I went there at Christmas four years ago. When I was there, it looked like if I was inside a movie, everything seemed unreal.
I could not stop looking upwards because the buildings were really tall. There are three places which I liked so much.
The first one was Central Park. It is a big park which is located in the middle of the city and it is a few kilometres long. The whole park was in really good conditions and it has got a restaurant, a lake and some baseball courts. You can also see the squirrels eating in the grass!
The second one was the big avenue. There were always a crowd of people, I had never seen that number of people together. During the night it was even more spectacular because everything was illuminated and it was colourful. Another curious thing was SECURITY, there was a policemen couple in each corner of the city.
The last place was the World Trade Center. On the TV you can see a huge place , but you can't realize how big it is if you have not seen it. The zero zone was completely silent. Everyone respected it because of the terrorist attack. There were a lot of pictures about the 11th of September.
In my opinion, it was the best trip I have ever done. New York is one of the biggest, most famous and most fabulous cities in the world and I would like to go back.