As time goes by, technology is even more present in one'S everyday life. Every year, new models of all technology ranges come up, and the old ones are replaced.

So, where do all these old devices end up? 

Even though there are strict rules about exportation, the electronic rubbish mostly endS up in Ghana or China. The most developed countries produce about 50 million tons of these residues, which the 75% of them dissapear ilegally. Furthermore, just in the UE, one third of electronic rubbish is recycled appropriately.

Therefore, the 'lost' rubbish is accumulated in poor countries, like Ghana, where toxic chemicals of all of those old and broken devices are a huge health risk. Inhabitants bet there lives just for some materials they can find like gold, silver, neodymium... These risky jobs and the illegal exportation from developed countries conform a bigger business than drugs.

Finally, speaking for myself, we should think more about getting a new smartphone every year, because this consumerist tendence we all have is destroying and polluting the Earth, our home.