Apart from this, in my opinion, Mcdonald's is an extraordinary restaurant if you know where the limit is, so be careful!
McDonald's es una cadena de restaurantes.Sus principales productos son hamburguesas, sandwiches y patatas fritas. Ellos también tienen menus para el desayuno, como café y han añadido recientemente ensaladas y frutas.
Aparte de esto, una cosa positiva que tienen es que en cada restaurante tienen áreas para los niños.
Ellos sirven a 47 millones de personas todos los dias y en 2010, estan presentes en 199 paises y territorios alrededor del mundo.Tiene 31.000 restaurantes que dan empleo a más de 1,5 millones de personas.
En 1949, los hermanos McDonald, llamados Dick y Mac, decidieron crear la compañia. 8 años después, ellos introdujeron la cómida rápida pero no fue hasta 1955 cuando fundaron su primera franquicia.
La cómida rápida ha creado numerosos problemas, porque contiene mucha grasa. Es llamada "comida basura" por los pocos nutrientes que aporta al organismo. Sin embargo, algunos nutricionistas creen que puede formar parte de una dieta variada.
En España, un especialista dice que puedes de todo pero de forma moderada y también dice que la cosa más importante es llevar una dieta variada. Aparte de eso, en mi opinión, McDonald's es un restaurante extraordinario si sabes donde está el límite, asi que ten cuidado!


Robert Geoffrey Edwards has been awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in medicine or physiology, due to his achievements in infertility treatments, and in the development of human in vitro fertilization (IVF) therapy.
Edwards is an English biologist who was born IN MANCHESTER (ENGLAND) on 27 September 1925. He studied biology at the University of Wales, once the Second War was, IN WHICH he fought as a soldier, was over. In the 1950s, he started investigating about the possibility of accomplishing fertilization of human egg cells in test tubes. With the help of a gynaecologist colleague, Dr. Patrick Steptoe, the first test tube baby was born on 25 July, 1978: Lesley and John Brown, who had been trying to have a baby for nine years, finally had a little girl called Louise Brown. Since then, four million babies worldwide have been conceived by this technique. Together, they founded the Bourn Hall Clinic, the world’s first IVF centre.
It is a reality that more than the 10 percent of all couples are infertile, and this can be a lifelong psychological trauma. But today, thanks to both scientists, the procedure is used in 3 percent of all live births in developed countries. It is a really safe and effective therapy, and many studies have shown that test tube children are as healthy as natural birth children.
Robert Edwards is currently A professor emeritus at the University of Cambridge and today, his vision is a reality and brings joy to infertile people all over the world.
Robert Geoffry Edwards ha sido galardonado con el Premio Nobel 2010 en medicina o fisiología, debido a sus logros en tratamientos de esterilidad y en el desarrollo de la terapia de fecundación in vitro .
Edwards es un biólogo inglés que nació el 27 de Septiembre de 1925, en Manchester (Inglaterra). Estudió biología en la Universidad de Gales una vez que la Segunda Guerra Mundial finalizó, en la cual luchó como soldado. En los 50, empezó a investigar sobre la posibilidad de conseguir la fecundación de un óvulo humano en tubos de ensayo. Con la ayuda de un ginecólogo, su colega el doctor Patrick Steptoe, el primer bebé probeta nació el 25 de Julio de 1978 : Lesley y John Brown, que habían estado intentando tener un bebé durante nueve años, por fin tuvieron una niña llamada Louise Brown. Desde entonces, cuatro millones de bebés en todo el mundo han sido concevidos gracias a esta técnica. Juntos, fundaron la clínica Bourn Hall, el primer centro de fecundación in vitro en todo el mundo.   Es una realidad que más del 10 porciento de todas las parejas son estériles, y esto puede ser una trauma psicológico de por vida. Pero hoy, gracias a ambos científicos, el procedimiento se usa en el 3 porciento de los nacimientos en países desarrollados. Es una terapia muy segura y efectiva, y muchos estudios han mostrado que los bebés probeta están tan sanos como los concevidos naturalmente.   Robert Edwards es actualmente profesor emérito en la Universidad de Cambridge y hoy, su visión es una realidad y trae felicidad a parejas estériles en todo el mundo.



“Naruto” is a series created by Masahi Kishimoto that talks about the story of a young boy called Naruto Uzumaki, who is a ninja, and wants to be the Hokage of the village (the biggest range and responsibility of a ninja).
Naruto is a special boy; he’s really hyperactive and unpredictable. That’s because this animated character is always SURPRISING ALL HIS FRIENDS. Naruto ALSO has a power that nobody has. When he was only a baby, the Hokage introduced inside him the power of a nine-tails fox; a Kyubi, that attacked and murdered a lot of people. The consequence of that power made everyone reject Naruto in the future.
At twelve years old, Naruto started studying in a ninja’s academy, where he MET new people, like Sakura and Sasuke, his best friends.
Out of the city, there’re many battles with other ninjas who WANT to get the absolute power and destroy the world. Will Naruto save the world? Will he be the future Hokage?
The writer, Masahi Kishimoto hasn’t finished writing the chapters, but he has sold the comic to Hayato Date, who has published the story like a TV program.
Nowadays, “Naruto” is known in all the countries in the world.

"Naruto" es una serie creada por Masahi Kishimoto que habla sobre la historia de un muchacho jóven llamado Naruto Uzumaki, que es un ninja, y quiere ser el Hokage del pueblo (el rango más grande y la responsabilidad de un ninja). Naruto es un chico especial; él es realmente hiperactivo e imprevisible. Esta es la razón de que este peronaje animado está siempre sorprendiendo a todos sus amigos. También, Naruto tiene un poder que nadie tiene. Cuando él era sólo un bebé, el Hokage introdujo dentro de él el poder de un zorro de nueve colas; un Kyubi, que atacó y asesinó a mucha gente. La consecuencia de aquel poder, hizo que todo el mundo rechazara a Naruto en el futuro.  A los doce años, Naruto comenzó a estudiar en la academia de un ninja, donde él conoció a gente nueva, como a Sakura y Sasuke, sus  mejores amigos. Fuera de la ciudad, hay muchas batallas con otros ninjas que quieren conseguir el poder absoluto y destruir el mundo. ¿Podrá Naruto salvar el mundo? ¿Será él el futuro Hokage?  El escritor, Masahi Kishimoto no ha terminado de escribir los capítulos, pero él ha vendido al cómico a Hayato Date, que ha publicado la historia como un programa de televisón. Hoy en día, "Naruto" es conocido en todos los países en el mundo.


Have you ever seen a t-shirt with the words “Hard Rock” written?
There are a lot of these t-shirts, and a lot of people think that they’re of a brand called ‘Hard Rock’. But they’re wrong. What’s Hard Rock?
The Hard Rock Cafe is a restaurant chain founded by Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton. There, you can eat delicious hamburgers, potatoes, chicken wings… but you can eat that kind of food in every hamburger restaurant. So, why is Hard Rock famous and different from other hamburger restaurants? Because of the decoration. The Hard Rock café is not decorated like a ordinary restaurant. In its walls, you can find autographs, clothes, guitars and a lot of things that belonged to famous rock stars. For example, you can find an autograph of Pink Floid in the Hard Rock of Warsaw. The food is delicious too, but don’t wait for little hamburguers like in McDonals or Burguer King! You need a fork and a knife to cut them, because they are too big to bite them! And… where are the famous t-shirts? In the Hard Rock shop. But don’t buy one and wear it before eating a hamburguer of the restaurant, because you’ll get stains in it, for sure!



“How I met your mother” is an American sitcom, whose creators are Craig Thomas and Carter Bays. This brilliant sitcom was premiered in the CBS in September of 2005. Since then, it has had a great success all over the world, especially in the United States.
This sitcom TAKES place in New York in 2030, when Ted Mosby , who is the main character, tells his children the stories and situations that led him to meet his wife; this explains the title of the sitcom. He wants to marry and to form a family.
Another important character is Marshall Eriksen who is Lili Adrin‘s boyfriend and Ted’s best friend. Robin Scherbatsky and Barney Stinson are important characters too; Robin was Ted’s first love and Barney is another friend of Ted and without doubt the best actor of the whole sitcom. He always wears a suit and he is a womanizer.
In Spain this sitcom isn´t very famous but, in the United States, it has a great success. In my opinion, I believe this comical sitcom is the best one I have ever seen in my life, and I strongly recommend it to everyone who enjoys sitcoms and comical series, children, teenagers and even adults.

“Como conocí a vuestra madre” es una serie cómica americana, cuyos creadores son Craig Thomas y Carter Bays. Esta fantástica serie fue premiada en la CBS en septiembre de 2005. Desde entonces ha tenido un fantástico éxito en todo el mundo, especialmente en los Estados Unidos.
Esta serie cómica tiene lugar en Nueva York en 2030 cuando Ted Mosby, el personaje principal,le cuenta a sus hijos las historias y las situaciones que le permitieron conocer a su mujer; esto explica el titulo de la serie. El quiere casarse y formar una familia.
Otro personaje importante es Marshall Eriksen quien es el novio de Lili Adrin además de ser el mejor amigo de Ted. Robin Scherbatsky y Barney Stinson son también personajes importantes; Robin quien fue el primer amor de Ted y Barney es otro amigo de Ted que sin ninguna duda es el mejor actor de esta serie. El siempre lleva traje y es un mujeriego.
En España esta serie no es muy famosa pero en Estados Unidos ha tenido un gran éxito. En mi opinión, yo creo que esta serie cómica es la mejor que he visto en mi vida y yo la recomiendo a todo el mundo q le gusten las series cómicas, niños, adolescentes incluso adultos.



Quentin Jerome Tarantino is an American film director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer and actor. He was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1963. He has won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, a BAFTA and a Palme d'Or and he has been nominated for Emmy and Grammy Awards.
Since he was a child, he has loved cinema. Because of this, he left the school very soon and he signed up for acting lessons. For a long time, he worked in a video rental store, called “Video Achieves”, with Roger Avery and Jerry Martinez. They set up a kind of Film School there. Due to film lessons, he started to write scripts.
His early film works were “My Best Friend's Birthday” and “Reservoir Dogs”. This last one was the film which gave him the fame. Other Tarantino's notable films are “Jackie Brown”, “Kill Bill”, “Inglorious Bastards” and specially, “Pulp Fiction”, in my opinion his best film.
Quentin Tarantino is one of my favourite directors. I really love his films because I think that his dialogues are very witty and his shots and scenes are shot very well. He is the most original director I have ever seen. For all that, I recommend THAT you to watch any of his films. I am sure you will like it.

Quentin Jerome Tarantino es un director, guionista, productor, cinematógrafo y actor estadounidense. Nació en Knoxville, Tennessee, en 1963. Ha ganado un Óscar, un Globo de Oro, un BAFTA y una Palma de Oro y ha sido nominado para los premios Emmy y Grammy.
Desde muy pequeño, a él le ha encantado el cine. Es por esto que dejó el colegio muy pronto y se apuntó a clases de interpretación. Durante mucho tiempo, él trabajó en un videoclub, llamado "Video Achieves", con Roger Avery y Jerry Martinez. Ellos fundaron una especie de Escuela de Cine allí. Debido a las clases de cine, él empezó a escribir guiones. 
Sus primeros trabajos fueron "My Best Friend's Birthday" y "Reservoir Dogs". Este último fue el que le dio la fama. Otras películas significativas de Tarantino son "Jackie Brown", "Kill Bill", "Malditos Bastardos" y en especial, "Pulp Fiction", en mi opinión su mejor película.
Quentin Tarantino es uno de mis directores favoritos. Me encantan sus películas porque pienso que sus diálogos son muy ingeniosos y sus planos y escenas están rodados muy bien. Es el director más original que he visto nunca. Por todo ello, os recomiendo que veáis cualquiera de sus películas. Estoy seguro de que os gustará.


From now on, Bachillerato students (and ESO ones too) have at their disposal a new free resource for reference, free to download and print if you like: BASIC ENGLISH GRAMMAR sheets.

Today, you can get "RELATIVE CLAUSES". To get it, please click HERE.
A partir de ahora, los alumnos de Bachillerato (y también los de ESO) tienen a su disposición un nuevo recurso para consultar y descargar e imprimir si así lo desean: Las fichas "BASIC ENGLISH GRAMMAR" (Gramática Inglesa Básica).
Desde hoy, ya está disponible la ficha "RELATIVE CLAUSES". Para acceder a ella, sólo tienes que pulsar AQUÍ.



Spanish team wants to share our presentation in Kolbiel with everybody who couldn't attend the meeting. Our team was formed by Carlota Armillas, Ignacio (Nacho) Castro, Julia Diaz, William Gawn, Ignacio Martinez de Murga, Almudena Sanchez, Almu Maldonado and Rocio Lopez, together with the teachers Miguel Armillas and Juana Muñoz.
Here you have the scritp and a video with the piano performance that couldn't be done in Kolbiel due to "technical" problem with the piano there. It is our homege to Chopin to join Poland to commemorate the bicentenary of his birth.
@Nacho Castro:Hi everyone, my name is Nacho and I am part of the group of students who come from Spain. I can speak for my group when I say that we are delighted to be here in Kolbiel. Now, I am going to introduce the group members. [...] Also I would like to explain that we are not going to do any related to harvest celebration because the town we come from, called El Puerto de Santa Maria (in Cadiz), hasn't got any harvest celebration. Instead, we have prepared a piece of music which will be performed by Carlota.
@Ignacio Mtez. de Murga:

Hi, I'm Ignacio and I'm going to tell you that in Spain all celebrations have one thing in common: music. You can find different types of music according to each celebration or there is one special song for some special celebrations.
@Almudena Sánchez:
Now, I'm going to talk about some other celebrations in Spain in which all the family get together. For example, during Christmas holidays families have dinner together at Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. We celebrate Jesus' birth. In this celebrations we sing traditional Spanish christmas songs and carols and we eat a lot of typical sweets as "polvorones".
@Almu Maldonado:
Hi my name is Almu and I'm going to tell you about the Three Wise Men's day. It is celebrated on 5th January. In Spain most people get their Christmas presents on the Three Wise Men's day instead of having them brought by Santa Claus. Family get together in the eve before to have a special sweet "Roscon de Reyes" and in the morning for breakfast.
@Rocio Lopez:
We also celebrate Birthdays: Adults celebrate their birthdays with the family, but the majority of teenagers celebrate their birthdays with friends, and they can have a surprise party.
@William Gawn:This year 2010, is the bicentenary of the world famous Polish musician Chopin so we, the Spanish students, have prepared something special to commemorate him. Chopin has dramatically influenced music right up to the current day. Because of this, we all want to pay homage to this musical character that has been so important for the Polish culture and for the world in general.
@Julia Díaz:
Now, I'm going to introduce the most beautiful, funny, graceful, stylish, cool, modest, creative, blah, blah, blah...: My friend Carlota. And she is a pianist, too. She has played the piano for five years. And now, she is in her first year of the proffessional musical school.Carlota is going to play a work by one of the most famous musicians in the world, Chopin.
@Carlota Armillas:
As you can see, Julia is a best friend. Well, I'm Carlota. I'm going to play a waltz by Chopin called "Le Vals de l'adieu". I have chosen this waltz because it is one of my favourite Chopin's compositions, and Chopin is one of my favourite composers. Thank you very much for listening.
We hope you enjoyed our little presentation. Dziękuje! :-)



My favourite party is ‘San Jorge’. It is celebrated in Alcalá de los Gazules, a little village in the South of Spain, on the 23rd April.
It is mainly divided in three parts:
-First, in the morning, something similar to ‘San Fermines’ happens, but instead of bulls, there are cows.
-Later, in the afternoon, people meet in the main square of the village. They are from all ages and dance, eat or drink, but nobody stays at home.
-Finally, in the evening, there’s always a concert. Every year, different singers go there and perform. Last year, Andy & Lucas sang in Alcalá.
This party happens during three days and no one works. They are festive days!
People come from other cities or villages, and enjoy it very much.
It is a fun party!