Gossip Girl is "your one and only source into the escandalous life of Manhattan's Elite". This anonymous girl gives the name to the series. We don't know how, but Gossip Girl knows all the gossips about her favourite people: Serena, Dan, Jenny, Blair, Nate, Chuck and Vanessa. These rich and spoiled students can't do anything embarrasing because Gossip Girl texts every student of the school telling them about the gossip. So that's how everybody knows about the love triangle between Blair, Chuck and Nate; Serena and Dan's complicated relationship or Jenny's sad social life. Also, Vannesa is always in the middles of everything. Without Gossip Girl's help, we'll be aware of Rufus (Dan and Jenny's father) and Lily's (Serena's mother) love story, too. All of these thing will be mixed with great parties, long limousines, famous people and some really big problems. I find this series very entertaining and it makes me want to watch more episodes! If you are bored and you have the chance to watch it on TV (otherwise, you can visitwww.seriesyonkis.com), I recommend you to do it!