I would love travelling to Las Vegas city, located in the state of Nevada in the United States of America. It his known as the Entertainment Capital of the world. It is the most wishing place in the world for tourists. It's also called the city of sin, because there are a lot of bets, games, alcohol... This city has also been the scene of many movies and American series of great success. For example, shows like CSI: Las vegas and movies like Resident Evil, the official shop of Coca Cola Company...
Among it's most prominent buildings are skyscrapers, casinos over all with all kinds of games interconnected with each others. There are hotels of 4 or 5 stars where millions of tourists are staying during all year.
The action focuses on a wide avenue from de South to the North of the city, reaching the center. It is Las Vegas Boulevard, also called "The Strip". Almost all casinos are about the Boulevard. Doing a tour, you can see the Luxor pyramid, the Eiffel Tower, Paris Casino and the most prominent: The Tower of the Stratosphere casino. Overnight, the avenue is filled with colored lights and thousands of shows, so a simple walk can be a great adventure.



Its capital is Rome and it´s the city of culture and purchases. Everything is possible in Italy, it is only necessary to have time not to get lost at all.

In Italy, the habitual weather in the south is the rainy days and the sunny days, and in the north the rainy days.

In Italy, gastronomy is based on pizza or cash.

In Italy we can also find some series of touristic interests as the different historical monuments. The first one is…

Tower of Pisa.

It is situated behind the cathedral and is the third oldest structure in Pisa's Piazza del Duomo, after the cathedral and the baptistry. The height of the tower is 55.86 m from the ground on the lowest side, and 56.70 m on the highest side. The width of the walls at the base is 4.09 m and at the top 2.48 m. Its weight is estimated at 14,500 metric tons. The tower has 294 or 296 steps.

Other one is the Colosseum.

The Colosseum is an important historical and cultural monument, it would be strange to come to Rome as a tourist and not visit it. You can imagine that it is on almost everyone's itinerary when they come to Rome for their first time. It is the one guaranteed building to be seen in any non-Italian film set in Rome.

The Arch of Constantine.

This impressive arch stands next to the Colosseum. It's one of the largest arches built by the Romans, it is well preserved and features a lot of very fine sculptures.

The North facade faces the Colosseum, while the East one faces the Palatine and the arch of Tito.

Finally, I have to say that Italy is a very nice country, which can offer much to the tourists, with its different historical monuments.



My friends are the best friends in the world. They are Vito, Macarena, Paloma and Merchita. I met them in school except Paloma, who I met many years ago. I am going to start with Vito.

Vito is a wonderful girl. She arrived in 2007. When I go to parties, Vito is always with me. Vito knows my secrets and she tells me her secrets, too. When I have got problems, she always helps me. She is the oldest in the group. She is the best.

Macarena is wonderful too but she is crazy. She loves boys and she is always in love with a different guy. She was born in Cañete. I love to go to the parties with Macarena. When she isn't with me, I miss her. She is a lot of fun.

Paloma is a naive girl. She always believes the lies that others tell her. She was born the same day as me. She is very similar to me because she doesn't have brothers like me. She has got a boyfriend. His name is David.

Merchita is a responsable girl. She never goes to parties. She always studies. She never speaks about boys. She is blonde and she has got blue eyes. She is intelligent. She is the smallest in the group.



J.K. Rowling, born in England on the 31st of July 1965, is the successful author of the Harry Potter books. In total, there are seven books in the series:

“Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”,
“Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”,
“Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”,
"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”,
“Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”,
“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” and
“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows”.

J.K. Rowling got the inspiration for her series during a train journey from Manchester to London in 1990. Her books have attracted the world’s attention; she has won many prizes, and has sold more than 400 million copies.

Rowling now owns an estimated fortune of 560 million dollars, but life hasn’t always been easy for the English author. After her divorce, she had no job and she suffered from depression. She was a poor woman who had to take care of her child with little money and resources. However, life is really amazing: in less than five years, she changed from being a poor woman to be a famous millionaire author.

Today, everyone knows who J.K. Rowling is!


Michael Schumacher was born in 1969 in Germany. He is the most important pilot of the history of Formula One because of achieving seven titles.

He began his career at the age of four, when he started driving karts. In this category, he progressed until he was sixteen years old. During this period, he was champion several times. So thanks to the help of his parents and to his ability, he passed to the German Formula Three, in which he met Willi Weber, who was going to be his manager for the rest of his professional career.
In 1991, he debuted in Formula One with the team Jordan-Ford, and after, with the team Benneton, in which he began to stand out and he could achieve his first title and also the second one.

In 1996, he signed for the team Ferrari, where he remained until his disengagement. In this team, he achieved 5 consecutive titles, since the year 2000 until 2005.
In 2006, he was the second one after the winner Fernando Alonso, and in this same year he retired from Formula one, being the second sportsman best paid in the world.

But this year, he’ll get back to Formula One, with the Mercedes team, which he will try to be the winner again with.



When Buffy Summers moved to Sunnydale, she didn't have any idea about what was going to happen. Everything starts when the school librarian Giles told her that she is "the slayer" and he is her watcher. Apparently, the slayer is born TO KILL vampires and demons, and she is stronger than a normal person. At first, Buffy doesn't want to know anything about vampires or demons, she just wants to be a normal student, like the others. Once she realizes that she's "the chosen one", she won't have to worry because she won't deal with her new life alone, because her friends Xander (the funny one), Willow (the witch), Angel (the good vampire), Anya (the ex-demon), Tara (the witch's girlfriend), Spike (the bad vampire) and her sister Dawn (the "Key") will be there to help her. Buffy will have also troubles with HER boyfriends or with her mum's illness, and she and HER friends will have to save the world from apocalypses, evil slayers or inmortal mayors (for example) and these things will make their lives harder, but they will get through them together.


Avatar is a film which I really enjoyed when I saw it. It is about an ex-marine who is recruited to go to Pandora, where the army wantS to extract a strange mineral which is necessary to solve the energy problems of the Earth.
The natives of Pandora are called ''Navis'', who have a different appearance, so the marine has to wear a ''Navi skin suit'' in order to get into the civilitation. When he is there, he gets to know a female Navi who saves his life, so he is admitted into her clan and doing some training, he learns to be one of them. He falls in love with her and he doesn't want the army to kill the clan.

Finally, he fights against his own army to help the ''Navis'' and he success, but then , he also dies.
Personally, I think it is a good film so I reccommend that you see it.


Last summer,I went with my friends and saw “El canto del Loco” playing a pop concert. The concert was IN August, they played in a football stadium NEAR Chiclana de la Frontera. The concert was supposed to start at 10 o’clock. We arrived there at 12 o’clock (in the morning) and we were very excited. It was a very hot day so we bought an umbrella and a lot of water. During the day while we were waiting in the line, we played cards, listened to music and made friends. All my friends and I were wearing a t-shirt with this letters:“I LOVE ECDL” (ECDL is an abbreviation for El Canto Del Loco). When we had already been four hours there, we started to take Pictures of ourselves with our new friends. At eight o’clock, we were very tired but as every minute passed we were more and more excited.
At nine o’clock, a security man told us we were going to enter the Studium very soon but just then my best friend fell down and hurt her leg, which started to bleed. I don’t know how did we do it but we ended talking to the vocalist while my friend was having her leg treated. We saw the concert from the first row. That day was incredible for me and my friends.



Carlos Ruiz Zafón is my favourite writter. He was born in Barcelona on the 25th of September,1964. He is a Spanish writer who has lived in Los Angeles, (USA) since 1993, where he dedicated some years to write some cinema scripts while he was developing his career as A novelist, which has been very successful. He is the contemporary author whose works have been translated into more than 45 languages. He has written six books. The first four books are juvenile literature and 2 latter books are books for adults.
Some of the most important awards that he has got are: Edebé literature prize, the Prize finalist Fernando Lara novel 2000, runner-up British Book Awards, author of the year 2006 and award for the best foreign book in France 2004.
His first novel for adults, The Shadow of the Wind, was a SALES success, international literary critics hailed the book as one of the best novels of recent times. This novel has sold over 10 million copies worldwide and has won a lot of international awards.



Joaquin Sorolla was born in Valencia, in1863.
He was an orphan child, for this reason his uncle took care of him.While he was working with his uncle,in the blacksmith shop,he began to show interest for drawing.

When he was 15 years old, he was admitted on fine arts classes of Valencia.
Sorolla travelled to Rome and France.
When he came back to Spain, he won a prize for his picture: "Y aún dicen que el pescado es caro".
Since then, he began to draw in different places of Spain such us Toledo, Segovia, Granada...

His main piezes are "Alegría del agua", "Niños en el mar" and "El baño del caballo".
We can appreciate that the sea is the main matter in these pictures.
The Hispanic Society (New York) asked Sorolla a great play about different places of Spain.
Finally, three years later he died in 1920.
Sorolla is considered one of the most famous painter of the XX century.
Sorolla´s pictures make me feel peaceful and calm.
Last year, was organized an exposure ,of the most important Sorolla`s pictures ,for several museums of Spain.


The Moon belongs to the Solar System and is the only satellite of the Earth. The moon hasn´t atmosphere and it surface is full of craters with different sizes. These craters were produced by meteors impacts. Most of the craters are named for famous figures in the history of science, such as Copernico and Tolomeo.
The Moon revolves around the Earth each 27 days. This movement creates the Moon´s phases.The phases are: the waxing Moon, the waning Moon, the full Moon and the new Moon. The gravitational forces between the Earth and the Moon cause some interesting effects. The most important is the tides.
The 20th of July in 1969, Neil Amstrong was the first man who arrived on the moon, at a place called "The Sea of the calm". He did this expedition in the Apolo Eleven and carried out a lot of experiments.
The Moon also has a magic side. In the Ancient Times, it was adored by some civilitations. It was called Luna by the Romans and Selene and Artemis by the Greeks. In the Middle Ages, it was associated with legends, spells and witchcrafts.
La luna pertenece al sistema solar y es el único satélite de la Tierra. La Luna no tiene atmósfera y su superficie está llena de cráteres de diferentes tamaños. Estos cráteres fueron producidos por impactos de meteoritos. La mayoría de los cráteres tienen el nombre de personajes famosos en la historia de la ciencia, tales como Copérnico y Tolomeo.
La Luna gira alrededor de la Tierra cada 27 días. Este movimiento crea las fases de la luna. Las fases son: la luna creciente, la luna menguante, la luna llena y luna nueva. Las fuerzas gravitatorias entre la Tierra y la Luna causa algunos efectos interesantes. El más importante es la marea.
El 20 de julio de 1969, Neil Amstrong fue el primer hombre que llegó a la luna, en un lugar llamado "El mar de la calma". Hizo este viaje en el Apolo once y llevó a cabo muchosexperimentos.
La luna también tiene un lado mágico. En la antigüedad fue adorada por algunas civilizaciones. Fué llamada Luna por los romanos y Selene y Artemisa por los griegos. En la Edad Media se asoció con leyendas, hechizos y brujerías.



Guy Fawkes night, Bornfire night, Bommy night... these are some names of this famous festival, celebrated each 5th of November, in order to conmemorate Gundpower Plot’s failure, in which a number of catholic conspirators, including Guy Fawkes, tried to blowed up Westminster Palace, the Houses of Parliament of London.
It’s celebrated in many places: Great Britain, Canada or in the Caribbean. On this night , people are used to eating some special dishes, for example, baked potatoes, which are also called jacked potatoes, toffe apples or bonfire toffee.
But what I really want is to talk about his influence:
Alan Moore wrote a graphic novel called V for Vendetta. In this novel, a man who calls himself V and is dressed in a Guy Fawks mask, tries to bring down the British Government. Later, Warner Bros. released a film based on this novel, which has the same name. In relation with music, we have two examples: in John Lennon’s song “Remember", we can listen at the end of the song “Remember, remember, the fith of november” and David J from the band “Love and rockets” wrote a series of songs based on the second Alan’s Moore novel: “This vicious cabaret”.
I would really like to celebrate "Guy Fawkes night, because I think it's an interesting festival... and it could be really funny!


Rafael Alberti was born on December 16th, 1902 in El Puerto de Santa Maria. He was a member of the Generation of 27. He received many important prizes, but the most important was The National Prize of Literature for his work ``Marinero en Tierra ´´. He was forced to leave Spain during the Civil War but in 1977 , he returned to Spain and he was recognized in Andalucia as a talentED poet. In 1999 , he died in his house in El Puerto de Santa Maria. Rafael Alberti was considered one of the most important poets of his time.



Rafael Hugo Silva is a Spanish actor who was born in Madrid on the 10th of May 1977.Currently, he's a sexsymbol for teenagers. He's considered the third most desired man in Spain.
He's been a secondary actor in some TV serials such a "Los hombres de paco" (Paco's men) and the main character in the TV serial "Paco y Veva" (Paco and Veva).
He studied threatre at the Theatrical Art school "Angel Gutierrez" and dramatic art. He has also learned how to sing and play the guitar.
He was part of a band that he left later to devote himself to his career as actor.
He did plays as "Las amistades peligrosas". He has also worked in some films such as "Reinas, ...".CHis debut on TV was in "Crónicas Marcianas".
Nowdays,he's going through his best, moment, he's interpreting Lucas Fernández in "Los hombres de Paco". He has even been nominated to The "Fotograma de Plata" for his role in 2007.
Rafael Hugo Silva es un actor nacido en Madrid el 10 de mayo de 1977.Es uno de los sexsymbol del momento,considerado el tercer hombre más deseado de España.
Ha sido secundario en series como Al salir de clase, Los hombres de paco, y el protagonista en la serie Paco y Veva.
Cursó estudios de teatro en la escuela de Arte teatral Angel Gutierrez y ha realizado estudios de arte dramático.También ha recibido formación de canto y guitarra.
Formó parte de un grupo de música heavy, al que dejó para dedicarse de lleno a su carrera de actor.
Hizó obras de teatro como las amistades peligrosas.También ha hecho cine participando en filmes como Reinas,...;Su debut televisivo fue en Crónicas Marcianas.
Actualmente vive su momento de popularidad al encarnar a Lucas Fernández, uno de los protagonistas de los hombres de paco.Por este papel ha sido nominado al Fotograma de Plata en 2007.


The topic that I'm going to talk about in this article is Sydney. I‘m not sure about it, but I think that this incredible city has many things to show us.

Sydney is the biggest and most ancient city in Australia, and it is located in its South East coast. It’s bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the East, the Blue Mountains to the West, the Hawkesbury River to the North and the Royal National Park to the South.

This city is known for its kilometers of natural harbour, the largest one in the world! That’s why many people call Sydney “The Harbour City”. It’s also known for its multicultural population: Sydney has the seventh-largest percentage of foreign-born population in the world. There you can find immigrants that come from China, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Vietnam, Lebanon, Italy, Phylippines…and you will mainly hear English, because it is the first and official language, but indoors people speak Arabic, different Chinese languages, Greek…and Spanish, too!

Sydney, as Australia, is well-known for its large and beautiful beaches, where you can lay on the sand just for resting and sunbathing or enjoy the big variety of water sport offers that you can find there.

In conclusion, I think that Sydney is an interesting city where you can learn something about other cultures, relax or visit important monuments such as the Sydney Opera House or the Harbour Bridge



Basketball is a very important sport in the world. IN THIS SPORT, TWO TEAMS PLAY and each team has five players. The objetive is to put the ball through a hoop.
It was invented by James Naismith, a physical education teacher in Springfield, America, in December 1891.
Depending on where you play, there are different rules to play; for example, the rules of America are called NBA and Spain are called FIBA. Also, there are different leagues. In America , it is NBA and in Spain it is ACB.
It is known around all the world, but it is more popular in North America. The most important teams are Lakers and Chicago Bulls and the most important American basketball player is Michael Jordan. In Spain, basketball is one of the most popular sports; Barcelona and Real Madrid are the most famous teams and the most popular player is Paul Gasol.
In the European League, Spain is the most important team in basketball; they have won the European League in the last years.
Now there are young players as Ricky Rubio who playS in Barcelona’s team and NBA’s league. Although he is very young, he is an idol for many Spanish YOUNG PEOPLE.
Basketball is my favorite sport and I played when I was nine in a team of my city which was called CBP (Club Basketball Portuense). We had a Provincial League and when a team wins league the team goes to the Regional League; I loved going to these leagues because I met a lot of people. I remember that my team was like a family. I loved it but I got sick with a tear in the abdominal wall and I stopped playing. This meant a great dissapointment for me but the years that I spent playing were very important for me in the game but specially in my personal life.


I began my studies in the school "Las Nieves". My stay there was very fine; teachers and classmates TREATED me very well. With the time, I was accustomed to the situation, surrounded by children who were gradually BECOMING my friends. The years passed and I passed, too, the courses without repeating anyone. I got the Primary and then I passed to the "C.P. Las Banderas" where my life became worst than I never thought. I was there for 2 years and I didn't get a good teaching because the center wasn't good at all. After that period, I decided to change center, I have been (registered) enrolled in "SAFA San Luis" in where for the first time in my life, I can say that I am proud of the decision taken.



I'm really looking forward to the summer holidays. They start on 22th June. In summer, there is no school and there is always holidays.

First, on 23th June, it's San Juan, a holiday that is celebrated on the beach with bonfires. People jump the bonfires, and they celebrate it together, with their friends. Normally, people sleep on the beach, in tents and they go away the following day in the morning. We have DOUBLE PARTY this day, because it's Saray's birthday, one of my friends. This year, we sing her happy birthday, and we did a gift to her, while the whole beach was looking.

Other holiday is Carranza; it is similar to San Juan. It’s celebrated in Cadiz’s beach. This day, all my friends and I were to Cadiz, and we all spent it very well. We did many photos to ourselves and happened the whole night laughing and bathing.

In addition in summer, always you can be in the street with the friends, go to the beach, to the swimming pool and there are many things to make and to pass many entertaining moments with friends.



This musical association is the most famous in the city of Seville. They have a lot of Easter marches, but they also have a repertoire with lullabIES and some carols. They usually go to the most important concerts in the city of Seville or towns near to Seville. A lot of processions want to use this band on their “pasos” or they hope to use them one day.

The band was born in 1.980 with other name, Musical Association “Jesús Despojado de sus Vestiduras”, Seville. They were very successful on their first year and suddenly, a lot of processions want to use this band every year. In 1.992, they changed their name, Musical Association “Jesús Despojado de sus Vestiduras”, Seville to Musical Association “Virgen de los Reyes”, Seville.

They have recorded ten CDs with Easter marches, two CDs with many carols and one CD with a lot of lullabIES. They have recorded thirteen CDs in total.

This is a video of the band playing the march: “…And on the Third Day”



Christmas is really related with Religion. Literally, the name means Mass of Christ. Before it, we celebrate Advent. In Advent, we prepare ourselves for the arrival of Christmas. We celebrate Christmas at the end of year.The 24th of December , we celebrate the birth of Jesus. This day is known as Christmas Eve. People, generally, meet with their families and friends and they celebrate it having a huge dinner. The next day is Christmas. Jesus was born at night so we celebrate it on 25th. Another important day is the last one of the year. That night is known as New Year’s Eve. We eat 12 grapes at midnight. It is typical to listen to 12 chimes and to eat a grape for each one. The next day is New Year. People celebrate the beginning of the year with a big lunch surrounded of family and acquaintances. Finally, the 6th of January is a very special day for children (and for adults). The Three Wise Men leave gifts in our homes. This is similar to the offering they did to Jesus.



Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde (whom we know as Oscar Wilde) was born in Dublin (Ireland) in October, 1854. His mother, Jane Francesca Elgee, was a poet and his father, Sir Williams Robert Wills Wilde, was a physician. Both of them were protestant.
In 1881, he wrote his first book "Poems". And in 1882, he went to New York City and began a year long tour in North America.
He became very famous with his only novel "The Picture of Dorian Grey", which was written in 1891. It has been one of his best creations and it was carried to the cinema in the 1940s.
Then, he continued writing stories for children like “The Happy Prince” or “The young king”, and he also wrote for the theatre things as “Salomé”.
In 1895, he had legal problems, he was accused of homosexuality, and was sent to prison for two years. He wrote his last work there: The Ballad of Reading Gaol.
Oscar Wilde died in Paris in November 1900, at the age of fourty-six, but his excellent literary work continues surprising people at present.



El Departamento de Idiomas convoca a los alumnos de 3ºESO a las pruebas de selección para elegir a los alumnos que participarán como nuestros representantes en el próximo Encuentro Internacional del Proyecto Europeo CHIEF que se celebrará en KOBIEL (Polonia) al finales de Septiembre.

Como ya ocurrió anterioremente, los alumnos candidatos a ocupar una de las 5 plazas deberán pasar el siguiente proceso de selección: excelencia académica global (mediante la media del curso anterior y del actual), excelencia académica en inglés (calificación del curso anterior y del actual), presentación oral en inglés y un trabajo de documentación en inglés (artículo o video). Dos son los temas sobre los que pueden versar los trabajos: "Los cumpleaños en España" y "El día del santo en España".

Fecha de presentación de los trabajos: martes, 16 marzo 2010
Hora: 16:30
Lugar: Salón de Actos

Nota importante: el trabajo de documentación deberá entregarse en soporte papel (artículo) o digital (pen-drive o CD). Consulta tus dudas a Miguel Armillas, Coordinador del Proyecto CHIEF en nuestro Centro.


Jorge Bucay was born in Buenos Aires in 1949. He studied medicine in the University of Buenos Aires. In his life, he had to work as A peddler of socks, books, sport clothes, taxi driver, joker, actor, doctor, radio collaborator…
At the moment, Jorge Bucay works as A psychologist of adults, although he works as A writer too. He has written more than 20 books but he doesn’t only write them. He reads his stories and he records it so that people can listen to it. “Audiobook” is called to them. Some books haVE been bestsellers in Spain and South America.

My favorite book is “Stories for thought”. It is not a book telling about one history; it tells more than one story. And every story has a teaching. Another book that I like is “Let Me Tell You”. In this book, a character, Demián, visits a psychologist because he needs help with his problems. The psychologist is the own writer, and in each session, Demián tells him his problems and the psychologist tries to help to him with a story.



Even, after watching the movie, some people felt depressed, because Pandora was a very colorfull world and they wanted to live there.
Avatar is a James Cameron’s film.
This film is about a native tribe (the Na’vi) that live in a world called Pandora. This place has got a very valuable mineral and the humans want to catch it to use it in the Earth. As the air in pandora is toxic, the scientists make an artificial body with DNA of humans and natives, the avatars. A paralitic marine, Jake Sully, must control his avatar and integrate in the Na’vi town. Over there, he meets with Neytiri, who teaches him to be like her, to feel nature. AFTER SOME TIME, Jake falls in love with Neytiri.
Suddenly, the humans decide to attack Pandora and Jake Sully and the Na’vi must fight and defend its people from the machines, but they haven’t weapons so strong…
Now, if you want to know more, you must go to the cinema or wait to the movie in DVD.
“Avatar” is an amazing movie, I think it's one of the best movies that I have seen.



Waterskiing is a sport that combines surf and ski. The first world championship was played in 1971 in Girona (Spain). It was a demonstration sport at the 1972 Summer Olympics.
This sport, in which high speeds are reached, requires good reflexes and balance. Participants ski on the water clinging to a rope towed pulled by a powerful speedboat,and they do spectacular maneuvers on one or two skis.
There are five types of skiing: Slalom, figures, wakeboarding, jumping and racing.
To enjoy the sport, it’s essential to be able to glide over the water. It’s not as easy as it looks when it goes so fast. There are 3 basic steps: placement in the water, placement as the boat accelerates and placement once we walk on water.
There is also jumping. On this EVENT , skiers have three attempts to jump off a floating SLIDE. The objetive is to jump as far AS possible. The speed limit is 57 km/hour the men and 54 km/hour the women that have reached 17 years. At younger ages it’s LOWER. Males reach lengths of jump of about 70 meters and women 50.
On the jumping competition , IT is essential to use two skis that have to be wide and strong. The skis are made of carbon fiber. The cord measures 23m.
This sport is not one of the most practiced in the world, but I think it's very interesting.



In Poupée girl you can dress up your doll with clothes that you can buy with ribbons (points). You can also post photos of your clothes, chat with other poupées, see other people's clothes or your favourite brand's clothes, etc.
How can I buy clothes for my poupée? You can buy them by using ribbons (points) or paying jewels (real money). There are a lot of shops: Poupée Market (only ribbons), Katharine's Shop (ribbons and jewels), Jewel auction (only jewels) ...and there're a lot of types of clothes too to dress up your doll: ordinary, school, event, party, cute, lolita, gothic, emo, sweet, kimonos...
Some ways to get ribbons:
- You get ten ribbons if you log in Poupée girl once a day.
- You get ten ribbons if you dress up you poupée once a day.
- You get some ribbons (from two to twelve) if you post photos of your real clothes in Poupée girl. (You can get an item for your poupée, too.)
- You can sell the items that you don't like
- If you dress up your poupée everyday in a month, you'll get 200 ribbons.
In Poupée Town, there are more than one thing to do. You can visit Poupée Café and chat with other girls (the Poupée Café is only in Japanese, but there are some topics in English), check other poupées' looks, change your poupée parts (like aesthetic surgery), get some cute things for your blog...
If you're a fashion victim or you like cute things...Poupée Girl is your paradise!



Red Eagle is a historical fiction series, set in Spain in the Seventeenth-century, produced by Globomedia for Spanish TV, Which premiered ON the 1 on Thursday, 19 February 2009. His first season was dismissed on 21 May 2009 with almost 30% share, and becoming the most watched series and the revelation of the season. The second season began in January with a novelty: His chapters are presented without commercial interruptions.
The series follows the adventures of a seventeenth-century hero known as Red Eagle Whose obsession is TO REVENGE against the murderers of his wife and conspiracies against the crown of the Habsburgs by a secret society.
The characters are: David Janer (Gonzalo de Montalvo), a school teacher by day and a vigilante named Red Eagle by night. Javier Gutierrez (Saturn Garcia), Red Eagle faithful servant. Pepa Aniorte (Catherine), maid of the Marquise. Inma Cuesta (Margaret), sister-in-law of Gonzalo. Miryam Gallego (Lucrecia Marquesa de Santillana), is a noble widow belonging to the strange sect. Roberto Alamo (Juan), physician of the town. Guillermo Campra (Alonso de Montalvo), son of Red Eagle. Patrick Criado (Nuño), son of the Marquise. Adolfo Fernández (Augustine), Red Eagle ally monk. Francis Lorenzo (Commissioner Hernan Mejias), lover of the Marquise de Santillana. Jose Angel Egido (Cardenal Mendoza).
In my opinion, is a good TV series and I think to clear all these tests and homework is not bad to hang out.



Marshall Bruce Matters III, also known as Eminem, is a rapper from the U.S.A. He was born in St.Joseph, Missouri. His parents are called Deborah Matters-Briggs and Marshall Bruce Matters Jr. His father abandoned his family when Eminem was one year old. Until he was twelve,he moved to many cities with his mother. Finally, they stayed at Warren, a Detroit's suburb. He was interested on hip-hop and rap since he was a little boy. He left the school when he was seventeen years old. After this, he met a professional producer and he recorded some albums with him. The most important was "The Marshall Matters LP". It became the most selling album that year. In 2008, his best friend,called Proof, died and Eminem had a depression. After that, people created some rumors about a hypothetical withdrawal. Some months after, he appeared in a magazine...the rumors weren't true. In 2009, he returned,and,according to his close friends, "He returned stronger and with more energy than ever". This news made a lot of people happy because Eminem is always a controversial man but he is also a great rapper... EMINEM is back!



Jason Thomas Mars was born in June 23, 1977 in Virginia. There, he composed his first CD, which is called Waiting for my rocket to came in 2002. With it, he won a platinum CD. His first song was The remedy ( I won´t worry). What´s more, he won a Grammy for the best engineered album with his second CD, Mr.A-Z.
But, in Spain Jason is famous because of his new CD, We sing, we dance, we steal things and his original song I´m yours, although, my favorite song of this CD is The dynamo of volition.
Besides, it is said that he writes numerous children´s books, which have not been published yet. There are rumors that he also wanted to be actor because he studied theatre in American Musical and Dramatic Academy for several years.

He always tries to compose something new and original, for this reason, he mixes rock with jazz or country, even hip-hop.
For all these and his personality, which is very extrovert and simple in his concert, a lot of people like going there and seeing him.



It was on 15 June 1981 and he was in a hurry to born, he brought his brith forward a nine month, arriving by surprise, but the big surprise was when his parents saw that he was a boy and they expected one girl. Manuel is the fourth boy son of humble family from Isla Cristina, a sailor town in Huelva. Manuel was little, he was a very naughty boy. The memories of his childhood are he singing with his father when his father arrived from the sea and when Manuel was going to the wharf to wait for him. Manuel loved playing in the boat (while his father was singing) to feel an authentic sailor.
When he was eleven years old, his neighbour gave him a first guitar and Manuel tells his neighbour taught to play the guitar. Manuel started to play the tune of the cartoons as Heidi, Oliver and Benji, Peter Pan,... And now it is the instrument that Manuel uses to earn his living, singing and composing. When he was thirteen years old, Manuel got into the stage of his dream, the Gran Vía’s stage. From thirteen to the twenty years old, Manuel went on getting to this stage with the magic of the carnival, as director and composer of a lot of groups.


When Manuel was little, one day at 5´00 am, he went to the door of his house to go with his father in the boat. Manuel didn’t have a great time and said: “ The water is for the fishes”.
Manuel remembes that when he was little, a friend lent him a drumstick that his friend had made with his knife, and Manuel used the drumstick beating the lid of WC and the backet of the toilet paper as drums. Manuel tells that he broke a lot of lides.
Manuel describes his quarter as a little paradise near the sailing club. But his favourite place was the beach and specially a place where the boats were mooring, here Manuel went for a swim. Manuel remembes his pranks among the boats. And those moments, when he went to fish and to dive among the sunken boats.
His recordings are:
› 2003: Quiéreme.
› 2004: Manuel Carrasco.
› 2006: Tercera Parada.
› 2007: Tercera Parada Reprint.
› 2008: Inercia.
› 2009: Inercia ( Special Ediction).



I´m going to tell you who is my favourite actor. He is Martín Rivas, he was born in 1986, so he is 23 years old, in the province of Galicia, where he has grown and he has become in a good actor.
His parents are famous too: his father is A poet, novelist and journalist called Manuel Rivas and his mother is María Isabel López.
He first appeared on TV, at the age of 7, in the series called "Mareas vivas";later, in 2005, he participated in "Maridos e mulleres", in a Gallician channel; and, in the same year, he worked in "SMS", a well-known Spanish series.
Nowadays, Martín is the main actor in the famous series called "El Internado",which is my favourite series.
He recognized that he wanted to participate in the big screen; so, in 2008, he had the opportunity of working in the film called "Los girasoles ciegos". Therefore , he shared the role with the actress Maribel Verdú. Because of his good performance, he won the prize Goya as the "best revelation actor".

Although he is working at "El Internado" , he is studying his career at the University of Santiago de Compostela, exactly in the Espazo Aberto´s college.
In my opinion, he is one of the best actors in our country, because he works very well and he is very attractive. I´m sure that in THE future , he will be able to get many prizes and he will become in the best actor.