ĄAkihabara is a commercial city of Japan. This city is also called ``electric town´´ because there are many stores specializing in gadgets and electronics things; and it is the ``otaku town´´ (otaku means a person who likes anime and manga) because it has many stores about anime things.
In Akihabara, you will find the biggest shopping center IN the world, Yodobashi Camera. This branch offers one stop shopping for computers, games, watches and cameras, and sells duty free and international models.
There is another shopping center for otakus which is Animate. It is very big and it has figures, DVDs, posters, plushes and a lot of THINGS MORE about anime, manga and videogames. Also, there are Meido Kissas. They are cafés whose waitresses DRESS like maids.
In conclusion, if you like electronic things or anime, you should go.