The whole world knows that reading is very important, specially for children, though they often don’t do it because they don’t know the benefits of reading.

First of all, reading helps us learn new words and therefore expand our vocabulary. It also helps us train our minds; while we are reading, our minds are working.

Reading is a skill which we acquire when we are young. As we grow up, we use it to develop our intelligence and to discover new information.

But it doesn’t only have educative benefits, it also has benefits for our health. Reading before bedtime helps us relax our mind, and it reduces the stress due to the fact that, when we start to read, it takes us only six minutes to relax. It acts in the same way as music: it helps create new perspectives
when we have bad moments.

In my opinion, there are two main reasons why everybody should read. The first one is that reading makes us happier, opens our minds for new situations and for new ideas. It allows us to evade us from our reality. The second one is that reading is a free pastime. You can read magazines, newspapers, news on the Internet, books, articles...

Reading doesn’t have limits. It increases our imagination and our creativity. It is vital in our lives!