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The TENzine team really wish you an awesome Christmas time and a very happy New Year.
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This year's campaign will try both to make people concerned about our social reality and the collecting of food for some charities (Asociacion Amal Esperanza, Residence for Aged People, Sol y vida, Asociacion de familiares de enfermos de Alzheimer) and some families with especial needings.

You can participate by bringing non-perishable food and personal hygiene stuff. Participants will receive a little gift in return for their help.
Different Colours for a different Christmas: White hexagon for peace; Green circle for Hope; Blue triangle for Serenity; Orange star for Solidarity; Red rombus for Love; and Yellow rectangle for Hapiness.

Remember: Campaign finishes on Friday 21!!!


My experience in Germany

By: Julia Escalante, 2nd BTO-C.
Last year, I travelled to Germany and I lived in that country for a week. The family, that welcomed me, lived in a house made of wood. All the houses are made of wood. I remember that, when I got on the plane in Spain, it was hot but when I arrived in Germany, the weather was very different.
Germany is a very cold country. What’s more, five days of week were rainy. The towns were very far from school and nobody has a motorbike. In Herhausen-Wöll, the towns are around the lake. Everybody has very good cars like Mercedes-Benz or Volkswagen, this surprised me. The language of Germans is very interesting because, when they speak, they seem to be angry with you.
Another characteristic is that, girls say hello with a kiss in the mouth but girls don’t say hello to boys like that. The objective of the exchange was to speak English for a week. Firstly, it was hard but it was easy later. I learn things of other cultures thanks to English.
In conclusion, my experience was pleasant and very nice though I was cold, but I met Italians, Germans and Finns. Next year, I am going to travel to Italy and I will be speaking English for a week.

Mi experiencia en Alemania
El año pasado, viajé a Alemania y estuve viviendo en ese país durante una semana. La familia, que me acogió, vivía en una casa de madera. Todas las casas eran de madera. Recuerdo que, cuando cogí el avión en España, hacía calor pero cuando llegué a Alemania, el tiempo era muy diferente.
Alemania es un país muy frío, es más cinco días de la semana estuvieron lloviendo. Los pueblos estaban muy lejos de la escuela y nadie tiene una motocicleta. En Herhausen-Wöll, los pueblos están alrededor de un lago. Todo el mundo tenía muy buenos coches como: Mercedes-Benz o Wollsbagen, esto me sorprendió. La lengua de los alemanes es muy interesante porque cuando ellos hablan, parecen enfadados contigo.
Otra característica es que, las chicas dicen “hola” con un beso en la boca pero ellas no dicen “hola” de esta manera a los chicos. El objetivo de el intercambio era hablar inglés durante una semana, primero esto fue duro pero luego fue más fácil. Yo aprendí cosas de otras culturas gracias al inglés.
En conclusión, mi experiencia fue agradable y muy bonita, aunque pasé frío pero yo conocí estudiantes italianos, alemanes y finlandeses. El próximo año voy a viajar a Italia y estaré hablando inglés durante una semana.


El Puerto de Santa María (2)

By: Andrés Fernádez-Prada, 1º BTO Section D
The most important feast in El Puerto is the fair. This festival is called “fine wine fair”. On the one hand the people drink a lot of alcohol and get drunk but on the other hand it is very funny because there are a lot of stalls and attractions. In my opinion every year is better and better.
Another important feast is the carnival but Cadiz carnival is better so less people come here.
In my opinion El Puerto is a fantastic city and almost everyone is very funny and nice. I love the fair and I love to live here too.
La fiesta más importante de El Puerto es la feria. Esta fiesta es llamada “feria del vino fino”. Por una parte la gente bebe mucho alcohol y llegan a estar borrachos pero por otra parte es muy divertida porque hay muchas casetas y atracciones. En mi opinión cada año es mejor.
Otra fiesta importante es el carnaval pero el carnaval en Cádiz es mejor por lo tanto menos gente viene aquí.
En mi opinión El puerto es una ciudad fantástica y casi todo el mundo es muy divertido y simpático. Me encanta la feria y me encanta vivir aquí también.


By: Vanessa Caro, 1st CFGS Secretary
I believe this topic is very important because there is not any information about it but there are more cases in the world every day. We all know what bulimia and anorexia are and, nowadays, taking care of our bodies is very fashionable but there are some people who get too much obsessed with healthy food and excessive exercise. This new disease is called "Ortorexia".
What is Ortorexia? It is the obsession to consume only healthy and ecological food. This obsession can make you fall ill if you do not consume meat, fish or other necessary food, and it produces nutritional failure. Ortorexia can have some serious effects and the worst of these is death.
It is a disorder that has revealed itself a few years ago by doctors and investigators such as Steven Bratman, writer of the book “HEALTH FOOD JUNKIES ". Its precedents are the obsession by the diets, the worship to the body and the fear to the food treated with artificial products.
In Spain, it is said that there are very few cases of Ortorexia. Nevertheless, there are thousands suffering from this evil in the U.S.A.
In conclusion, it is necessary to eat but without getting obsessed. In Spain, we have an advantage: the healthy Mediterranean diet.
Creo que este es un tema importante porque no se sabe mucho de él pero cada día hay más casos en el mundo. Todos sabemos lo que es la bulimia y la anorexia y, hoy en día, cuidar nuestros cuerpos está muy de moda, pero hay personas que se obsesionan demasiado con la comida sana y el ejercicio excesivo. Esta nueva enfermedad se llama “Ortorexia”.¿Qué es la Ortorexia? Es la obsesión por consumir solamente comida sana y ecológica. Esta obsesión puede hacerte enfermar si no se ingieren carnes, pescado u otros alimentos necesarios y produce carencias nutricionales. La Ortorexia puede tener graves efectos y el peor de estos es la muerte.Es un trastorno que se ha descubierto hace unos años por médicos e investigadores tales como Steven Bratman, escritor del libro “YONKIS DE LA COMIDA SANA”. Sus precedentes son la obsesión por las dietas, el culto al cuerpo y el miedo a la comida tratada con productos artificiales.En España, se dice que hay muy pocos casos de Ortorexia, sin embargo, hay miles sufriendo por este mal en los Estados Unidos.
En conclusión, es necesario comer pero sin conseguir obsesionarse. En España, tenemos una ventaja: la saludable dieta mediterránea.



By: Sara Córdoba, 2nd BTO-B.

Bob Marley, whose name is closely linked to Reggae music, was the son of an English soldier married to a Jamaican woman. His family moved to Kingston, where they lived in the slim area of town. This area gave him the ideas for many of his songs. There were hundreds of young men like Marley WHO were struggling to earn their living from music in Jamaica. Then, in 1963, Marley´s band, which was called The Wailers, had a Jamaican hit with the song “Simmer Down”. In 1966, Bob Marley married Rita Anderson, who had been one of his backing singers. He also travelled to the US, where his mother was living.
Reggae has its origins in the kind of music Marley was playing in the late 1960s. Before Reggae, there was another kind of dance music which was called Ska. It was faster than Reggae. The capital of youth culture in the late 1960s was London and so in 1971 The Wailers decided to give concerts there. Slowly, Marley´s reputation grew and in 1976, he had a hit album in the US: Rastaman Vibrations, which the Americans loved. In 1981, Marley, who was on tour at the time, was warned not to return to his homeland because his life was in danger. He died of cancer and he never saw Jamaica again. He has remained an inspiration to people everywhere.


By: Cristina Ruiz - 2nd BTO-C
Declive is a group formed by teenagers of 19-21 years old. They formed it in September of 2006 in El Puerto de Santa María.
In 2004, there was a group called Trivales, which was formed by Jose (my brother) at the piano, Javi (who played the guitar) and Ignacio, (who sang the songs which they had composed). But for some personal motives, the group separated and Javi formed another group with Pablo (my cousin, who plays the piano now), Juancar (who plays the guitar and sings), Moli (who plays the electric guitar) and Dani at the drums. Their music is pop-rock and the group was called “Al sur de Marte” but now it is called “DECLIVE”.
They have played in some pubs and discotheques like Barsito, la Rue, Siopsi ..in El Puerto de Santa María, Ceuta, Sevilla and Jerez too. By now, they have got twenty songs but there are new songs in process.
Declive es un grupo formado por jóvenes de 19 a 21 años, ellos lo han formado desde septiembre del 2006 en el puerto de santa María.
En el 2004, un grupo llamado trivales el cual estaba formado por jose(mi hermano) con el piano, Javi tocaba la guitarra e Ignacio cantaba las canciones que componían ellos. Pero por motivos personales el grupo se separó y Javi formoó otro grupo con Pablo(mi primo) que toca el piano, Juancar que toca la guitarra y canta, Moli que toca la guitarra eléctrica y Dani que toca la batería. Su música es pop-rock y se llamaban “al sur de martes” pero ahora se llaman “DECLIVE”.
Ellos han tocado en algunos pubs y discotecas como: Barsito,la Rue, Siopsi.. en El Puerto de Santa María, y en Ceuta, Sevilla y Jerez también.
Por ahora ellos tienen 20 canciones pero hay en proceso nuevas canciones.

The Pursuit of hapiness

By: Javier Gil Zarzuela, 2nd BTO-C
"The Pursuit of happiness" is a wonderful American film starred by Will Smith and his real son. This film is based on real life circumstances about a man who had nothing and then became an important businessman with a lot of sacrifice. The film shows the hard life of this man and his son. They live many difficult situations. For example, they had to sleep in a pubic toilet, they even lost their home, having to eat and to sleep in a voluntary care centre, among thieves, prostitutes...
One day, he dreamt about becoming a stockbroker. He had to learn a lot of things about economy and business. During this time, his wife left the home and their son, because he didn´t earn enough money. Finally, he became a stockbroker and built a business empire.
The film has been nominated for many awards including the Oscar and Golden Globe. In real life, the character is Chris Gardner who was a talented but injustly employed salesman. He was thirty years old and he lived in San Francisco train station until he became the owner of his own multinational firm. The title "The Pursuit of Happiness" is a famous sentence taken from the Declaration of Independence of the United States. Maybe this film has made me realise that I am a fortunate boy compared with the life of Chris Gardners' son.
En Busca de la Felicidad es un maravillosa película americana protagonizada por Will Smith y su hijo real. Esta película esta basada en las circunstancias reales de vida de sobre un hombre que o tenia nada y con mucho sacrificio llego a ser un importante hombre de negocios. La película muestra la dura vida de este hombre y su hijo. Vivieron muchas situaciones difíciles. Por ejemplo, ellos tuvieron que dormir en un aseo público. Incluso perdieron su casa, teniendo que comer y dormir en centros de voluntariado, entre ladrones, prostitutas… Un día el soñó sobre llegar a ser un corredor d bolsa. El tuvo que aprender muchas cosas sobre economía y negocios. Durante este periodo su esposa abandono el hogar y a su hijo, porque el no ganaba suficiente dinero. Finalmente llego a ser un corredor de bolsa y construyo su propio imperio de negocios.
La película ha sido nominada para muchos premios incluyendo los Oscar y los Globos de Oro. En la vida real el personaje es Chris Gardner que era un talentoso, pero injustamente empleado como hombre de ventas. Tenía 30 años y vivió en la estación de tren de San Francisco hasta que llego a tener su propia firma internacional. El titulo “En Busca de la Felicidad” es una famosa cita extraída de la declaración de independencia de los Estados Unidos. Quizás esta película me ha hecho darme cuenta de que soy un chico afortunado en comparación con la vida del hijo de Chris Gardner.


The English family grows: Welcome Mariángeles!

TENzine Team warmly welcomes former SAFA student Mª Ángeles Bollullo as an English Teacher for the Foreign Languages Department in order to take the groups left by José Miguel due to his "half-retirement". We hope she will be happy here. We also strongly expect that you all welcome her as well. All together will try our best to make her feel "like at home". We are pretty sure that she will bring fresh air and new energy with her to the school.
El equipo de TENzine dá su bienvenida a la antigua alumna de SAFA, Mª Ángeles Bollullo, como profesora de inglés del Departamento de Idiomas, para cubrir las horas dejadas por José Miguel Vicente debido a su "medida jubilación". Esperamos que sea feliz aquí. También esperamos que todos vosotros le déis la bienvenida. Entre todos intentaremos hacer lo posible para que ella se sienta "como en casa". Estamos convencidos de que ella traerá al centro aire fresco y nuevas energías.


Coca Cola Cup 2007

Football tournament in which the school has participated with a team of students between 13 and 15 years old.
There were 64 teams from 3 Andalusian provinces (Cadiz, Huelva and Seville). All the matches were played in the "ciudad deportiva" of Sevilla FC.
On November 11th the first match was played, which Safa Team won 11-0 to San Fernando. The best player of the match, Josué, was given a watch as a token for his performance in the game.
The second match was on Saturday 17th at 9.00am. The team left El Puerto at 6.30am; having arrived, our team played their best and won 4-0. The next match was scheduled for 15.00pm, but the other team didn't show up, thus it was awarded to Safa Team. The last match was played at 18.00pm, Safa Team struggled to win it, but in the end they did, with a final score of 5-1 and signifying their advance to semi-finals.
The next day they went back to Seville to play the semi-final match against Baelo Claudia. The result was a tie 0-0 so, by the rules of the game, both teams had to decide their fate in the tournament by way of penalty shots, at which instance our team lost.
Safa Team then played their last game, which decided which team would be 3rd or 4th, winning it by 4-0. In the end, our team was rewarded with a trophy for the team and medals for each participating player.The Baelo Claudia team was the Cup winner.
Torneo de fútbol en el que ha participado el colegio con un equipo formado por alumnos entre 13 y 15 años (los 15 cumplidos después de junio 2007).
Había 64 equipos de 3 provincias (Cádiz, Huelva y Sevilla). Todos los partidos se jugaron en la ciudad deportiva del Sevilla.
El domingo 11 de noviembre se jugó el primer partido que ganaron 11-0 a San Fernando. Al mejor jugador del partido, Josué, le obsequiaron con un reloj.
El segundo partido fue el sábado 17 a las 9:00. El equipo salió del Puerto a las 6:30am, jugaron y ganaron 4-0. El siguiente partido era a las 15:00, pero el equipo contrario no se presentó. El último partido fue a las 18:00, aunque fue difícil ganaron 5-1. Por lo que pasaron a semifinales.
El domingo 18 regresaron a Sevilla, jugaron la semifinal contra Baelo Claudia. Empataron 0-0 y todo se decidió en la tanda de penaltis, la cual perdieron.
Se jugó el partido para 3º y 4º puesto y ganaron 4-1.
Les entregaron un trofeo y medallas.
Baelo Claudia ganó la copa.