Nowadays, we live in a world where, especially thanks to social MEDIA, we can know what all our FAVOURITE stars are doing daily. Are young people being influenced by celebrities because of that? In my opinion, of course they are.
First of all, we can take the example of their wardrobe because we are inspired by singers looks in their videoclips, or by actors in galas to be always up with the lastest trends.
Although we can name celebrities like Miley Cyrus, whose provocative twerking has been copied by girls all around the world.
Moreover, they launch styles, like the one of the "selfie", which started with the photo taken at the Oscars ceremony in which we can see actors like Brad Pitt or Jennifer Laurence. Besides, in other occasions it can do us join supportive MOVEMENTS, as the ice bucket challenge to promote awareness of the disease ALS, or the recent "je suis Charlie" (I'm Charlie) for the defense of the right of expression freedom.
In conclusion, it is true that celebrities influence young people nowadays, so we have to choose our role model carefully.