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The Antarctic is composed by the continent of Antarctica, located in the Earth's South Pole, and the ice shelves, island territories and waters in the Southern Ocean situated south of the Antarctic Convergence.
Antarctica is the fourth largest continent, after Asia, America and Africa, with 14,107,637 km ².
It is the highest continent on Earth, with an average altitude of 2,000 meters. It contains 80% of fresh water of the Earth and it is the continent with the lowest moisture and lower temperature of the earth.
Most of Antarctica is covered by a giant indlandsis (an ice sheet of continental dimensions that persists for centuries). It is divided into East Antarctica, with a very rugged relief and irregular coastline and West Antarctica, constituted by a huge plateau. There, the day and night last 6 months, because of the inclination of the axis of rotation of the earth.
It is an uninhabited continent, except for military and scientific teams from different countries. Human activities, except for a limited tourism and a restricted fishing, are reduced to scientific research, principally meteorology and climatology, and there are also some astronomical observatories.



“Cobardes” is a Spanish film which is about “bullying”, it is a very big problem in our society and it consists on being subjected to physical and verbal abuse among students.
This film, whose directors are José Corbacho and Juan Cruz, reflects this situation so good that in some schools, teachers recommend students to watch this film.
The main character in the film is a child called Gabriel, who receives some insults in his school because of being redhead. Every day, after school, he has to run to his house because some boys hound him in order to hit him, and they record it with their mobiles.
In this film, where there are some famous actors as Paz Padilla, Elvira Mínguez or Eduardo Espinilla, we can find different attitudes about bullying’s problem, the parents’ position with a little communication with their children; the fear among students and teachers’ ignorance.
Last holidays,, I watched this film and I liked it a lot, because the directors reflect this problem very well. There is nobody who should have this problem, because it is very cruel and terrible. We should respect everybody, despite being boy or girl, black or white.



Robert Nesta Marley best known as Bob Marley, was a musician and Jamaican composer. He was born on February 6, 1945 in Nine Miles in the north of the island of Jamaica, he was son of Cedella Booker and of Norval Marley. At the end of the fifties, he moved with his mother to Kingston. Bob METNeville O'Riley Livingston better known as Bunny. Bob and Bunny received musical education from Joe Higgs. They MET another musician called Winston Hubert. Bob decided that the best way to reach his dream, was creating a group. The three formed the "Wailing Wilers". When the European tour ended , they went to the United States. Three years before, in London, he hurt his toe.The injury went against him. In 1980, cancer began to spread . Bob controlled the disease BY following treatment in the clinic of Dr. Joseph Issels. Bob Marley died in Miami at the age of 36. Bob had been decorated with the Order of Merit of Jamaica, in recognition of his contribution to the culture of the country. He was buried together with his guitar Fender Stratocaster.



What I'm going to write about is the wii. As you know it is created by Nintendo, and without having really good graphics (as PS3) there are thousands of awesome games with hours and hours of good-fun. With its wi-fi connection you can play with your friends and try to be the best of the world ranking. You can have channels in the main menu of the wii, there you can do many things from having a look to what the weather will be like in the followings days or what is happening in the world with direct access to the news. The channel that I like the most is the internet one. You have an internet browser (in this case opera) and you can have access to your email, youtube or even megavideo to watch your favorites series in your TV direct from internet.
The best game is , in my opinion, Mario-kart in which you can play with the most famous characters of Nintendo, like Bowser, Mario, Luigi, … The best thing of this game is that IT is possible to play with two controls in the online version. If you have the chance to buy this video game console I will really recommend it to you


Avatar is the last great American science fiction film. Written, produced and directed by James Cameron. At its premiere, on 18 December 2009, it attracted worldwide attention and raised $27 million. As the big blockbuster, it reached $241 million after the first weekend. If Avatar overcame the other great James´ masterpiece, “Titanic”, it could become the most popular film in history. In addition, it could be the film which has grossed more money, over 1000 million dollars in just 17 days. It is also considered the most expensive movie in history, but it will be probably the most profitable business for many years of cinema.
The film is set on a satellite called Pandora, inhabited by an humanoid race called Na´vi. A paraplegic ex-Marine is involved in a project called Avatar, and he goes to Pandora to replace his brother, who died shortly before.
Supposedly, the film should have been begun filming after Titanic, but James claimed that "technology needed to catch up" with his vision of the film. In early 2006, he wrote the screenplay. James was going to premiere the film on May 22, but they delayED it to allow more time for cinemas to install 3D projectors technology.
I´ve already watched the film, and I think it is the best science fiction film I’ve never seen, and I recommend it to everyone.



William Shakespeare was an English poet and playwright. His birth date is unknown and he died in 1616. He was born in Stratford-upon-Avon. He got married when he was very young and he had three children. His family was Catholic, although at that time Catholic practice was against the law. The Stratford monument and the Droeshout engraving are the only evidence of his physical appearance, since he never commissioned a portrait.
He is known as the best English language writer and his work consists of 38 plays, 154 sonnets, two long narrative poems and several other poems. He started his career in London, where he owned a playing company calles The Lord Chamberlain's Men. He wrote most of his work between 1586 and 1613. It is said that some of his works weren't actually written by him. The genres he wrote the most were comedy and tragedy. Shakespeare used an erudite language and he sometimes elaborated metaphors and other figures of speech. Shakespeare's work had a very important influence in later literature.
One of the most famous Shakespeare's pieces is one called "Romeo and Juliet". It is a tragedy whose main characters are two young lovers. Along WITH Macbeth and Hamlet, this tragedy is one of the most frequently performed plays. This play was written between 1591 and 1595 and it is based on an Italian tale.



Miguel Ángel Silvestre is a Spanish actor known for his main character as El Duque in the television series “Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso”.
He was born in Castellón, where his family lives today. Miguel Ángel wanted to be a professional tennis player but he was injured in a tournament in Hungary then he wanted to be A physiotherapIST but her aunt introduced him in the theater.
He reached the fame when he got a role in “The Distance” , which is the boxing film. He appears as a supporting actor in the television series for “Personal reasons”.
His final boom as a revelation actor and as sex symbols takes place with the series “Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso”. Miguel Ángel Silvestre plays the role of El Duque, a drug dealer. The second season of the series ends with the death of the duque because he wanted to pursue other projects.



Walter Elias Disney, most known as Walt Disney was born on 5th December 1901 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He grew up with his four brothers in the farm of his family. At a young age, he became a producer, director, screenwriter and animator. In 1923, he decided to move to Hollywood and there he made two silent animated films starring a new cartoon called Mickey Mouse. In the same year, Walt and his brother Roy founded the Walt Disney Company. The Walt Disney’s characters Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck were soon international superstars, and their creator became a millionaire. In 1925, Walt married Lillian and THEY TOGETHER had a daughter, Diane Marie and then, they adopted another girl, Sharon Mae. In 1937, Walt made his first feature film, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. LATER in 1942, he made "Bambi". In 1954, Walt commissioned the construction of the theme park “Disneyland” in California. Walt Disney died on 15th December 1966 in California. There is a legend that says that when Walt Disney died, he was not buried or cremated, but he was frozen and his frozen body is in Los Angeles, California.
Walter Elias Disney, más conocido como Walt Disney nació el 5 de Diciembre de 1901 en Chicago, Illinois, EEUU. Él creció con sus cuatro hermanos en la granja de su familia. A una edad temprana se convirtió en productor, director, guionista y animador. En 1923, decidió mudarse a Hollywood y allí hizo dos películas animadas mudas, protagonizadas por un nuevo personaje de dibujos animados llamado Mickey Mouse. En el mismo año, Walt y su hermano Roy fundaron la Compañía Disney. los personajes de Walt Disney Mickey, Minnie y el pato Donald fueron pronto estrellas internacionales, y su creador se convirtió en millonario. En 1925, Walt se casó con Lillian y juntos tuvieron una hija, Diane Marie y después ellos adoptaron otra niña, Sharon Mae. En 1937, Walt hizo su primer largometraje, "Blancanieves y los siete enanitos". Más tarde, en 1942, él hizo "Bambi". En 1954, Walt encargó la construcción del parque de atracciones "Disneyland" en California. Walt Disney murió el 15 de Diciembre de 1966 en California. Hay una leyenda que dice que cuando Walt Disney murió, nos fue enterrado o incinerado, sino que fue congelado y su cuerpo congelado está en Los Ángeles, California.



How I met your mother is an American sitcom which was created by Craig Thomas and Carter Bays. In the year 2030, Ted Mosby decides to tell his son and daughter how he met their mother. Other characters are Ted´s friends: Marshal Eriksen, Robin Scherbatsky, Barney Stinson and Lily Aldrin.
Ted reports his history from the year 2005. He is an architect who wants to marry and to form a family. He is characterized for thinking too much. Marshall is Ted´s friend from the university. He wants to be an environmental lawyer and he gets engaged with Lily. Barney is the most comical character in the sitcom; also, he is my favorite character. He always wears a suit and he is a womanizer. He has some famous phrases such as “Suit up!” “Legendary” or “Have you met Ted?” Robin is a Canadian reporter. She is the Ted´s first love in the sitcom. She doesn´t want get marry and she hates children. She is the opposite of Ted. Lily is Marshall´s wife and she is Ted´s friend from the university. She is a teacher of pre-school but her dream is to become a painter.
In Spain this sitcom isn´t very famous but, in the United States, it has a great success. At the end, we will be able to know who the mother is. How I met your mother is a fantastic sitcom. I recommend it to you!
Como conocí a vuestra madre es una serie Americana que fue creada por Craig Thomas y Carter Bays. En el año 2030, Ted Mosby decide contar a su hijo y a su hija como él conoció a su madre. Otros personajes son los amigos de Ted: Marshal Eriksen, Robin Scherbatsky, Barney Stinson and Lily Aldrin.
Ted cuenta su historia desde el año 2005. Él es un arquitecto que quiere casarse y formar una familia. Se caracteriza por pensar demasiado. Marshall es amigo de Ted desde la universidad. Él quiere ser un abogado ecologista y está prometido con Lily. Barney es el personaje más cómico en la serie; también, él es mi personaje favorito. Siempre lleva traje y es un mujeriego. Él tiene algunas frases famosas como “Ponte traje” “Legendario” o ¿Conoces a Ted? Robin es una reportera canadiense. Ella es el primer amor de Ted en la serie. No quiere casarse y odia a los niños. Es lo opuesto a Ted. Lily es la mujer de Marshall y es amiga de Ted desde la universidad. Ella es profesora de preescolar pero su sueño es ser pintora.
En España esta serie no es muy famosa pero, en Estados Unidos, tiene un gran éxito. Al final de la serie, nosotros podremos saber quién es la madre. Como conocí a vuestra madre es una serie fantástica. ¡Os la recomiendo!