The Titanic was the biggest and the luxurious ship IN the world. It was designed by Thomas Andrews in 1991 and it was built in the shipyard of 'Harland and Wolff' in Belfast. It belonged to the Olympic class, which STOOD out for its size, luxury and technicaL advances.
This was decorated in classical style. It had a capacity for three thousand, five hundred AND forty-seven passengers.
In its inaguration trip, 14th April 1912, the Titanic crashed into an iceberg and it sank, causing the death of one thousand and five hundred seventeen passengers.
The Titanic film is one of the most popular films in the world.



Silbo Gomero is a language that is whistled, not spoken, and can be heard more than two miles away. This unusual way of communicating is said to have arrived with African settlers 2.500 years ago. Silbo features four "vowels" and four "consonants" that can be used to form more than 4.000 words. People from La Gomera are known to have used Silbo in the past as a way of communicating over long distances. A strong whistle saved farmers from trekking over the hills to give messages or news to neighbours. Then came the phone. Nowdays, it is hard to know how many people still use Silbo. In 1999, it was introduced as a compulsory subject in La Gomera´s primary schools, in an effort to prevent the language from becoming extinct, and in order to prevent the extinction there are 3.000 students studying this language.


Holy week is very nice because processions are very impressive.They are usually followed by a band and the members of that brotherhood. They normally train for a whole year to prepare the procession. Processions start at the church or cathedral and then they walk around the town. Most of people, specially children, enjoy them a lot. This religious celebration lasts seven days since palm Sunday until Easter Sunday. Each paso (float with the Virgin Mary or christ) has a different colour. There're people that don't work this week, so they travel to visit other places.



The republic of the Maldivas is a country settled in the Indian Ocean, southeast from Sri Lanka and India in the south of Asia. It is made up of 1196 islands, 203 of them have been habited. Its name comes from a language called “sanscrito”, where “mal” means thousands and “divas” means island,that is, thousands of islands.
It has a tropical and humid climate. Islam is the main religion, that was brought in 1153. It’s the country with the least population in Asia and also the muslim country with the least population.
The Maldivas Islands have the world record of being the flattest country in the world, with an altitud of only 2 meters on the island of Villingili. The country is worried that their land will eventually be erased of the map.
The Maldivas have a modern tropical climate because of the Indian Ocean. They have two important seasons, the ¨dry¨ monxon season of winter, which is the freshest season; and the “humid” monzon season of summer. This last season is known for its stronger and more violent winds, and more rain.
For many centuries, the Maldivas economy was dependent on fishing and the products that come from it; and still today it is the main ocupation of the people of Maldivas. Water sports are practiced by tourists, above all the scuba diving. You can also go whale and dolphin watching.



Jeanne Calwent, who was still riding a bike when she was 100 years old, died the past month at the age of 122. She drank an occasional glass of port wine, ate a dietr rich in olive oil and she was the world's oldest person.
Mme Calwent was born in arles on the estuary of the Rhone in Provenca on February 21, 1875. She married in 1896 and after 44 years, her husband died in 1940. She was a widow for 57 years. She had six children. Three of them were boys and the other three were girls. She had twenty-one grandchildren and she attended the wedding of eleven.
Though her heart had beaten more than a quarter billions times, the world's ooldest person never visited her doctors.
Mme Calwent, asked before her death how she viewed the future, replied simply "very short". She was probably the last witness to the building of the Eiffel Tower. She saw it when she went to Paris with her father in 1889.



Andalucía is an autonomous community of Spain. Andalucía has got eight provinces: Cádiz, Huelva, Málaga, Sevilla, Córdoba, Jaén, Granada and Almería. The capital of Andalucía is Sevilla. The parliament is located in Sevilla. The president is Manuel Chaves. There are very important and wonderful monuments:
  • Cádiz has got an important theatre, which is called "Falla", where carnival contests are celebrated every year. Cádiz has got an important cathedral and very famous beaches too. The most famous beach is "La Victoria", where there is a wonderful hotel near the beach.
  • Huelva has got very popular beaches too, but Huelva is famous for its fishing. Huelva celebrates "La Romería del Rocío", which is an important religious celebration.
  • Málaga. Beaches of Málaga are known as "Costa del Sol".
  • Córdoba has got every historical monuments as "La Mezquita". People say that women of Córdoba are the prettiest of the world.
  • Sevilla is the capital of Andalucía. Ther are very important monuments as "La Giralda", but Sevilla is famous for the Holy Week. Many processions walk on the streets of Sevilla with images of saints and virgins.
  • Jaén is famous for olive trees. Olive oil of Jaén is the best of the world.
  • Granada has got historical monuments as "La Alhambra", but Granada is very important for the snow. Sierra Nevada is one of the most important tracks of ski in Spain.
  • Almería is a kind of desert. Many movies of the west have been recorded in Almería.
  • In my opinion, Andalucía is the best autonomous community in Spain where you can find a very varied landscape. You can go to its beaches in summer and to the tracks of ski in winter. It is a wonderful place where you will never be boring.



In this article i am going to write about “working camps”. “Working camps” is a volunteer activity for helping people. This activity is organized by my school. There are two differents camps where you can go, Almeria or Málaga. It lasts two weeks. This activity has a religious character because schools that organize it are religious.
You live with many people there and i think that this is very good for the people that go because we learn a lot from the others. You can meet many different people and it is very interesting.
But the most important thing is that you go there to help people who need your solidarity. There ara many people in the world who live in poverty or that are lonely and they are closer than you think. In the mornings, you go to work to the place where you have choosen. There are many places as hospitals, schools, housing reforms, mentally disabled centre or retirement home.
In the afternoons, we did group dinamics and we were together in the school that we lived in. We did different dinamics everyday.
On Sunday, we didn’t have to work so we went to the beach and we did a big party the last day.
The last day was the worst day bacause we had to say goodbye to everyone and we made fantastic friends there, so we were crying.
I went to Almeria this summer and this was a fantastic experience, so i encourage everyone to go. You feel a big satisfaction with yourself when you help others. I was working with children that have cancer and this was very impressive for me. After this, you learn to value what you have.


Hugo Pratt was born on 5th of June 1927 in a village in Italy but he lived in Venice almost all his life.
In 1937, Hugo Pratt went to live to Ethiopia with his mother, where his father was working. There, he learnt the respect for all cultures and he reflects this in one of his most famous characters: Corto Maltese.
The first adventure of this character was called "La ballade de la mer sale" and it was published in 1967. He tells Corto Maltese's origin there.Corto is a romantic and gentlemanly sailor that lives in La Antigua, Las Antillas. His father was a british sailor from Cornualles and her mother was a gipsy, nicknamed "the little girl of Gibraltar", born in Seville. All his adventures began when her mother´s friend,a gypsy called Amalia, was interested in reading Corto´s hand to know what will happen in his future life. But surprisingly, there wasn't any lines in corto's hand and he decided to make lines in his hand himself BY using his father´s razor blade and so he could become the only owner of his destiny.
Altogether, Hugo Pratt made 29 stories of this character and many of these stories are based on real historical events such as the 1755 war between French and British colonists. Hugo Pratt died on 20th August,1995 becoming one of the best Italian comic artists.
"In a world where everything is electronic, where everything is calculated and industrialized, there isn´t place for a guy like Corto Maltese." Hugo Pratt.



Curtis James Jackson III (born July 6, 1976, in Jamaica)known by 50 Cent, is an American rapper.
After a very difficult life , because of growing without parents, Curtis started with the drug trade at the age of twelve. When he left this, he began his rap career. Jackson was discovered by the rapper Eminem, and with him, he signed to Interscope Records. In 2003, he founded the G-Unit Records, which signed several successful rappers.
One night in 2000, he was near his HOUSE in a friend's car when another car approached them. In the car was a person with a gun and he fired 9 shots. Curtis was SHOT through the body, and the friend who accompanied him was injured too. Fortunately, they did not die despite his injuries.
His most important records are; his first album “Get Rich or Die Tryin”, . His second album “The Massacre“, “Curtis” and “Before I self destruct”.
Nowadays, he´s one of the most importants rapeers of the world, because he represents an amazing style, with his lyrics and his rhythms. So, I recommend to everybody to listen his songs.


I would like to travel to Punta Cana. Punta Cana is an island situated in the Dominican Republic where there are many five-stars hotels.
Punta Cana stands out for its beaches of white and thin sand, and the turquoise sea.
The water is always transparent and has average temperatures of 26ºC. Punta Cana has a Babarian district. Bavarian is the most visited touristic point thanks to its great quantity of five-stars hotel resorts.
In the island, there is a great Spanish influence, for example hotel companies such as Riu, Iberostar, Barceló... and many discotheques, for example Pacha, Mangú... These discotheques organize parties during the nights.
When I discovered the characteristics of this island, Punta Cana became my next destination. Next year, my parents and my uncles will accompany me in this trip to the paradise, with palms, tropical plants...
I hope that we will have a good time and I will sunbath.
In the photo thay I show, it appears the hotel where I will spend 12 days that I am in Punta Cana. It is a hotel placed in Bavarian's district. Here, I will meet many people from different countries and cultures and I will have de chance to meet new friends from different cities.



Dublin is the capital and the biggest city of Ireland and one of the biggest cities of the world too. The official languages are English and Irish. It is a city visited by many tourists. In Dublin, people normally go to pubs to drink beer IN THEIR FREE TIME. Pubs are situated in every part of the city, but the most famous place is Temple Bar and the best pub is called “The Celt”, it is famous because they play Celt music live there. In Dublin, people drink black beer. The most popular brand of beer is Guinness. There are many long streets with many shops. There are many churches and castles. In Dublin, the main door of the houses are all different. It is very strange that you can find two same doors in the same street. They are of different shapes and colors. There are many famous writers, for example, Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift and the writer of Dracula, Bram Stoker. The fast food restaurants are situated in the called Henry and Gafton streets. All restaurants with food from all over the world are situated in the part of Dublin called Temple Bar. One typical dish is the Irish Stew with lamb meat, potatoes, carrots and some aromatic HERBS.



A topic which results curious to people are the twins. For example, this is an interesting case:
Identical twins Bridget Harrison of Leicester and Dorothy Lowe of Blackburn were separated only weeks after their birth in 1945. They did not meet until 1979. Neither of them had known she was a twin but their lives had formed remarkable parallels. Each one had married within a year of the other. Bridget had named her son Richard Andrew, while Dorothy had named her son Andrew Richard. Dorothy's daugther was called Catherine Louise and Bridget's Karen Louise (although she wanted to call her Catherine). Both had cats called Tiger and they has studied piano to the same grade. When they met, both wore the same perfume and they had three rings in each hand. However, the biggest coincidence of all was that they had kept diaries for only one year. Moreover, their diaries were of the same type and colour.


We can say that someone is addicted to video games when she/ he lacks of any of her /his daily life aspects and replace them for this pastime.
Nowadays, many people are addicted to video games, and most of them don’t even know it! Most of people aren’t concerned about this problem, and some of them even find it common, maybe because of the high development of technologies, but in fact, it’s a really important problem because many people are wasting their lives in front of a screen.
It’s really hard to stop being addicted to something, and it’s even more once you’ve lost your friends or have stopped studying or working, since you find nothing to make you want to change, and it’s more difficult to realize that you need help.
Some consequences of this vice may be loss of personality or social skills, and most of them , after being addicted for a long time, have problems even to talk to people in real life, at least about anything not related with video games. Some of the most famous games are World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy and Warhammer.
Not every video game addicted is a fat or loner teenager that wears glasses or looks like a geek, in fact, there are a lot of “popular” teenagers that may spend almost eight hours playing video games, or on the computer, and even a lot of adults.
It’s a really hard problem to control, because there are computers in almost every house nowadays, and children start using them earlier.
Adicción a videojuegos.
Podemos decir que alguien está adicto a los videojuegos cuando carece de algunos aspectos de su vida diaria y los sustituye por este pasatiempo.
Hoy en día, mucha gente es adicta a los videojuegos, ¡y la mayoria de ellos ni siquiera lo saben! La mayoría de las personas no estás concienciadas sobre este problema, y muchas de ellas ya lo encuentran incluso algo común, quizás por el gran desarrollo de las tecnologías, pero de hecho, es un problema realmente importante porque muchas personas están pasando sus vidas delante de una pantalla.
Es realmente duro dejar de ser adicto a algo, y más cuando has perdido a tus amigos o has dejado de estudiar o trabajar, porque no encuentras ningún motivo para cambiar, y es mucho más difícil que te des cuenta de que necesitas ayuda.
Algunas consecuencias de este vicio pueden ser la perdida de la personalidad o los hábitos sociales, y muchas de estas personas, después de haber sido adictas durante un largo período de tiempo, tienen problemas incluso para hablar con las personas en la vida real, o por lo menos de algo que no esté relacionado con los videojuegos. Algunos de los más famosos son World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy y Warhammer.
No todos los adictos a los videojuegos son adolescentes gordos y solitarios que llevan gafas y tienen aspecto de geeks; de hecho hay muchos adolescentes populares que pueden pasar casi ocho horas jugando con videojuegos, o en el ordenador, e incluso personas adultas.
Es un problema realmente difícil de controlar, porque hay, por lo menos, un ordenador en cada casa hoy en día, y los niños comienzan a utilizarlos muy pronto.



London is an European city. The capital of England is London. It is the largest city in the European Union.London is a parliamentary monarchy and its queen is Elizabeth the second. She lives in Buckingham Palace. Buckingham Palace is a very popular and important building. The official language is English. Commercial districts are in West End, where there are shops like Dolce and Gabanna, Coco Chanel, Carolina Herrera and Gucci.Thames is the river of London. Big Ben is one of the most important and popular building in London. The climate is rainy and cold. The most important sport is football. London has got five football clubs in the Premier League: Arsenal, Chelsea, Fullham, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United. Premier League is the best football league of the world. The official currency is pound. One of the most important tennis competitions, called Wimblendon is celebrated every year in London. Wimblendon's winner is Roger Federer. There are famous people that are born in London like Madonna and David Beckham. Red Telephone booths are typical in London. In my opinion, I would visit London to learn English very well, see monuments as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and London Eye. When I have enought money, I will go to London with my friends. You can go by plane, car, ship and train.



Every day, thousand of people come to Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, to be part of the Edimburgh Festival. For three weeks every August and September, the city is filled with actors and artists from all over the world. They come to Edinburgh for the biggest art festival in Britain. During this time the streets of the city are alive with music and dance from early morning until late at night. You can even see artists painting pictures on the streets. One of the best parts of the Festival is the "Fringe", where students do comedy shows in small halls and cafés.
Tens of thousands of tourists come to the Festival to see new films and plays and to listen music played by famous musicians. The tickets for these performances are quite cheap and it is usually easier to see your favourite star in Edinburgh than it is in London. So come to Edinburgh next summer, but remember it can be difficult to find a room, so why don't you book your hotel now?


Dolphins are marine mammals which are among the most intelligent animals in the world. They are very popular in human culture due to their friendly appearance and their playful attitude. However, they are not always well treated.
In Taijin, Japan, there are plenty of dolphins who inhabit in the beaches. During the day, they are a tourist attraction, as tourists often play and have fun with them. Nevertheless, at night, while people don't see it because of the warning signs which avoid them to get close to the coasts, lots of dolphins, at least 20.000 in a year, are killed by fishermen. First, they corner them in the low waters and then they normally kill them by using sticks. Some of them are kept alive and sent to entertainment companies which pay around 110.000 euros for each unit. Lots of associations and experts have tried to put an end to this secret killings, but fishermen, as they can't claim it is a scientific fishing or a tradition, try to justify their actions by saying that dolphins consume most of the local resources. Last year, a documentary was made by some activists to denounce this situation. It is called 'The Cove' and it won an Oscar for Best Documentary.



This year, we have had a chance to realize an exchange. We could choose an exchange between Italians or Germans. I decided an exchange with an Italian because I have always dreamed of visiting Italy and now, that I had the chance; I didn’t want to lose it. So I talked my parents about the exchange and they liked the idea.
When my teacher told me the name of Italian, I wanted to know her in order to make her feel like at home. We had been talking and I had a big surprise: she spoke Spanish very well but she didn’t like to speak English!
When she arrived at home, she talked a little with my parents and my brother because she was embarrassed to talk to them. But the followings days, she talked with my parents and she felt more confident with them.
We have done lots of activities together, for example, one day, she and another Italian prepared spaghetti for Roa and me. It was delicious! But, my partner had a problem, she was very sensitive, and the last day, she cried a lot.
I will never forget this experience and I hope when I go there, I will feel like at home, though I will have to speak other language.



Its capital is London and it’s the city of culture and purchases. Everything is possible in England, it is only necessary to have time for not to lost anything.
In England, the habitual weather in the south is the rainy days and the sunny days, and in the north the rainy days.
In England, gastronomy is based on beef, lamb, pork, chicken and fish.
In England, we can also find some tourism interests as the different historical monuments. The first one is…
It is one of the most famous bridges in the world.
The second one is the official London residence of The Queen.
Although Buckingham Palace is furnished and decorated with priceless works of art that form part of the Royal collection, there is one of the major art collections in the world today, it is not an art gallery and nor it is a museum.
Other is the river. The river gives its name to the Thames Valley, a region of England centred around the river between Oxford and West London. The River Thames is the longest river in England.
This cathedral is from the 17th century and is generally reckoned to be London's fifth St Paul's Cathedral, although the number is higher if every major medieval reconstruction is counted as a new cathedral.
It is a historic monument in central London, England, on the north bank of the River Thames. The Tower of London is often identified with the White Tower, the original stark square fortress.
Finally, I have to say that England is a very nice country, which can offer much to the tourists, with its different historical monuments and its rivers.


ERASMUS (European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) is a program of grants with which students can study in foreign countries in the European Union.
The requirements for students to participate in the Erasmus program are to be in an university degree and have completed their first year, and they must be citizens of one of the member states of the European Union. They study there for a period of three months to one year, and then these studies are recognized in their university of origin once they return. All countries offer support classes in the language of the country to facilitate student integration into that nation.
For many European students, Erasmus offers the chance to live for the first time in a foreign country. For this reason, it has become a social and cultural phenomenon, and it is very popular among students. The "Erasmus parties", which are held in host cities, are known among students across Europe as great events.
This program is very important at European level, being recognized as an important element of cohesion and knowledge of the European Union among young people.
ERASMUS (European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) es un programa de becas con las que los estudiantes pueden estudiar en países extranjeros en la Unión Europea.
Los requerimientos de los estudiantes para participar en el programa Erasmus son cursar una carreta universitaria y haber completado su primer año, y ser ciudadanos de uno de los países miembro de la Unión Europea.
Allí estudian por un período desde tres meses a un año, y luego esos estudios son reconocidos en su universidad de origen cuando vuelven.
Todos los países ofrecen clases de refuerzo en el lenguaje del país para facilitar la integración del estudiante en esa nación.
Para muchos estudiantes europeos, Erasmus les ofrece la oportunidad de vivir por primera vez en un país extranjero. Por esta razón se ha convertido en un fenómeno social y cultural, y es muy popular entre los estudiantes. Las “fiestas Erasmus”, que tienen lugar en las ciudades anfitrionas, son conocidas entre los estudiantes como grandes eventos.
Este programa es muy importante a nivel europeo, siendo reconocido como un elemento importante de cohesión y conocimiento de la Unión Europea entre la gente joven.



Punta Cana is situated in the most touristic area of the Dominican Republic. It´s a marvellous place and I am looking forward to going there.
In Punta Cana there is a tropical climate during all the year so you can sunbathe and relax on one of its wonderful beaches but be careful of hurricanes that are a very common atmospheric phenomenon. On these beaches, there are coconut palms, white and fine sand and crystal-clear water. Among these beaches, we find Bavaro beach and Bayahibe beach. There is another one called Boca Chica beach that is close to Santo Domingo.
Normally, when you decide to visit Punta Cana, you go to an all-in hotel but there are lots of activities that you can do instead of staying in the hotel or on the beach.
In Punta Cana, you will find the best restaurants to eat at, the most interesting trips and exciting sports to practice.
From my point of view, it´s one of the best places on the Earth and is considered as a paradise by lots of people. I would really like to travel there but it´s a bit expensive, so I will have to save money.



Two summers ago, I went to Italy because my sister was living and studying there. I went there with my father, Luis; my mother, Maria; my boyfriend, Carlos and my cousin, Sara. I stayed in Italy for two weeks and I slept in my sister’s house. The house was very big and beautiful and there were five bedrooms, two bathrooms, one kitchen and one living room. I visited many cities.
Firstly, I visited Turin. Turin is a big and nice place with a lot of monuments as the Grand Mother, the Mole or Grimaldi’s Castle and a lot of green areas. Also, there was a river, the river Po that divides the city into two parts.
Then I stayed in Verona, where I visited Giulietta’s house and the Coliseum. I also visited Venecia, I visited San Marcos church and I saw a lot of beautiful places.
The last city that I visited was Mónaco. It was a rich and big place with a lot of boats and expensive cars.
In conclusion, this trip was the best of my life and I was very happy there. I will go to Italy next April again. I’m looking forward to going!


His real name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento, and he was called ''O Rei''. He was the best Brazilian football player from all times, and one of the best of the world. He won the price of the Best Player of the last century by FIFA.
His first team was Santos, from Brazil, where he played almost all his life, winning many championships. One example is that he won fifteen leagues with this team. Then, he started to play at the Major Soccer League, of USA. In thist country he hadn´t the same luck than in Brazil, although he won another league. Something strange is that this player never played European football, like his Brazilian friends Robinho, Ronaldo or Ronaldinho. He only stayed at the American continent.
He also has two Guinness Records: to be the youngest player that had scored a goal into a world final cup, and the most quantity of goals in a professional career: 1279 goals.
In my opinion, he was one of the best players of the history, even not taking part in European football.




State of Florida:Castle of San Marcos is a Spanish castle. It was called Fort Marion from 1821 to 1942 and Fort Mark from 1763 to 1784 under British occupation.
State of Colorado: there is a national monument located in the western part of the state of Colorado , being known by its colouring formations of sandstone.
State of Washington: The Lincoln Memorial monument is placed in one of the horizontal ends of the national Mall of Washington DC. It´s a commemorative monument created in memory of the president Abraham Lincoln.
State of California: The national park of the Valley of the death is a national park located to the east of Sierra Nevada, in the state of California.
New York City: The Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous monuments of New York and of the whole world.

Important Cartoons: The Simpson and Family guy !

Gastronomy: Hamburguers, apple pie, pumpkin pie, stuffed turkey, Maryland chicken, brunch, carrot cake, BBQ Ribs, apple crumble bars and rum raisin tarts.

Area: 963 million km2
Population: 300 million inhabitants.
Capital: Washington DC
Sports: The typical sports are: Football, baseball, basketball, hockey and NASCAR Racing



Canada is a country in North America, extending from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. It is the world's second largest country by total area . Canada's common border with the United States to the south and northwest is the longest in the world.


Carnival in Quebec

It is a joyous festival which is held in the harsh winter in Quebec, and whose origins can be traced to 1894, where it served as an escape from everyday reality. However, from 1955, it is celebrated as an official event that takes place anually in February.

It is famous for its organization around sporting events from that season, such as ice skating competitions, dog races, and a canoe race on the River. At night, the hiker can travel through the snowy streets decorated for the occasion. The city is very lively during the Carnival, and filled with laughter, music, dances, parades and, of course, a variety of costumes.

The Montreal Jazz Festival
Each year in late June, the Canadian city of Montreal has one of the most important jazz festivals around the world and a must for any good lover of this genre. Furthermore, apart from jazz: they also have room for some blues, gospel, rock, pop and even salsa.

The Calgary Stampede
The city of Calgary is best known for its rodeo festival, which is held every year in July. It brings hundreds of thousands of tourists and visitors, as well as participants in its various activities full of cowboy spirit.

Typical food: Meat Pie


I´m going to talk about my favourite football player. He is Cristiano Ronaldo. He was born on the 5th of February 1985, so he is 25 years old.
He is considered as one of the best players in the world; nowadays, he plays in Real Madrid team. He has played football since he was a child. He began to play in Sporting Lisboa team; later, he moved to England in order to play in Manchester United team in 2003.
As a consequence of his career, he has won many prizes like “Best player of Premier League” ,” Best Portuguese Sportsman” in 2007 and 2008; in the same years, he won “Fifa world Players”
Last September, I went to Madrid in order to see a football match because Cristiano Ronaldo played and I wanted to see him. He scored three goals and he gave me his shirt after the match. I was very happy and excited!
To sum up, he is training hard because he has to be an example to their team-mates, due to the fact that he is the captain of National Portuguese team. In addition, nowadays he is the image of Emporio Armani. He plays football very well and he is very handsome!!


His name is Ramón Melendi Espina, but he is well-known as Melendi. He was born on January the 21st, 1981, in Oviedo. He went to school together with Fernando Alonso. He realised that he wasn't ready to study that's why he worked as a waiter.
In 2003, Melendi published his first record called “Sin noticias de Holanda” containing twelve songs. His fame came with the Cyclist Race to Spain when his song “Con la luna llena” was chosen as the official theme.
In 2005, he published his second record called “Que el cielo espere sentado”. This year, his girl Carlota was born and he got the Ondas prize to the best song “Caminando por la vida”.
In 2006, his third record, called “Mientras no cueste trabajo”, was published.
In 2007, Melendi got the prize to the best tour by the Music Prizes. Melendi carried out an advertising campaign for Canal + called “Me gusta el fútbol”.
On August the 19th 2008, his new record, called “Un violinista en tu tejado”, was released.
On December the 12th 2008, he got the prize to the best soloist by a radio station thanks to his fourth record “Curiosa la cara de tu padre”.
His recordings are:
Ø 2003 Sin noticias de Holanda.
Ø 2005 Que el cielo espere sentado.
Ø 2006 Mientras no cueste trabajo.
Ø 2008 Curiosa la cara de tu padre.
Ø 2009 Aún más curiosa la cara de tu padre.



"Ghost Whisperer" is an American show about the life of Melinda Gordon, who has an incredible talent, she speaks with ghosts.
These spirits live in the Earth and they can not pass over to the other side because they have something to do here. For this reason, Melinda helps them, solving their problems, so that they can live calm in the other side.
There are five seasons of this supernatural show. The first program was broadcasted in September 2005 in the United States, but in Spain it arrived in May 2006.
Right now, The 5th season is being released in Cuatro from Monday to Friday at half past three.
This season tells us about the life of Melinda after getting married with Jim (the love of her life) and they have a son together. There are a jump in time of four years with regard to the 4th season. This first episode started when a new ghost asks her for help.
This year we can see a lot of famous people in this tv show and Jennifer love (Melinda) as executive producer, main character and director.